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Peter Tatchell excusing sex with kids

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Happypie Fri 09-Nov-18 17:21:20

Peter Tatchell runs the Peter Tatchell Foundation that is currently seeking charitable status. He is also regularly consulted on LGBT issues.

I include a picture of a letter he wrote to the Guardian in the 90s about sex with children. It is deeply disgusting. A man who has these views about sex with kids should not be allowed to run anything.

Mummadeeze Fri 09-Nov-18 17:27:10

Are you certain that is real??? Surely no one would admit to being a paedophile in the National Press? How come his friends weren’t put in prison? I am dumbfounded but am struggling to believe someone hasn’t doctored this.

Redshoeblueshoe Fri 09-Nov-18 17:32:24

Yes it's for real.
In the 70's Harriet Harrman supported PIE, the Peadophile Information Exchange. This was in the press at the time

PositiveVibez Fri 09-Nov-18 17:35:09

It is definitely real.

PositiveVibez Fri 09-Nov-18 17:36:34

Happypie Fri 09-Nov-18 17:36:55

This is from 1997. 100% real.

Happypie Fri 09-Nov-18 17:39:26

He also wrote a glowing obituary for his friend Ian Campbell Dunn, one of the two founders of the Paedophile Information Exchange:

Sowhatifidosnore Fri 09-Nov-18 17:39:31

It’s genuine. And it’s from 1997 not back in the 70s... can’t stand the man. I hate that he is seen to ‘speak’ for LGBT people, he doesn’t for me thatbfor sure.

Awwlookatmybabyspider Fri 09-Nov-18 17:44:18

I didn't couldn't and wouldn't even get past the first paragraph.
However I don't have to read the full article to be able tosay Those who excuse these dirty beasts are as bad as these nonces.

Happypie Fri 09-Nov-18 17:46:10

Awwlook it gets much worse towards the ends. Why is this man used as a spokesman for all things LGBT? He is a pedo apologist.

PipGoesPop Fri 09-Nov-18 17:46:22

How many 9 year olds do you know that would engage and 'enjoy' in a sexual act with a fully grown adult without having been groomed?

A fucking disgrace. Despicable.

gendercritter Fri 09-Nov-18 17:48:45


That is despicable

Biancadelriosback Fri 09-Nov-18 17:49:22

I can't read it ..the image won't enlarge on my phone

FekkoThePenguin Fri 09-Nov-18 17:51:01

I thought that maybe it wasn't him but he is on Twitter saying that it was edited (surely he would have sued at the time?). It's doing the rounds now because of his recent rediculous comments, pissing women off completely.

Happypie Fri 09-Nov-18 17:51:30

He has not apologised for it or denied he wrote it. He has simply said that it is "edited" but refuses to disclose what the full length letter said. I am guessing that is because he knows now that times have changed and you cannot get away with this shit anymore. He has been caught red handed and all he is doing is throwing mud at the women who pointed it out.

HemanOrSheRa Fri 09-Nov-18 17:52:00

Ugh. Vile man. I can remember him 'outing' people as gay years ago as part of his crusade with FROC. He justified it by saying it was 'ethical outing'.

FekkoThePenguin Fri 09-Nov-18 17:52:04

I'm guessing he is the type of man who doesn't really like women.

PipGoesPop Fri 09-Nov-18 17:52:44

Can't believe he got away with it in 1997. I mean WTAF

Avegemitesandwich Fri 09-Nov-18 17:55:17

It's definitely real, he is kind of notorious for that letter. Grim isn't it?

FekkoThePenguin Fri 09-Nov-18 17:55:46

Maybe thats when you couldn't call out gay men. A bit like trans today.

Strongmummy Fri 09-Nov-18 17:57:05

Never liked Tatchell

bobstersmum Fri 09-Nov-18 17:58:00

What the fuck have I just read!!

FissionChips Fri 09-Nov-18 17:59:27


MicroManaged Fri 09-Nov-18 18:00:45

I started off thinking maybe yabu as a lot of the article was talking about ‘inter-generational’ sex which isn’t necessarily abusive.

But he goes on to mention sex with 9-13 year olds. Nine?!? It’s disgusting and i agree with you op.

Happypie Fri 09-Nov-18 18:01:29

Here is the full version

"Ros Coward (Why Dares to Speak says nothing useful June 23) thinks it is "shocking" that Gay Men's Press has published a book. Dares to Speak, which challenges the assumption that all sex involving children and adults is abusive. I think it is courageous.
The distinguished psychologists and anthropologists cited in this book deserve to be heard. Offering a rational and informed perspective on sexual relations between younger and older people, they document examples of societies where consenting inter-generational sex is considered normal, beneficial and enjoyable by old and young alike.

Prof Gilbert Herdt points to the Samba Tribe of Papua New Guinea where all young boys have sex with older warriors as part of their initiation into manhood. Far from being harmed. Prof Herdt says the boys grow up to be happy well-adjusted husbands and fathers.

The positive nature of some child adult sexual relationships is not confined to non-western cultures. Several of my friends male and female had sex with adults from the ages of 9-13. None feel they were abused. All say it was their conscious choice and gave them great joy.

While it may be impossible to condone paedophilia, it is time society acknowledged the truth that not all sex involving children is unwanted, abusive an harmful
Peter Tachell
Rockinham Street

I felt sick, typing this out.

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