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OracleInaCoracle Sat 17-Nov-07 07:38:35

woke up this morning with pain, just been to the loo and the spotting has turned into blood...

thank you all for your well wishes, seems my useless body couldn't hold on. sad

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Furball Sat 17-Nov-07 07:40:22

don't know what to say lissie sad very sorry. Are you on your own?

JaneSparrow Sat 17-Nov-07 07:40:37

Oh Lissie I only just found out and replied on your damp thread

OracleInaCoracle Sat 17-Nov-07 07:42:25

no, well ds has just got up (ive been up for an hour) and dh is in bed. i was telling him yesterday to be optimistic..

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Minum Sat 17-Nov-07 07:42:59

So sorry to hear that, sending lots of sympathy. Be kind to yourself today, will be thinking of you.

kd73 Sat 17-Nov-07 07:43:55

I am sorry - it is all so unfair sad angry

Take care Lissielou and take it easy smile

RubySlippers Sat 17-Nov-07 07:46:04

Lissie ((((hugs))))

i am so sorry - please take care of yourself, and try to rest

agalch Sat 17-Nov-07 07:46:38

I haven't posted before Lissie because having no experience of what you have had to go through i never know what to say. I am so sorry that this is happening to you again.sad

I will be thinking of you today (((hugs)))

Spink Sat 17-Nov-07 07:47:09

lissie, I'm so sorry. how shit. {{{{{{{{very big hug}}}}}}}}}

THelesbellsRINGOUTFORCHRISTMAS Sat 17-Nov-07 07:50:53



Wilkie Sat 17-Nov-07 07:53:51

Thinking of you xxxx

DANCESwithHughJackman Sat 17-Nov-07 07:57:39

OH Lissie {sad] So sorry to hear this....

sandcastles Sat 17-Nov-07 07:59:28

Thinking of you Lissie..


Buda Sat 17-Nov-07 08:01:22

Oh Lissie no.


OracleInaCoracle Sat 17-Nov-07 08:06:30

its odd, im not even crying. im so used to it now. only pain i've had so far is the pain that woke me up. and its still light, but i know its happening and i feel sick to the stomach. how am i going to tell dh?

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ImBarryScott Sat 17-Nov-07 08:08:23

oh crap.
so sorry to hear this.

andiemisletoe Sat 17-Nov-07 08:08:37

oh lissie so sorry to see this I know exactly how you feel I would wake dh and let him know what is happening
I felt like my body let me down all the time as well sad

big big hugs for you

mistypeaks Sat 17-Nov-07 08:17:19

I'm so sorry. (realise you've never heard of me before). I have a buddy who keeps going through this too and I never know what to say to her either. So I'll say what I've said before (just from the heart so it may not make sense or be wrong).
I really really feel for you and it is so so unfair. I wish so much I could physically do something to change these things but I know I can't. I pray to someone/something that a happier outcome will arrive soon. Best wishes and love to you and dh.

Sheherazadethegoat Sat 17-Nov-07 08:26:24

i am so sorry. take care of yourself.

fawkeoff Sat 17-Nov-07 08:27:49

i am so sorry for you lissie.think you should tell dh now, you will need support x

LadyVictoriaOfCake Sat 17-Nov-07 08:27:53

oh darling

lomond Sat 17-Nov-07 08:29:59

Oh Lissie I am so sorry, just wake him up and tell him. You need his support and hugs.

Thinking of you sad

Santasmissyontheside Sat 17-Nov-07 08:46:24

I'm so sorry.

GreenGlassGoblin Sat 17-Nov-07 08:49:12

lissie, I'm so sorry sad

OracleInaCoracle Sat 17-Nov-07 09:16:41

well, appointment at out of hours doc at 10.10 then probably epu at RSH bleeding has stopped again. so has pain. really worried about ep now...

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