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******November 2006 - FIVE GOLDEN RINGS....of fire left to go!******

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NativityJane Tue 05-Dec-06 14:54:39

Come on girls, we can do it.

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Dingdongdebbsyandbibbyonhigh Tue 05-Dec-06 15:10:54

la we are on this one now

NativityJane Tue 05-Dec-06 15:18:28

LA, just read your last post on the other thread, what a nightmare for you

Why anyone would want to steal a bag full of brast pads and maternity towels is beyond me, I can understand the stereo etc. but the bags? They must have took them with out opening them and in which case will be very dissapointed with their 'hard days work' - what a shame!

Try not to take it out on your DP, no matter how easy it seems! He will be feeling just as crap about it, probably worse because he will know you had warned him.

Let him deal with the police and that side of things, you need to sit down and chill out for a bit, have a nice cup of tea, or go all out and have a glass of wine, anything that will help calm you down. Do a face mask and put some nice smelly things around the room, put a good CD/DVD on and let yourself relax a bit.

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LadyAnne1stTimeMum Tue 05-Dec-06 16:00:28

Police have given DP an incident number (big deal) but it doesn't look like they will be doing anything else. They are not even bothering to take a look at it.

One of DP's customers got him some glass to replace the smashed window. DP is planning to fix it himself (which worries me - he is to car maintenance what a ballet dancer is to bricklaying!)

Rang MW for reassurance that baby wouldn't get stressed - got some very wise and kind words - so feel a bit better. I am starting to calm a little with mum's help (thank god she is still here). Trying to remember what was in the bags - bit stuck for nursing bras - I only had two (because I have had difficulty in finding my new size) - one is in the wash - t'other was in the bag.

Whoever took the bags are more than welcome to the disposable knickers - I had to wear a pair last time I went in - they are very uncomfortable.

I am planning to apologise for flying off the handle with DP - I'm just finding it very hard to control my emotions at the moment. Oh well, maybe the adrenalin rush will kick start proper labour and I'll have baby shortly - although finding all the stuff I'm supposed to take with me - could be tricky - I haven't even got another bag...

Wish I could remember which CD's I had in the bag - all I know is that they were my favourites.

See you soon LA

NativityJane Tue 05-Dec-06 16:13:32

If the thought of the bastards opening that bag expecting to find computer parts, only to find disposable pants doesn't put a smile back on your face nothing will!!! Seems like a little bit of justice to me!

BTW, don't replace the disposable pants, go to your nearest market/cheap shop, buy huge great big granny pants, they aren't very sexy, but they are a damn sight more comfortable than papaer pants.

If your mum is staying until after the baby is born, can you not use her bag she has brought with her?

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LadyAnne1stTimeMum Tue 05-Dec-06 16:17:41


If you saw the size of the suitcase my mum brought with her... don't think it'll fit in the delivery suite.

DP still convinced it's a professional job... wonder what they will do with two packets of maternity pads...

2Happy Tue 05-Dec-06 16:22:43

Ha ha ha! And you lot win funniest ante-natal thread title again! Good luck to all of you, and hope it's not too long!
<<random crash over>>

NativityJane Tue 05-Dec-06 16:24:45

Maybe you could print out some mock up WANTED posters ? Stick one to every tree and lamp post in town, they might feel that stupid that they dump the bag somewhere it will be found?

Sorry, I know you are probably still going crazy, but I can't help but smile at the thought of them finding sanitary wear instead of mother boards and hard drives

It wasn't their lucky day really was it?!!

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NativityJane Tue 05-Dec-06 16:27:16

Thanks for the luck 2happy, one thing is for sure we will all have our babies by the end of this month... won't we?!!!

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lulumama Tue 05-Dec-06 16:28:54

<<LOLOLOLOLOLOLOOLOLO at the thread title.......snort....>>>

2Happy Tue 05-Dec-06 16:32:43

<<random crash re-starts>> You'd hope so - makes me wince just to think how big they'd be if not! I've been secretly LOL-ing at the various is NJ in labour/does she exist threads too, hilarious (though maybe less funny if you're putting up with weeks of pain ). Right, stopping stalking now, honest!

saralou100 Tue 05-Dec-06 16:34:16

hi guys, i slept through all the fun again didn't i!!

LA, really feel for you, the exact same thing happened here the weekend before i had ds.. the f***s even took the car seat and wrote my car off in the process (instead of smashing a window they took a quiter approach by using a crow bar to pry open the door) don't worry you will be insured for theft regardless of who had parked the car up! mine didn't have an mot at the time and i was convinced that would effect the insurance, but it didn't! i sobbed for days over it, it's just the plain nuisance of it all, and having to repack your bags is the last thing you want to do, but it's all easily fixed!! lol at the scum opening your bags only to find disposable pants.. don't think he'll be buying many drugs with that!! (a small sense of justice) big big hugs!!

and don't worry about your dh.. i'm sure they've gotten used to raging hormones and over emotions..i absolutely hated mine this morning, not sure why, but i did, and wasn't too backward in expressing it

love the new thread title btw, very christmassy (and maybe now nj forget the sniffing incident)

NativityJane Tue 05-Dec-06 16:39:24

Oh I do exist, there is no mistaking me at the moment, feel like the nutty professor!

Sara, hope you had a good sleep, I don't know about anyone else, but when I do manage to sleep in the day at the moment I always feel like I've had much more sleep, than the couple of hours I manage at night.

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saralou100 Tue 05-Dec-06 16:55:32

nj, i imagined you looking more like the michelin man than the nutty professor

sleep was great thanx, day time naps rule... even thoughi had ds using me like a climbing frame whilst i slept, feel much better now!!

Dingdongdebbsyandbibbyonhigh Tue 05-Dec-06 17:00:46

awww la how are you feeling now?
lets all hope we arent on this thread long.I dont manage to sleep during the day as i dont feel tired but i do go to bed at 9 im sleeping soundly too,which i havent done for the past 10mths (sorry to rub it in) i did have my share of sleepless nights too for 20 weeks i was awake every morning at 3am on the dot being sick.Then i had insomnia, then braxton hicks,over the past week or so ive slept really well very strange.

Dingdongdebbsyandbibbyonhigh Tue 05-Dec-06 17:04:41

I got some knickers from Asda they were 4 squid for 5 pairs and nursing bras i havent got any yet im waiting for my milk to come in so im just going with ordinary bras and breast pads.Mw agreed with me to wait.
Where have you all gone??

saralou100 Tue 05-Dec-06 17:20:52

i've been watching doodle doo with ds (humming theme tune over and over in my head now, with occasional theatrical outburst, much to ds' pleasure)

tomorrow will be my last day on this thread.. feeling quite sad about that, it's been fun on here the last few months and a great support throughout

i have to phone antenatal in the morning to find out what time they want me in.. then the fun begins... getting slightly anxious, but excited i'm definitely gonna meet this lo soon

LadyAnne1stTimeMum Tue 05-Dec-06 17:32:04

Well done saralou

Debbsy - feeling a bit better - just keep having the odd outburst - have had a whole bag of liquorice allsorts which helped (definitely have a thing for them). DP suggested driving over to babys r us for stuff this evening - but I know for a fact the only places I can get nursing bras in my size (my milk is in by the way) is mothercare or matalan - mothercare is in a new shopping centre DP doesn't want to go in (and is shut now) and we can never be sure when matalan is open round here - it's on the other side of the city as well - so if it closes at 6 we won't get there in time.
I had a nice new night shirt in the bag as well (pressie from DP mum) - but I have it's pair so I should be alright. Trying not to imagine all my stuff being thrown to the four winds.
I've told DP to come home so we can sort it from here - it is surprising how I don't give a damn about the stereo (pressie from DP last Christmas)or the damage - but the bag thing bothers me ... I must be a weirdo.


NativityJane Tue 05-Dec-06 17:43:31

My sister rang again.... only 2nd time today!! LOL

LA, the bag thing is bound to feel worse, I know it sounds daft because it is only a bag with things in, but when you have built those things up to be the bare essentials for your newborn babies first day of life, it is more than a stereo. It doesn't however mean they can't be replaced (no matter how pissed off it makes you feel that you have to replace them) I would just take the comfort from the look on their face/s when they realised that they had gone to all that trouble to steal a bag of womans hygene things (which to them mean zilch) I expect they are are feeling really proud of themselves tonight.

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NativityJane Tue 05-Dec-06 17:44:50

Sorry, Sara, you will let us know what's going on tomorrow won't you? Up until you leave for the hospital I mean. I have the midwives in the mroning so won't be about but I still want to be able to read it when I get back!!

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NativityJane Tue 05-Dec-06 17:47:31

God I meant to say as well, my memory is awful recently...

I was talking to my sister, and I said again about how scared I am of this home birth and how I am now almost hoping that I end up being induced so I can have an epidural and everything, and she reckons I am doing a very good job of not letting myself go into labour so I can have the epidural. What do you think? Can you talk yourself out of labour, for any reason??

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Dingdongdebbsyandbibbyonhigh Tue 05-Dec-06 18:06:08

lol no i dont think so nat
la(((((((((((((((((((((a huge hug just for you))))))))))))))))))))))))
sara the very best of luck for tomorrow please keep us informed we will be thinking of you xxxxxxxxxx

NativityJane Tue 05-Dec-06 18:13:16

OK so of those of us left, are you all absolutely 100% ready physically and mentally to go into labour do you think? I know physically I am more than ready and every single bone in my body wants to get it all over with, but I know I am not really honestly ready to give birth with no pain relief, I realise I will have to if I go before next Wednesday, but I am not ready for it.

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Dingdongdebbsyandbibbyonhigh Tue 05-Dec-06 18:18:42

im ready ready ready for anything now bags been packed and unpacked that many bloody times.ive washed the moses basket bedding and anything else i can find that many times so it smells of fairy.Ive even washwd dh slippers today as they had a little stain on lol.

NativityJane Tue 05-Dec-06 18:22:39

So you are physically ready, and obviously you want to have you baby in your arms and you don't want to be pregnant anymore, but are you really ready to give birth? Or are you doing like me, kind of closing your mind to that bit, and thinking you'll get through it - some how?!!


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