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DP evil veto!!!!

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NameChangedForThisQ Sun 11-Feb-18 23:34:58

What names did you ADORE but DP/DH vetoed?

I am mourning over the fact I'm not allowed to use Perdita. sad

floriad Sun 11-Feb-18 23:37:59

Elena. Helena. Francesco.

He also dislikes Francesca, Alma and many other names I like.

NameChangedForThisQ Sun 11-Feb-18 23:40:44

Gosh Alma is lovely.

RNBrie Sun 11-Feb-18 23:42:36

Daphne and Emmerline.

AnyaMoondial Sun 11-Feb-18 23:45:03

Eleanor, Anna, Jessica, Polly, Tessa.

WhereIsBlueRabbit Sun 11-Feb-18 23:46:00

Too many to count, but Felix, Joseph, Elspeth and Flora all spring to mind.

floriad Sun 11-Feb-18 23:46:36

Gosh Alma is lovely.

Thanks, I think so as well... :=/

Uhohmummy Mon 12-Feb-18 00:03:13

I feel your pain OP, I wasn’t allowed Perdita either. Or Flora, or Clementine, or Jemima or any of my favourites at all sad

mummytwoh Mon 12-Feb-18 00:04:24

Joshua. It's been my favourite boys names forever but DH hates it

JeansAndANiceTop Mon 12-Feb-18 00:07:22


NameChangedForThisQ Mon 12-Feb-18 00:07:49

UhOh isn't Perdita gorgeous?

Buntysoven Mon 12-Feb-18 00:15:27

Lois Alice Demelza Vera Judith....the list goes on and on...

MollyHuaCha Mon 12-Feb-18 00:16:49


RosieCotton Mon 12-Feb-18 01:08:08

DH vetoed Aubrey, Albert and Kitty.
I vetoed Felix, greyson, Audrey and violet.

NameChangedForThisQ Mon 12-Feb-18 01:43:47

Is that Aubrey for a boy? If so, lovely.

Bubble04 Mon 12-Feb-18 05:57:16

DH vetoed most of mine, but the ones I'm most upset about are Eleanor and Anna.

BellMcEnd Mon 12-Feb-18 06:00:04

Topaz (ok, maybe fair enough grin)


Bastard DH. We did end up with a clutch of nice names for our DCs in the end!

PersisFord Mon 12-Feb-18 06:03:22

Persis angry

I had twin girls, they have 2 names each. Would it have KILLED him to allow one tiny Persis?!?

ElfEars Mon 12-Feb-18 06:06:31

Elias. My DS would have really suited Elias sad

FairfaxAikman Mon 12-Feb-18 06:09:41


IggyAce Mon 12-Feb-18 06:13:53


HereWeGoRoundAgain Mon 12-Feb-18 06:29:52

On the other side of this I vetoed Brian and Clive from my husband's choices. He wasn't joking. He really wasn't. Only ten years ago too.

DameDaffodil Mon 12-Feb-18 06:39:53

Maggie. She'd have been a great Maggie! I gave the name to my kitten instead...until it turned out to be a boy...foiled again!

Lennythelion14 Mon 12-Feb-18 06:40:49

Iris, devlin, mary-anna, theresa,terry, Florence and sunny are some he vetoed.I vetoed some his choices too. Bethany, Chloe,Chantelle (spelt like that), archer and colt were some i vetoed.we both had very different tastes in names. We did find some we both liked in the end. grin

pigshavecurlytails Mon 12-Feb-18 06:40:59

A friend of mine has a Perdita. Personally the name will always be the Mum dalmation in 101 Dalmations - was that why it was vetoed?

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