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to ask for a dry trim at the hairdressers?

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ThisPasadenaHomemaker Thu 28-Jul-16 21:41:54

Growing out a very short cut. Long pixie stage now and as it's grown I've ended up with a rather fetching mullet at the back. I want to keep getting this cut while the rest of my hair grows iyswim.

I don't want the rest of my hair cut. Just the back.

I don't want it washed. Will go to salon with freshly washed hair.

So far today two different salons have told me they 'don't do' dry trims and would have to wash my hair first hmm.

I would cut it myself but I can't see the back of my own head even with the elaborate mirror positioning I've tried.

So presumably they want to charge me for a wash + trim + styling as opposed to just cutting the goddamn bit I want them to?

Not even big name salons. Just local places confused.

TheBannistersOfLife Thu 28-Jul-16 21:45:59

Keep trying or phone a few mobile hairdressers? Never heard of being turned down for one especially in smaller places. Think my mom gets a dry trim in between 'major do's'.

Thingsthatmakeugoummmm Thu 28-Jul-16 21:48:54

Ex hairdresser here. I would NEVER do dry trim. U can't do good cut when hair is dry. It's not about charging extra it's just that you will get graduation with dry cut. Drying the hair allows the stylist to see how hair falls and take out any extra weight if needed

SuePerkins Thu 28-Jul-16 21:54:24

What the previous poster said basically. Impossible to do a decent haircut on dry hair.

Familyof3or4 Thu 28-Jul-16 21:56:30

I did this when I grew out a short crop. Hairdresser was happy to spray with water to get it wet and just trim the back. How odd no one all do this.

Thebookswereherfriends Thu 28-Jul-16 21:57:21

I always have a dry trim - I have terrible neck problems and can't bear to have my hair washed at the hairdressers. I always wash my hair the night before and then the hairdresser asks if it's ok to spray my hair before cutting. She makes it pretty wet and I always get a good cut.
I can imagine if you were having a dramatic change or something then you might need it properly wet, but not just for a trim.

ThisPasadenaHomemaker Thu 28-Jul-16 21:58:43

Family exactly! Maybe the water in the spray bottle is a different type of water and therefore not suitable for wetting hair for a trim!

There is no graduation involved. No "haircut"involved. I just want someone with sharp scissors to cut across the hair at my nape in a straight line.

Might bribe DD with sweets

Bottomchops Thu 28-Jul-16 21:59:06

I used to always have a dry trim too. As pp say, they just spray with water.

Floralnomad Thu 28-Jul-16 22:01:58

Try a barbers , the one my DH uses does women as well and certainly do dry cuts .

HarryPottersMagicWand Thu 28-Jul-16 22:50:46

I've always had a dry trim. I don't really like other people washing my hair. Never had a hairdresser say they can't do it. They can spray it if they want it wet.

Socksey Thu 28-Jul-16 22:54:48

I've had some amazing dry cuts.... it simply comes down to the skill of the hairdresser.... if they tell you they can't, they can't and I probably wouldn't go there for a wet cut either...
BTW, I used to have a sharp bob which curled in and would only look well if properly done..... I've had better dry cuts on it than wet.

goodbyestranger Thu 28-Jul-16 22:57:57

One of the very top salons in London only does dry cuts because they're far superior to wet cuts.

BreakfastAtSquiffanys Thu 28-Jul-16 23:00:18

I second the suggestion above to try a gent's barber

manicinsomniac Thu 28-Jul-16 23:03:19

I've only ever had dry cuts, whether it's a trim or more.

Can't bear the idea of someone washing my hair - having their fingers essentially massaging my head - arghhh, just the thought gives me the creeps (don't 'do' being touched on the neck or massaged at all either).

I didn't know not all salons do it though. Never been a problem for me.

AvaLeStrange Thu 28-Jul-16 23:11:43

I've had a dry cut for years (shoulder length with layers) as I just find hair cuts tedious and expensive and luckily have very easy to manage hair.

In fact my hairdresser retired over 18 months ago and thus far I've managed using the MN haircut technique as I cba to find a new hairdresser!

Definitely keep trying, you will find someone.

Summerwood1 Thu 28-Jul-16 23:27:31

I only ever have dry cuts. Hate the sink that you have to put your neck on. Plus I always worry that they'll cut too much off when it's wet. It's easier to see when it's dry.

DoloresVanCartier Thu 28-Jul-16 23:27:50

My mother has been a hairdresser for 50 years. She always does as the customer asks but makes it very clear if she doesn't agree or knows something is going to go wrong ( like the woman with long hair who just wanted a perm at the roots to give it height- the fact her hair was almost waist length and ver thick and the weight would probably pull down any lift, but she insisted and my mum warned her but did as she asked)
She sprays hair for a dry cut, some people can't afford the whole kit and caboodle and just want to keep their hair tidy. Can't believe you were refused, whilst it's easier to cut and style wet hair, wetting the hair with a spray and then cutting shouldn't really flummox properly trained hair dressers.

jmh740 Fri 29-Jul-16 00:47:36

I've only had dry cuts for about 10 years because of the cost. Keep ringing round and you should find someone to do it, I'm very impatient when I decide I want it cut I want it done then I usually try and find someone who will do a walk in, in my local town they have a thing in the middle of the mall where they do gents and ladies dry cuts cheaply they don't even have sinks I've had mine and dds hair cut there a couple of times now and been really happy they spray it if it needs to be damp.

Crocodillian Fri 29-Jul-16 01:26:53

The hairdressers in my town will only cut my hair dry, I was sceptical at first but couldnt be bothered to go into London and only wanted a minor trim. I was quite pleased and recommended the same to dsis who also lives outside of London. I understand that its not the ideal cut but you're not going for an all over cut, it's to prevent a mullet so I'd keep calling round. I used a big name, but cheap, chain and didnt need an appointment.

LilQueenie Fri 29-Jul-16 01:49:05

£26 locally for a trim and that depends on the length. No idea why sounds ridiculous to be honest.

joangray38 Fri 29-Jul-16 01:54:04

Go to a barbers or unisex salon . I physically cannot wash my hair at a salon due to a fused neck and most refuse to cut it dry. I used to have a mobile hairdresser but now go to a unisex barber £6

PonderingProsecco Fri 29-Jul-16 03:25:25

I go to mens barbers with my boys and have a dry trim.
I have mid length hair. They spray it and charge me the same as they do for a mens cut.

Smurfit Fri 29-Jul-16 03:34:56

I won't go to a hairdresser who cuts my hair whilst wet. But since all the best salons in my area wouldn't even consider doing so, then it's not something I need to consider.

MrsTerryPratchett Fri 29-Jul-16 04:33:56

I have a dry cut since I begged my hairdresser to do one once (I had half an hour). Since then she lets me because I have 'well behaved hair'. grin She says she doesn't normally. It's half the price, half the time and works well.

kali110 Fri 29-Jul-16 05:21:12

Most places i know will do them but will spray the hair down before they cut it.
As another poster was saying you can get graduation when it's completely dry( which you don't want).
Doesn't matter if it's not a big hair cut, if the hairs bone dry then harder to see the line to cut ( let alone if there's any kink or wave in the hair).
I didn't know places refused dry cuts at all though.
It's easy to wet the hair with a spray bottle.

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