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October 2013: Growing bumps and the second trrimester glowing begins!

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OrangeBlossom2 Sat 13-Apr-13 09:27:52

Welcome to thread six of the October bus. how long will this one last us?!

Old thread here

Stats thread here

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Haylebop12 Sat 13-Apr-13 09:37:21

Marking place, possibly going to be admitted this morning as sickness has returned despite medication. Will catch up on everything later.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend x

OrangeBlossom2 Sat 13-Apr-13 09:39:30

Oh no Hayle not again!

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Umlauf Sat 13-Apr-13 09:44:09

Hello! Place marking. Oh no hayle surely it has to ease off soon? How far are you now? Having said this I'm 16+1 and still throwing up, not hyperemesis thankfully but just normal morning sickness. I was expecting it to be over by 14 weeks at the latest sad

How is everyone? Going to look at prams today! Hopefully ill get a Shortlist and then be able to find some second hand. It seems everyone has a bugaboo chameleon here so hoping there will be a lot of unwanted ones on eBay!

Flyer747 Sat 13-Apr-13 09:52:17

Marking my place....oh no hayle I do hope it lets up for you soon, you've had such a shitty time with the sickness.

Does anyone else on here have a anterior placenta or any of the ladies who've had babies before ever had one? If so any advice regarding fetal movements would be useful, I hear that it takes quite a long time (often 25 weeks) to feel any fetal movement due to the placenta acting as a cushion, trust me to be different from the norm.

Pannacotta2013 Sat 13-Apr-13 09:55:32

Poor Hayle sad

Yep Pinsky, I saw that homebirths thread after you (or someone else?) mentioned it and introduced myself on there. We're off to visit friends with babies who we haven't told yet that I'm pregnant, that should be nice! Hope you all have lovely weekend plans.

Natalieand Sat 13-Apr-13 10:08:37

Ooo a shiny new thread!

Sorry your still feeling crappy hayley hopefully u won't have to stay in too long. Xx

flyer at my NT scan the sonography said ''and there's the placenta' I asked where it was positioned and she said it looks to her as if its at the front. Then yesterday mw asked if I had felt movements and I said no as I'm only 13+5 and placenta is at the front and she said oh I dot suspect you will feel them just yet but hopefully by your anomaly scan u will have done (which for me is at 19+4)

I'm off to pay deposit on my buggy today dh and I have chosen to go for the babystyle oyster and mothercare have a good offer on ATM plus the carry cot is only £55 if u get from them when u order buggy so quite reasonable and gunna do it on the plan where u can pay a bit off as u wish.

Terrible migraine today! Hope everyone else is feeling good :-) has anyone booked private sexing scans yet? Xx

TheFalconsmistress Sat 13-Apr-13 10:11:53


Sorry to hear you still ill hayle I hope it passes soon

felt flutters this morning which was nice its all getting a bit real, I think after the 4 years of trying and 3 m/c even though i have bought a few bits, it was to make me feel like it was going to happen iyswim but now i actually am starting to think i will get to take a baby home with me at the end of september smile its a nice feeling

TheFalconsmistress Sat 13-Apr-13 10:13:40

My one is in a week natileland!!grin

HotSoupDumpling Sat 13-Apr-13 10:35:27

Thanks Orange!

Oh dear Hayle, hope you're out again soon. My MS has got worse recently, vomiting has become more frequent. Yuks.

roxvox Sat 13-Apr-13 10:37:56

Thanks roofio and pseudo. They were quite bad but when I put my pyjamas on and 'let it all hang out' so to speak, I felt a lot better and I wonder if, when walking around, I subconsciously try to stand up very straight and hold my tummy in. I think I would still have had some stomach pains regardless, but I perhaps made them worse by not relaxing my body a bit more!

We were shown our babies heartbeat at the 12 week scan, but did not hear it. Our scanning lady was a mix between focused on what she was doing and showing us things (like the 2 areas of the brain and the heart etc). She did also show us the placenta but I am not sure where it was placed! I've got a 16 week midwife appointment on Wednesday. I am going to ask her outright to check for a heartbeat, and if she can't find one then we're going to get a private scan (I hate all of this waiting to feel things!)

haylebop really sorry to hear that. I hope this will be your last sickness related visit there!

Much like others, this being my first I would prefer to give birth in a hospital than have a home birth. The midwife has tried to convince me, but I am not keen at all!

Orangeblossom thanks for the new thread... Could your bum cheek pain be sciatica? I've had it quite bad these past few weeks when I spend too long standing or sitting.

Feeling jealous of natalieand going buggy shopping, and falconsmistress for feeling flutters!

We've got the in-laws visiting this weekend so I may not be on here much... I hope you all have lovely weekends though and start to get that glow that we all have heard so much about!

cazboldy Sat 13-Apr-13 10:38:25

hayle hope you feel better (again) soon. xx

busy weekend here, we are having a stockjudging visit here in the morning, so lots of tidying up on the farm, and lots of cooking for me - we have to provide lunch.....

trouble is I really don't feel like it!

Haylebop12 Sat 13-Apr-13 10:43:57

Thanks everyone for you kind messages, gotta go through a and e mind as the ward has no space just yet so I'm not rushing in. 14 weeks tomorrow and docs seem to think it should be easing. 9 days since my last admission and I've done 3 weeks before. It seems once I start I can't stop and the meds don't even touch it. I just throw them up aswell! My mum is being an absolute gem, I owe her big time after all this!

Definitely last pregnancy for me!

roofio87 Sat 13-Apr-13 12:15:59

morning all!! thanks for the new thread!!
I'm having a hospital birth too. I weirdly like hospitals, I've spent a lot of time in them and will feel most relaxed and comfortable in hospital. I think I would bring too worried at home. that's me though, I do definitely get why a home birth is appealing!!
hayle I so hope you start feeling better soon. my morning sickness has gone to be replaced with awful constant heart burn that makes me feel sick anyway!!

CocktailSausage Sat 13-Apr-13 12:30:55

Hello. Marking my place

Sorry to hear you are feeling unwell Hayle and I hope the ms eases soon HotSoup

I'm 14 weeks today. I've been feeling movement for a couple of weeks now, though it's not regular - I'm trying not to worry.

The dizziness and heaving have eased. I now wake up with bad headaches, the tiredness is still there and am feeling stuffy but I live in hope that I will start to feel fantastic soon (as I did last time)

I have yet to receive the blood results from the combined nt but I'm optimistic as they said I'd receive a call if they had concerns.
My 20 week appointment is booked for the 1st of May.

Last night 3 year old ds told me that my tummy is bigger, I told him it was a baby. He replied no its food.
Anyone else's dc commenting?

ananikifo Sat 13-Apr-13 14:01:21

Thanks for the new thread, orange blossom!

Hayle I hope this is the last time for you. I can only imagine how awful you're feeling and I hope you feel better soon (and don't get worse again!).

Today, still basking in the glow of having told everyone, we went to Asda and Next (all one retail park) and we got a babygrow that says "born in 2013" from Asda. Next was a disappointment as the store was small and didn't have all the cute bright things from the website. Now that we're public I feel justified in looking at baby things in stores.

This morning I watched OBEM and bawled. There was a Canadian mum talking about being far from family and I couldn't take it. I'm definitely more sensitive and emotional than usual these days.

OrangeBlossom2 Sat 13-Apr-13 15:40:16

I just got a £60 parking ticket for being 4 minutes late back to my car in the free Waitrose car park while I went for lunch with a friend. I shouldn't have gone for a wee at the end. So tired and emotional at the moment I almost cried with the frustration. I saw the traffic warden walking away! They hang around like vultures at this car park so I should have kept a closer eye on the time. So annoying.

Roxvox, it may be sciatica but I looked it up online and I don't have any pain going down my leg so I am not sure. I will mention it if it is still there at my 16 week check up.

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cuillereasoupe Sat 13-Apr-13 16:16:45

DP made the fatal error of telling the ILs the names we're thinking of last night. They were met with a not-very-well-hidden hmm but tough titty, we like them! grin

Does anyone know anything about antibody screening? Apparently mine has thrown something up, we need to wait a week to find out. It's not a rhesus issue I don't think as we're both + but no idea otherwise. Still, they said not to panic so I'm not. Or not much anyway.

pinkmoonlight Sat 13-Apr-13 16:18:40

Oh no hayle, I can't believe you've had to go in again- fx for a speedy recovery! Aren't we meant to be glowing now... is anyone actually glowing...? I look exhausted, fat and my skin is dry. I do feel a bit better though, even if I don't look it!

Thanks for all the supportive messages yesterday ladies, I've read up on it and come to the conclusion that the sonographer was just being overly cautious for no reason and I'm not going to let myself get worried about it smile Interesting that you're in the same situation wickedgirl- I'll keep you posted if I get told anything interesting!

I've just booked a private gender scan (I've asked DH to buy it as my birthday present!) for 11th May when I'll be 16+1. I am absolutely desperate to know!

Shirehobbit Sat 13-Apr-13 16:34:18

Afternoon all.

Sorry to hear that sickness is still being awful for some of you.

We made a tentative visit to Mothercare earlier to check out prams/pushchairs/travelsystems/car seats. Totally baffled! confused
We're going to need something that's pretty hardy and can cope with lots of terrains (dog walking). But don't even know where to begin.

Our scan didn't say anything about placenta position, but a nurse friend saw the image and said it was anterior. But I swear I've felt fluttering this last week?

pinksky Sat 13-Apr-13 16:56:11

Thank you for the new thread, Orange, and for saying about small meals. I'm not very good at that--just so used to having a proper size dinner... must listen to my body more.

Oh no Hayle! Absolutely sucks that you're going back into hosp. Hope they sort you out quickly and that this is your last admission.

Wickedgirl Sat 13-Apr-13 19:35:54

My sickness has started to ease up a bit thankfully (14+3). Today at work, the baby that I care for was sick all over me. I had to ask my boss for some of her old maternity clothes so that I could shower and put clean clothes on. I am hoping that it isn't a bug as that could be a bit scary now that I'm pregnant.

Has anyone here had a sickness bug whilst being pregnant?

Shootingstarsandcomets Sat 13-Apr-13 19:44:21

Hope you are ok hayle
flyer I had an anterior placenta last time and I started to feel movements at 20 weeks ish. Took DH quite a few weeks longer to feel anything though. I think it also depends on how big/small you are to start off with, skinny ones feel movements sooner than bigger ladies. Don't worry though by 40 weeks you will definitely have had enough of being kicked in the ribs grin

Flyer747 Sat 13-Apr-13 19:54:25

Thanks for the advice shootingstars, pleased to hear that you still feel kicks and movement.

Wickedgirl I had either food poisoning or norovirus early in my pregnancy, just after I had my bfp...not sure which one as it came on the day after I landed back from Delhi, I'd had a curry on room service whilst there and also on the plane home, but norovirus was flying around at the same time too. I was ok just felt like I'd been dug up!! I hope you don't get anything fingers crossed

Smitten1981 Sat 13-Apr-13 20:08:39

I've been looking at the last thread all day thinking 'where is everyone?' - duh!

Here you are! grin

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