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To be terrified I’ve got an infection?

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moranish Sun 03-May-20 10:47:11

Shamelessly posting here for traffic as I’ve worked myself into a bit of a state over this and need advise ASAP. Judge me all you want, I know I’ve been incredibly fucking stupid and I am absolutely mortified but I don’t know what to do.

Was seeing someone casually before the lockdown started, and being the daft cow that I am we had unprotected sex twice. Yesterday I began having green discharge coming out constantly (I’d say the same amount of liquid as I’d get mid-period) and it’s really swollen down there to the point I can’t walk properly as it kills. The discharge also looks like pus to me, so I’m terrified of a serious infection or sepsis. Other than the possibility I’ve caught something, I also suspect I had a very early miscarriage last month, it was around the time my period would have been but it was not a normal period at all, huge clots, intense pain that made me vomit, back agony etc but I assumed it had all passed and never got checked out. I’m concerned some of that retained and is infected? My period came normally this month and I’d just come to the end of it when this other stuff started.

The swelling, pain and constant discharge is making it impossible for me to function properly. I used the Lloyd’s Online Doctor service and filled in the form describing my symptoms and they told me to visit a GP urgently and said their services couldn’t help.

Except I can’t do that at the moment and also all of the sexual health clinics near me are shut. I’m very worried about this and worried there’s an infection further up in my internal organs as I keep getting random abdominal stabby pains and I feel a bit nauseous. What can I do? I definitely don’t want to risk my future fertility or my life by ignoring this.

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Whataloadofshite Sun 03-May-20 10:48:30

Go to A&E, immediately. Do not wait. Do it now.

TechGinny Sun 03-May-20 10:51:23

Yes, what @Whataloadofshite said. Get yourself seen now, those are nasty symptoms you have.

Seeline Sun 03-May-20 10:51:33

Ring 111for advice
Or go to A&E

You could ring your GP on Monday - they are doing phone consults and will ask you to come in (under safe conditions) if they need to see you. I don't think you should wait that long though.

NotInTheMorning Sun 03-May-20 10:52:39

Why can’t you visit a GP? Most GPs are still running, I’d ring 111 and see if you can get an OOH appointment for today. Or if the pain is severe or you have a fever, then A&E. Either way you need medical care sooner rather than later.

CompleteBarstool Sun 03-May-20 10:54:28

Either 111 or A&E now.

Honestly, don't delay

BlueSuffragette Sun 03-May-20 10:54:46

You need to go to the hospital A&E department. If you leave it then it will get worse not better. You need to get checked and treatment asap. You know you've been stupid, so now be smart. Go now.

HeyDuggeesCakeBadge Sun 03-May-20 10:55:55

Please go to A&E OP this is not okay. Right now.

DesiDiva2020 Sun 03-May-20 10:58:05

A&E immediately!!!!

glitterbiscuits Sun 03-May-20 10:58:13

A and E . Don't risk waiting until MOnday

Sosounhappy Sun 03-May-20 10:58:27

Please get checked

Runkle Sun 03-May-20 10:59:13

Yep, A&E. No one here can diagnose, you need medical attention.

VerbenaGirl Sun 03-May-20 11:00:51

A&E now - please.

Suzie6789 Sun 03-May-20 11:01:45

A&E or emergency weekend GP number. You need medical assistance right now. It’s not true that you can’t get medical help right now.

Spied Sun 03-May-20 11:01:54

A&E. Now.
You've really no other option.

TheOnlyLivingBoyInNewCross Sun 03-May-20 11:03:11

Either get an OOH appointment or go straight to A&E. It sounds like a serious infection.

speakout Sun 03-May-20 11:03:24

I agree with the others- A&E right now.

Winterwoollies Sun 03-May-20 11:04:10

These are severe symptoms. It could just be BV, or it could be something worse. Due to the suspected MC, you need to be checked quite urgently. 111 at least. Call them now, it’ll take a while.

How is your temperature?

ItsABitOfAShitFightMate Sun 03-May-20 11:04:30

Defo A&E, pronto. Also check there’s not an old tampon stuck up there.

TheOwlAndThe Sun 03-May-20 11:10:39

You need to go to a&e. No one will judge you.

For future reference you can still call your GP, and they will still see you if they deem necessary (and this is definitely necessary) Or they may say straight to a&e in some situations.

Quartz2208 Sun 03-May-20 11:16:42


TerrapinStation Sun 03-May-20 11:18:27

Every day we're told that A & E and urgent care centres are open for business as normal, they want people to go, so go

BlueJava Sun 03-May-20 11:19:58

That's definitely an A&E problem. Please go and get checked.

Star81 Sun 03-May-20 11:22:25

The quicker you get seen medically the better !!

tiredanddangerous Sun 03-May-20 11:24:51

Call your GP surgery and see if you can speak to a GP on the phone. If you can’t you need to go straight to a&e.

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