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AIBU to expect my DH to stop using my chargers?

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Rebecca980 Fri 10-Jul-20 22:48:03

This seems soooo small and silly.

But I keep my two chargers for my iPhone 11 Max (model will become relevant!) And my headphones /kindle in a small box in my bedside table.

My DH CONSTANTLY nips in there to use them - despite his own chargers being wherever he left them in the house. Just mine are - apparently - more convenient at the time.

I’ve now - mainly as a ‘joke’ (but I do actually mean it) - written my initials in nail varnish on them.

The charger for my phone is much faster. And I have a proper system on an evening on charging headphones/kindle and then phone overnight.

It sounds so silly - and our ‘arguments’ over it are jestfull. But he thinks I’m being unreasonable to be annoyed with him rummaging through my drawers and taking my chargers. He thinks I’m also silly to have drawn my initials on them (even though I’ve done this as a ‘half’ joke).

Am I being a bitch? I guess my main argument is that our third bedroom is his office. His chargers are in there and he just can’t be arsed to get them!!!!!!

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BBCONEANDTWO Fri 10-Jul-20 22:49:20

Hide your chargers from him so he can't find them easily and he will have to use his own.

CustardySergeant Fri 10-Jul-20 22:52:23

I wouldn't care who used whose charger. As long as there is a charger available when needed does who owns it really matter? I couldn't imagine being that petty, especially with a spouse.

D4rwin Fri 10-Jul-20 22:53:13

Does it matter how fast a charger is? I'd be a bit concerned you both need a break from tech.
Buy him his own set complete with initials and you can both ignore each other in peace forever more grin

PanamaPattie Fri 10-Jul-20 22:53:17

Hide them in a bum bag. Wear the bag at all times. Buy him a bum bag. Put his chargers in it. He can wear the bag or not charge his phone. His choice.

Rebecca980 Fri 10-Jul-20 22:54:19


Hide your chargers from him so he can't find them easily and he will have to use his own.

They are in my bedside drawers!
At least I see when he’s done it as I’ve marked them haha.
As I said, main gripe is he can’t be arsed to enter his office to get his own!!! Then just leaves mine all over the place!

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shinyredbus Fri 10-Jul-20 22:55:08

Are there other issues in the relationship?

Rebecca980 Fri 10-Jul-20 22:56:17

Totally get that @CustardySergeant - it’s not serious lol. It’s just a massive gripe when I get snuggled into bed all the time, open my drawer and find my bloody chargers gone!

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CoRhona Fri 10-Jul-20 22:57:29

Buy more chargers. Plug them in around the house.

Seriously, life is too short to worry about stuff that costs a fiver wink

Rebecca980 Fri 10-Jul-20 22:58:56

@shinyredbus Nothing of note to this frivolous issue. Pretty damn blissful. Only thing we actually disagree on is DD schooling - she’s four and I want to send her to a private independent and he wants to keep her in state. But that’s literally the only thing we aren’t harmonious on.

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CyberNan Fri 10-Jul-20 22:59:25

buy him another charger so he has one in his office and one in the house..

AppleKatie Fri 10-Jul-20 23:00:17

I don’t see the issue. He uses your chargers, fine. If it’s at a time when you want to use them you unplug whatever he’s charging and charge your stuff.

He doesn’t like it, he uses his own chargers.

44PumpLane Fri 10-Jul-20 23:00:32

I'm totally with you on this OP, it's bloody irritating. I hate when something isn't where its meant to be.

My DH loses stuff all the time then takes mine and doesn't put it back, drives me batty!!!!

Rebecca980 Fri 10-Jul-20 23:01:24

@CoRhona - NO! LOL. I’ve already got the best chargers. They are miiiiiine! Haha.

Honestly, this isn’t huge. Just been told I’m being totally unreasonable by marking them. But as I said, it’s all playful jibbing. Secretly, it really pisses me off tjough

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ClattyPat Fri 10-Jul-20 23:01:33

Or DH could buy himself some spare chargers and have them around the house?

LEELULUMPKIN Fri 10-Jul-20 23:03:39

YABU this is mumsnet remember.

They are "family" chargers.

Seriously, I couldn't be less arsed about this. We use whichever is available at the time. No his and mine.

You need to chill.

whiplashy Fri 10-Jul-20 23:04:46

who cares. Buy more

Rebecca980 Fri 10-Jul-20 23:06:26

Thank you @44PumpLane! It’s just frustrating when you leave things in a specific place for yourself and bloody DH has gone and taken it! Haha. I guess I just like my own things being in one place!

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Oilyoilyoilgob Fri 10-Jul-20 23:07:49

I’m normally an ok kind of person but this gives me the rage! My husband does this too 😩 I wouldn’t mind if they were put back but no, I’m ready for bed and go to grab my charger wire and it’s gone.

Little things like this give me the rage over much bigger things!

MarkRuffaloCrumble Fri 10-Jul-20 23:08:08

Ooh that would piss me off. You’ve got a system and keep them somewhere safe, he’s bringing his chaos into your calm. He needs to buy himself several chargers and find one of them when he needs them.

In my bedroom I have a phone charger plugged in behind the bed, with the wire threaded through the back of a wooden box where I put my phone to charge at night. Nobody would be able to remove it even if they wanted to!

I also have a little hub with the charger cables attached inside downstairs. The kids will sometimes ask to borrow one, but I have wrapped washi tape around them so that I know which ones are mine and they have to be put back.

Your H needs to respect your organisation and if he doesn’t then superglue the fuckers into place and remove any of his stuff he puts on there to charge your stuff first! CFery.

lyralalala Fri 10-Jul-20 23:08:43

If he's taking them out of the drawer then wandering off with them that would do my head in. If he used them at the bedside or put them back then it would be a non-issue.

Mrstwiddle Fri 10-Jul-20 23:09:17

Had the exact same issue. Labelled mine and hid them as boyfriend had ADHD and would constantly borrow mine (as he’d lose his own) and would just leave my chargers wherever. It is absolutely infuriating.

Strongly recommend hiding them somewhere more secure.

Oilyoilyoilgob Fri 10-Jul-20 23:09:50

Also I get the relevance of your charger, yours is a lightening one and that’s why you have your timings planned out. I get it!

Nottherealslimshady Fri 10-Jul-20 23:09:54

He uses yours because they're easier to find and he cant be arsed to remember where he left his. Put them in a lock box grin

MarkRuffaloCrumble Fri 10-Jul-20 23:11:23

I wouldn't care who used whose charger. As long as there is a charger available when needed does who owns it really matter?

But clearly that’s the point - there ISN’T one available when OP wants one as her H has nabbed it angry

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