to throw sheets & duvet cover away....

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postitgirl Tue 03-Aug-21 19:49:04

Does anyone have trouble getting period blood out of sheets. I've washed my daughter's sheets once at 60 with washing liquid stuff, and then again on a long cold wash with bleach. Hasn't made hardly any difference. Anyone any tips, Im tempted to throw them out but it seems wasteful! They're 100% cotton, but white - I know... have just bought her some dark coloured sheets 😜😏 I mean hotels must be able to get the stains out right

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Aroundtheworldin80moves Tue 03-Aug-21 19:50:12

Soak in cold water first

Retrievemysanity Tue 03-Aug-21 19:50:39

I use vanish before putting the sheets in the wash. Either the soap bar or the granules-wet the sheet with cold water, rub with the vanish and put in the wash. Works for me!

LimitIsUp Tue 03-Aug-21 19:51:09

I use a large scoop of 'in wash' vanish stain remover and it seems to do the trick

Stillcrikey Tue 03-Aug-21 19:51:15

Biological washing powder / liquid is your friend and then mine dry in the sunshine. Sun will work its magic.

fourandnomore Tue 03-Aug-21 19:51:32

Cold water on blood before you then wash, should get all or most out.

JoborPlay Tue 03-Aug-21 19:51:33

Your issue was the hot wash first. Rinse in cold water, add salt if really stubborn. Then cool wash with detergent.


BillMasheen Tue 03-Aug-21 19:52:36

Hot water seems to set the stain (cook it into the fabric)

Rinse in cold water FIRST.

ancientgran Tue 03-Aug-21 19:52:53

Cold water and salt but not sure it will work now you've washed them at 60.

Gladioli23 Tue 03-Aug-21 19:53:14

Napisan/Vanish and a Long Soak in cool water is the only way I think.

GetTaeFuck Tue 03-Aug-21 19:53:14

Cold water and washing up liquid, works without fail.

HoobleDooble Tue 03-Aug-21 19:53:15

Soak in cold water and salt as soon as you can after it's happened, this should lift most of it x

TheLovleyChebbyMcGee Tue 03-Aug-21 19:53:22

Leave them out in direct sunlight, it honestly really does help!

Starhaf Tue 03-Aug-21 19:53:44

Vanish! Soak in Vanish & cold water first, then throw in the washing machine with biological washing powder & Vanish added and wash as hot as you can. Works every time. Good luck!

HelebethH Tue 03-Aug-21 19:54:01

Washing soda crystals. Instructions are on the pack. They have never failed me and really cheap to buy.

Cookerhood Tue 03-Aug-21 19:54:15

Definitely hang them in the sunlight, it will vanish as if by magic.

RandomMess Tue 03-Aug-21 19:54:43

Unfortunately rinsing with cold water before anything else is the best option then vanish soap tbh.

clickychicky Tue 03-Aug-21 19:54:55


And non bio washing liquid

And dry in the sun

clickychicky Tue 03-Aug-21 19:55:18


Definitely hang them in the sunlight, it will vanish as if by magic.

Also works on turmeric stains!

FreeBritnee Tue 03-Aug-21 19:55:21

Leave on the line when ifs sunny. The sun will bleach then stain away.

woodfort Tue 03-Aug-21 19:55:45

Leave out all day on a sunny day after washing again before you worry about it.

Trytowin20 Tue 03-Aug-21 19:56:16

You've set it with the hot wash :-(

Milk gets blood stains out if it's in a central area. I used to put stained area in glass/ bowl of milk. Obviously you need a tonne for the whole sheet but if you can just soak the stain worth a go. Then cool wash then sun.

thecognoscenti Tue 03-Aug-21 19:56:56

Dye them? Cut them up for rags? There's no excuse for throwing them away just because they've got a few marks on them, that's so wasteful.

EverNapping Tue 03-Aug-21 20:03:16

I've had good results with a long soak in cold water with vanish & a scrub, then a long cotton cold wash with detergent and vanish, and finally a normal 40 wash with just detergent.

That's probably overkill though, but it's a beautiful quilt and a post-dental extraction dog.

EverNapping Tue 03-Aug-21 20:04:58

Oh yes and sun dry. Do not tumble dry.

Hot water is the worst.

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