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How do I make a complaint whilst still an inpatient and very sick?

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Christmastits Wed 07-Feb-18 02:14:13

I had my catheter removed today by a health care assistant.

She said I had to press the buzzer when I needed to pee, so I did. I can't walk unaided because I'm
Very weak and I'm on oxygen. So I need a commode or a bed pan.

I pressed the buzzer and 15 separate times a staff member came in and turned off the buzzer and said they'd be back in a bit. The last one told me to wait and unplugged the buzzer

I pissed myself in a hospital bed at the age of 26. I actually pissed myself. I was so humiliated. I feel so ashamed.

I pressed the buzzer and nothing happened so I had to wait for someone to come into my room which was another hour or so. I did shout but the door was shut due to infection control.

She came back eventually and told me off for peeing myself, and then outside the door called me a dirty cow.

Then to add insult to injury 3 hours later the dr came by and asked where my catheter was as I'm still on hourly urines.. so I've been re- catheterised so the whole thing was pointless.

Anyway. How do I go about making a formal complaint without making my care worse? I want to discharge myself and go home but that's not an option.

SteX Wed 07-Feb-18 02:18:11

I'm astounded, I'm so sorry for your experience.

You want to contact PALS - their number and email will be on the website of the hospital you're in.

Hope you feel better soon.

Anbhfuilcadagam Wed 07-Feb-18 02:19:58

No idea but just wanted to say I hope that you are okay. I'd be the same and just want to leave. Hopefully some one will be along with some advice and those bitches won't be allowed 'care' for you again.

WellAlwaysHaveParis Wed 07-Feb-18 02:20:48

OP flowersflowers I’m so sorry to hear this. That’s horrific.

I’ve got no specialist knowledge about the NHS, so I may not be much help (sorry) but I didn’t want to read and run.

I've found this link, which has a link to PALS (Patient Advice Liaison Service). It’s worth asking your hospital if they have this service, and then you could lodge a complaint through them.

RoomOfRequirement Wed 07-Feb-18 02:20:53

Did she definitely remove your buzzer? Bevause every NHS hospital I've ever worked in, if you pull the buzzer put of the wall, it continues as if someone is ringing it constantly, so I'm not sure how that would have done anything from their point of view.

As for the rest of it, I'm sorry, thats a really awful situation to be put in. First port of call should be the Sister/Matron. If they're not helpful, report to PALS.

Feel better soon flowers

Christmastits Wed 07-Feb-18 02:23:21

To be honest I'm not sure if he buzzer was removed but it stopped making a noise when I pressed it.

Right going to ask to speak to the matron tomorrow, then I'll take it further if needed.


justilou1 Wed 07-Feb-18 02:42:43

This is appalling and humiliating. I am so sorry this happened to you!!! You DEFINITELY need to make a complaint, and tbh, I think the sooner the better. It is probably more valid if you do it while you're there. Perhaps PALS can send someone to check. That ward needs a kick up it's arse. HOW DARE THAT NURSE SPEAK ABOUT YOU LIKE THAT!!!

Christmastits Wed 07-Feb-18 02:58:15

This ward is dreadful, I moved the other day, I'm the youngest by about 60 years. But it's no excuse.

If anything it's made me realise that parents and patients hear and see everything because there is nothing else to do.

I feel so vulnerable here tonight

Brightredpencil Wed 07-Feb-18 03:07:48

I feel very strongly about this since experiencing very similar scenario. Please complain if you're able. It's terrible that already vunerable people are disenfranchised and abused like this.

justilou1 Wed 07-Feb-18 03:07:53

You poor Bunny - at least you have the internet. I have heard of someone actually calling the police because of the way she was manhandled in hospital. (Here in Australia - it's not just the NHS) I feel very sad for you and wish I could go and kick some arse on your behalf. (And also maybe the even more vulnerable old ducks on the ward who may not be able to ask for help.)
Have you spoken to Matron yet? I think PALS might be the smart move. The staff will probably close ranks.

Brightredpencil Wed 07-Feb-18 03:08:25

p.s flowers

Straycatblue Wed 07-Feb-18 03:10:47

Ask to speak to the Charge Nurse in the morning, is there anyone , a relative/friend who can be there to witness the conversation?
Try and remember as much as you can tonight about who did what, ie which care assistant removed the catheter, which one made the comment about you being dirty, ask them for their names and write them down, either that or write down a description. You will quickly forget, but there will be a list of who was on shift but you may need to describe them if you do not get their names.

If you feel well enough can you bullet point the separate points of your complaint, appreciate you may not be able to , so you could maybe use the post on here.
-the fact the catheter was removed,
-the staff giving you a row and also calling you names outside the door,
-the multiple buzzer presses,
-The fact you have had to be re-catheterised = undergoing an invasive procedure for a second time that was unnecessary and also carries risk of infection.
- The fact you fear for your care if you raise a complaint.

As well as the Charge nurse, you can contact PALS, you can phone them from your room during office hours, ask them to come and see you (they may not be able to dependent on staff availability) Google their phone number.

You can also, post on Care opinion,
Its like tripadvisor for hospitals and managers from the hospital are allocated to read the posts and respond.
You could copy and paste your post from here if you do not feel up to writing it again.

Sugarcoma Wed 07-Feb-18 03:11:16

That is horrendous I am so sorry. I hope you're managing to get some sleep. Do you have anyone who could come in (friend/relative) and advocate on your behalf as well tomorrow? Or just sit with you and make sure things are being done properly?

How are you doing now, in terms of everything you need? Anything you need, make a fuss. Don't let them "come back in a bit". Tell them you'll sue them if you have to! (That's how a friend of mine managed to get an epidural after they fobbed her off for hours.)

justilou1 Wed 07-Feb-18 03:13:56

Sweetie, it might be valuable to write notes in your phone about what happened tonight - and also maybe show the nurse/Pals (whichever direction you choose) this thread.

justilou1 Wed 07-Feb-18 03:14:22

ps - with names!!!

Christmastits Wed 07-Feb-18 03:18:10

@Straycatblue yes I've texted DH to come and be here by 7 am and to witness the conversation after handover he's a solicitor so is good at taking notes after the event. He's so angry he's been amazing since I've been in hospital, he stayed home tonight so I could FaceTime our dog.

I would dread to think what is happening to the elderly and vulnerable patients on this ward if this is how they treat a 26 yr old.

I've got another thread about why I'm in hospital and it's been a real nasty fight. Im still incredibly unwell and on oxygen. I spoke to the fr today about going home and he said at least another 2 weeks.

Sprinklestar Wed 07-Feb-18 03:21:15

That is appalling.
Do you have a friend or relative who can advocate for you?
Which NHS trust is it? Who’s the Chief Exec? I’d be tempted to tweet them!
We had a horrendous hospital experience just before Xmas. DH needed an MRI according to his neurologist, the out of hours radiographer refused to come in (it says that in his notes!) and despite his needing one urgently, it took 18 hours to get. It was absolutely diabolical.
The one beacon of hope was a lovely Dr who stayed with us from 9pm to 2am, so five hours after his scheduled finish time, trying to assist. He couldn’t in the end, but did try his hardest.
In the end I threatened to sue the hospital, took copies of all DH’s notes and wrote on them myself every 15 minutes that the required MRI had been denied.
We were lucky this time but the outcome could have been very very different.
Record everything, be prepared to be the squeaky wheel and make sure you have someone with you as much as is possible. Social media always gets results, rightly or wrongly.
We are still contemplating what to do re DH’s treatment but won’t be ruling out legal action.

Christmastits Wed 07-Feb-18 03:27:51

They also know I'm a nurse in SCBU in the same building as where I am now. Really stupid to behave like idiots in front of staff.

brummiesue Wed 07-Feb-18 03:34:51

Hospital worker here, I really wouldnt jump in tweeting chief executives. Start with asking to speak to the ward manager first thing tmrw. If you get a chance note down the names of the nurses who have been so unpleasant. The sister should deal with it themselves but make sure you request feedback and esculate to matron if you are dissatisfied with the outcome. Sorry this has happened, it sounds appalling sad

Christmastits Wed 07-Feb-18 03:38:43

@brummiesue I'm not going to be tweeting the ceo, if anything because I also work for the trust and i think there's about a 100 different policies about social media.

I'll be speaking the nurse in charge in the morning and asking for the name of the hca who behaved shockingly. I've got DH coming in in the morning to be with me.

I'll see if I need to escalate beyond the ward sister tomorrow but I think that's a good step. I know how I would deal with a complaint on my unit but it's so hard when you're a patient

brummiesue Wed 07-Feb-18 03:42:05

As soon as I saw your post saying you worked on scbu I knew you wouldn't do that....just responding to a previous suggestion wink really the ward manager should be able to deal and esculate if needed. Good luck anyway & try to get some sleep.

Begrateful Wed 07-Feb-18 04:56:03

Sorry to hear about your horrendous experience. thanksI hope your situation improves and your complaint is dealt with swiftly.

I echo what pp's have suggested, you can contact PALS, speak to the matron and make a note of the names for all HCP's who've been treating you poorly.

Your husband being there is good support that you need through this ordeal.

Ansumpasty Wed 07-Feb-18 05:01:00

That nurse should lose her job, what a horrible person! 100% follow through with the complaint.

Hope you feel better soon flowers

SD1978 Wed 07-Feb-18 05:42:32

I’d imagine you know the complaints policy and escalation procedure in your own trust? I hope you get a resolution after talk to the Nurse in charge tomorrow.

Tanxd Wed 07-Feb-18 05:42:39

As you're a nurse already at the hospital then you should know about PAL's.
The way you have been neglected is horrid and I don't blame you for being angry. If your bell wasn't working then yes it was unplugged. This can't be proved though.
Having your DH take notes will get everyone's back up and nurses will avoid you as you're trouble. Not that I blame you!
Having to be catheterised again because it was removed too soon is not obviously the nurses fault as it would have been ordered by a Dr. This will be recorded in your medical notes. You need to find out who ordered the catheter to be removed.

I'm really sorry you have been neglected and left incontinent that is bloody awful nursing care.
I've recently left nursing after 20 plus years because I was sick of working with crap agency nurses day after day but also how aggressive litigious an angry patients relatives are. But in your case I would be fully supporting your complaint what horrendous lack of care.
Anyway it's PALS they will come and see you and there will be meetings, statements from nursing staff and records checked.
Maybe ask if you could be transferred to another ward if it's that bad?

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