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To no expect to receive a text 5mins before a date asking if I am on the pill!

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OopsDearyMe Mon 02-Jan-17 23:27:56

Seriously, first date since divorce 5 years ago. Met on POF and both seemed to want the same thing, not just a one night stand or anything like it. So arranged dated tonight, booked babysitter, did all the usual stuff spent money on clothes and hair , make up stuff and hour getting looking really pretty stunning (and its not easy to say that) and then 5 mins before he is due I get a random text asking if I am on the pill!!!!!!!
when I said not sure why that's relevant and made it clear its not something he needed to know for tonight anyway, he tells me that we have got our wires crossed and ghosts me!!!
So had to pay and send babysitter away and now embarrassed and feeling like wow crap.

Is this all there is left?

Champagneformyrealfriends Mon 02-Jan-17 23:29:18

Had to google ghosting. What a prick.

dogsdieinhotcars Mon 02-Jan-17 23:29:28

he's an arsehole basically

Twunk Mon 02-Jan-17 23:30:15

Lucky escape but what a prize tosser

Offler Mon 02-Jan-17 23:30:17

Ugh, that's awful flowers

RoseGoldHippie Mon 02-Jan-17 23:30:56

Don't worry OP! Some of the POF users are proper odd! But not all of them. Personally if I was to start dating again, I would use a paid service as i do think it whittles out some (not all!) of the weirdos!

Don't take this as a reflection of you! Have a glass of wine and watch a movie

DesolateWaist Mon 02-Jan-17 23:31:09

Oh no! Poor you. Sounds like it was a bullet dodged to be fair.

Hawkmoth Mon 02-Jan-17 23:31:20

I've thrown up in my mouth just reading that. Wanker.

AddictedtoLovely Mon 02-Jan-17 23:31:24

Omg wanker

Foxsox Mon 02-Jan-17 23:31:32

Lucky escape
I'm sorry you were treated this way though.

I'd say that this is not all that's left but it might take a few trials to get someone who's not just after sex

Eminado Mon 02-Jan-17 23:32:35

Wow!!! Thank goodness you didnt waste an evening with this idiot. He sounds a complete loser.

Astro55 Mon 02-Jan-17 23:32:53

Sorry - WTF??? Wonder why he's single???

Lucky escape!

mylittlephoney Mon 02-Jan-17 23:32:56

Lucky escape . Sounds like a prize wanker.

Mrsonion123 Mon 02-Jan-17 23:33:57

I'm so glad you didn't go!!

What a knob


Astro55 Mon 02-Jan-17 23:35:01

Sounds like a prize wanker.. LOL

OneWithTheForce Mon 02-Jan-17 23:35:04


What an absolute shite! Dodged a bullet there OP.

littleme2016 Mon 02-Jan-17 23:35:07

What an idiot.

Thank your lucky stars you didn't go out with him

TimeToChangeFor2017 Mon 02-Jan-17 23:36:08

The thing is, even if you were on the Pill and even if you had decided before meeting him that you wanted sex with him, you'd be crazy to have sex with him without a condom and he'd be crazy to want to.

TitaniasCloset Mon 02-Jan-17 23:37:00

I've given up and decided to stay single. Don't go on pof all I've heard is its about a quick hook up and shag. Lucky escape.

Awwlookatmybabyspider Mon 02-Jan-17 23:37:08

Is this all there is left.
No certainly not. They're not all just after one thing.
He was just hoping for quick shag which, yes is, absolutely fine, if it works for both parties.
Better that you found out he was a prick now, than. When you were married with children to me.
You dodged a bullet. I'd say.

SuperRainbows Mon 02-Jan-17 23:37:30

That's disgusting. Count your lucky stars he revealed his true colours before you had to spend any time with him.

Chippednailvarnishing Mon 02-Jan-17 23:38:29

Just think of the diseases he was harbouring!

OopsDearyMe Mon 02-Jan-17 23:41:13

Time to change, that's exactly my thinking!!!! I also found it quite old fashioned I mean there are all manner of contraception choices ... Why the pill?

Thank goodness he sent it before and didn't ask once we were out !!!

OopsDearyMe Mon 02-Jan-17 23:42:26

Deleting POF methinks

Cwtchythings Mon 02-Jan-17 23:42:27

Jesus! At least he revealed his twatishness to you before you actually met him shock I can imagine you're pretty gutted if it's your first date in a long time. Don't let him make you feel bad! I found online dating a long, hard slog but I did eventually meet someone wonderful. He was definitely worth dealing with all the ghostings and strange pervy requests and cock pictures I had along the way confused

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