To ask you to help me find this wooden duck :(

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OneMamaAndHerGirl Sat 19-Jun-21 18:37:24

I know it’s not an AIBU but it’s urgent, I’m absolutely gutted.
I have just returned from holiday with my DM and DD and whilst we were there I fell in love with a wooden duck with pink boots painted on and a little scarf around it’s neck. My DM brought the duck as a little surprise for me and I adore it. However sad my daughters dad has just come to visit my DD and he threw this duck at me and it’s smashed to bits and it’s totally unfixable. Can anybody help me find another one before my DM notices? I’ll post a picture of the said duck albeit smashed to bits.

BTW, my DD never saw or heard anything. His temper is the reason we are not together.

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OneMamaAndHerGirl Sat 19-Jun-21 18:38:28

My lovely duck 😞

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WhenISnappedAndFarted Sat 19-Jun-21 18:38:57

If I were you I'd not cover up what he's done and tell your DM the truth.

Eleoura Sat 19-Jun-21 18:39:04

Which country was it bought it?

mumsneedwine Sat 19-Jun-21 18:40:25

Is it this one ?

bullywee Sat 19-Jun-21 18:40:36


Pompom2367 Sat 19-Jun-21 18:40:53

Hi op could you contact a company who makes them? I'm so sorry x


WhenISnappedAndFarted Sat 19-Jun-21 18:40:59

This is similar - you could attach the scarf

mumsneedwine Sat 19-Jun-21 18:41:45

Or like this ?

Nonamenoplacetogo Sat 19-Jun-21 18:42:30

Call the police then start looking for a duck? Do you let your dd stay alone with this man?

Eleoura Sat 19-Jun-21 18:42:41

Fancyfencepost Sat 19-Jun-21 18:42:55

Try dcuk

randomkey123 Sat 19-Jun-21 18:44:06

I got one very similar in Salcombe........ it's got red wellies though. We thought they were really unique as a lady was selling them from a tiny shop and said she painted them............ my DDs were in fits of giggles when we saw them in a motorway service station on the way home and £15 cheaper hmm

These were on google.............

mumsneedwine Sat 19-Jun-21 18:45:55

Can't find the pink with blue spots but these can be accessorised with a ribbon.
And I now want one too 😊

Bluntness100 Sat 19-Jun-21 18:47:17

Can I ask gently why don’t you want your mother to know?

Babynames2 Sat 19-Jun-21 18:49:33

Loads of similar ones online OP but can’t find the exact one. You may be able to contact the shop you bought it from to see if they could post one?

EscapeToTheMountains Sat 19-Jun-21 18:52:09

You haven't done anything wrong, and you're no longer with him... I don't think I'd hide it from you mother, though I do sympathise if you're hoping to save her from feeling sad that her gift was destroyed so soon after it was given.

I'd be more concerned about your daughter spending time with this man, if he makes a habit of losing his temper to the extent that he's destroying your property.

animalmagic1984 Sat 19-Jun-21 18:53:53

Yes, was also about to say, this looks like the dcuk ducks. They are lovely.

namechangeididtoo Sat 19-Jun-21 18:54:25

I have this one bought from Facebook seller

OneMamaAndHerGirl Sat 19-Jun-21 18:56:47

Thanks for everyone’s replies and help.

I don’t want my mother to know because it would really upset her and we have had enough heartbreak lately. It was brought from a little market stall in Devon.

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DogsSausages Sat 19-Jun-21 19:02:57

Whereabouts in Devon, someone here might live there or know the market stall or their tourist office might know

Somanysocks Sat 19-Jun-21 19:03:39

If you have all the pieces get some wood glue, it is mendable.

RickiTarr Sat 19-Jun-21 19:06:03

Stop his contact. It’s not safe for you or DD.

Then let these wonderful MNers help you source a replacement duck. flowers

OneMamaAndHerGirl Sat 19-Jun-21 19:06:28


If you have all the pieces get some wood glue, it is mendable.

It’s not mendanble I’m afraid there are loads of little splinters everywhere and I haven’t a clue where a few pieces have gone it’s like they have vanished !

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Crowtooyo Sat 19-Jun-21 19:07:30

I think you need to call the police personally..he attacked you didn't he? I hope he is never with your child alone. And I think any visits should be with another adult present, in public.

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