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To think Kris Jenner should be bloody well ashamed of herself?

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WanderingNotLost Thu 11-May-17 23:36:18

And Caitlyn too, FWIW..

Warning: Daily Mail link

This girl is nineteen. NINETEEN and already she's had lip fillers, breast implants and fat injections into her bum, so many procedures that she's unrecognisable from the beautiful young woman she used to be. How much of a complex about her looks must she have grown up with, to have jumped straight into all this as soon as she was old enough?? And tragically, she's being held up as someone for teenage girls to look up to, and aspire to be like. It makes me feel sick.

Dumbo412 Thu 11-May-17 23:44:51

Yes, she has a lot to feel ashamed about in my opinion, however I'm quite glad for her that she seems to lack the understanding of what she has done to her children, or the guilt would eat her alive.
I used to quite like Kris, but for my sins I watched KUWTK a few times. She definitely uses her kids, no matter the cost to gain more money for herself.

foxyloxy78 Thu 11-May-17 23:48:21

sadKK is awful. Like a momma pimp.

Birdsgottaf1y Thu 11-May-17 23:48:39

Is she solely to blame for the body modifications, though?

The Geordie Shore girls, a few young Women who have been in Soaps etc, have all come from 'ordinary backgrounds', but have totally changed themselves.

I find it very sad, but it seems to becoming the norm.

Sylvannas Thu 11-May-17 23:52:04

I can't keep up with all these Kardashians.

It does make me sad that this is what young women look upto these days. Brains and talent seem to count for nothing nowadays.

Every week there seems to be a new Kardashian. Are they being grown in some kind of field? Using some kind of fast miracle grow?

WanderingNotLost Thu 11-May-17 23:56:10

The thing is, the GS lot weren't shoved into the limelight at age 9, with only their glorified porn star older sisters as a role model. And I can't think of a single young girl I know (and I know a lot) who idolises them. Women of around the same age are fascinated by them in a slow-down-to-look-at-the-car-crash sort of way. But the KKJs are making millions flogging stuff to impressionable young girls who think that if they can achieve the same ridiculous proportions as the women in that family maybe they can be attractive and who knows, rich and famous. I mean Kylie's made a fortune selling her 'lip kits' and her lips aren't fucking real!!

PaulAnkaTheDog Thu 11-May-17 23:58:54

It's sad but it was inevitable it would happen. She wasn't as photogenic as Kendall but never got the chance to grow into her features like we all do. Now she resembles a blow up doll. I'm genuinely sad to see photos of her.

Kris Jenner is wretched.

Riversleep Fri 12-May-17 00:06:07

If Kris Jenner had an ounce of shame she would not have leaked her daughters sex tape on the internet. Turning her other children into sex dolls is just par for the course now.

WanderingNotLost Fri 12-May-17 00:07:33

It's just so sickening. How did this beautiful girl, whose eyes shone, turn into this dead-looking living blow up doll that she is now?

ShakingAndShocked Fri 12-May-17 00:09:52

I've often thought this. This is - or was until v recently - a child FFS, and one who has had to deal with an unchosen thrusting into public eye from just 9 years old onwards; inevitably comparing herself to her sisters and 'learning' 'what you need to do to be pretty'. It's desperatly sad.

She's also had to deal with her parents splitting up at 15/16; her Dad then transitioning with seemingly zero regard to impact on her at 16/18 (I'm referring to the public nature of all, not his choice to transition per se) - just those 2 would be enough to fuck you up. Am just shock at how her 'DM' can pimp them all out in this way, does she genuinely not give a shit about them?

WanderingNotLost Fri 12-May-17 00:11:37

To be fair Kendall's had plenty of work done too. They all have. They just live in thongs, arching their backs and bending over for their paid paparazzi photographers so they can be objectified. I just can't help thinking that no amount of money in the world would have induced my mother to let that happen to me. And we were dirt poor when I was a kid. The kardashians were already rich to begin with.

avamiah Fri 12-May-17 00:12:14

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

PaulAnkaTheDog Fri 12-May-17 00:22:57

avamiah what a stupid fucking thing to say. I don't like Kris Jenner but your post is awful.

WanderingNotLost Fri 12-May-17 00:25:19

avamiah I don't see how that's relevant at all. Aside from the fact that Caitlyn and Kris both seemed to utterly ignore the potential impact on their youngest children for the sake of maximising publicity and money spinning opportunity, it's entirely irrelevant to this thread

Birdsgottaf1y Fri 12-May-17 00:26:03

""The thing is, the GS lot weren't shoved into the limelight at age 9, with only their glorified porn star older sisters as a role model. ""

No they haven't, yet they've still gone down the same route, of wanting to look like freaky Dolls.

""Let's be honest, her ex husband has become a woman.
Good on him, but it doesn't say much about her?""

Him becoming a Woman says nothing about her confused.
He became a an extreme version of a Glamour Model, from that, it looks like they are getting unhelpful messages about what being a woman, is,from both Parents.

tickwhitetick Fri 12-May-17 00:29:27

I think she's beautiful. Shrug. I know she's had her lips done but has she really had breast augmentation/ bum injections?

What work does pp think Kendall has had done? She looks fairly natural to me

WanderingNotLost Fri 12-May-17 00:34:40

Kendall's had rhinoplasty.

As for Kylie... this is pre-boob job (but post-lip fillers)

Oliversmumsarmy Fri 12-May-17 00:37:04

I'm still agog that people have fat injected into their bum.


I have a fat backside. I want them to stick a needle in and remove several pounds of fat not put it in.

WanderingNotLost Fri 12-May-17 00:40:07

Old bum vs new bum

Italiangreyhound Fri 12-May-17 00:42:13

Yes, Oliversmumsarmy to be honest my arse is that big without any fat implants.

It is all fucking sad but of course they see these Barbie doll types earning money and getting adored and they think that is all real.

We just need more of that good old-fashioned feminism.

OkPedro Fri 12-May-17 00:45:30

I'm confused as to who is who 😂 Your original link timed out. Who is 19? which one is kylie and who is Kendall blush

SuperBeagle Fri 12-May-17 00:46:25

Well, Kylie is an adult now so can make her own choices.

She could've gone the same way as Kendall and kept it subtle, but she didn't. I don't know Kris and Caitlyn are exclusively to blame here.

WanderingNotLost Fri 12-May-17 00:47:55

I was ranting to DP about it this afternoon (he's baffled by my feminist leftyness) and his attitude was "why are you so upset about what some spoiled reality show brat does to her body?". What so many people gloss over is that this girl directly affects how my 14 year old niece feels about herself and her body, and what she thinks she needs to do in order to be considered pretty. When I have children I don't want them thinking that this is what young girls are supposed to be aiming for.

highinthesky Fri 12-May-17 00:52:34

I don't see the big deal here.

She's heavily made-up, photoshopped tonthe nth degree, and wearing a coloured contacts and a wig for a photoshopt. She's 19 and having some fun and in her world this is tame. Let her be.

avamiah Fri 12-May-17 00:55:02

Why is it awful?
In my opinion I think KJ is a control freak and probably knew many years ago that Bruce wasn't happy in their marriage.
Who knows he may of transitioned many years earlier and be in a loving relationship now but was held back by her and her constant pursuit for Fame and fortune at all costs .

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