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AIBU to have thought this was a shitty excuse?

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annabelismad Tue 12-Apr-16 19:56:09

I'm pregnant and my due date is in two days. We have one son, Franklin James Wilder. Our surname is a religious building. I LOVE vintage names. Husband less so but he liked Franklin when we chose it and frequently calls him: Franklin, Frankie, Lin and Frankie-Jay when around his East London mates who all have kids called Charlie-Jay, Tommy-Lee, Sammy-Joe and names similar. I've never minded the Frankie-Jay thing and thought it was cute. He chose Franklin's middle names. Now, we are having a little girl. We have a name, Gertrude Isabelle Laura. He loved it and chose her middle names. He also mentioned calling her Gertie-Belle, Tru, Gertie and Gertrude. I love this name. Today, he has come to me saying that he doesn't want to name her Gertrude anymore. shock When, I asked why, he said that I'm worried about what my mates will think. We should call her Lily-Mae or Lola-Rose instead. She needs a proper girly name. This has wound me right round the bend. When he said it, I just walked off. I think this is a rubbish excuse. His mates wouldn't say a thing! Most of them call Franklin, Frankie-Jay but a quite a few call him Franklin.

NoCapes Tue 12-Apr-16 19:58:33

Gertrude is just about the clunkiest ugliest name there is
I think you should give her a nicer name, but not double barrelled and certainly not Lily-Mae

DiggersRest Tue 12-Apr-16 20:02:50

Why don't you tell us where you live too OP as you've certainly not comprehended anonymous!

And yes l think Gertrude is a terrible name for a little girl. Well anyone really.

bornwithaplasticspoon Tue 12-Apr-16 20:03:36

Gertie is cute. Like the girl from E.T

annabelismad Tue 12-Apr-16 20:05:06

I don't live in East London. He used to but he doesn't now. And I know Gertrude is unusual but I love it!

Lilaclily Tue 12-Apr-16 20:05:11

Is this for real ? All your mates have double names , / nick names !
I actually think Gertie is cute

Wombat87 Tue 12-Apr-16 20:05:52

My mums name is Trudy and was christened that, which is derivative of Gertrude - could you not go with something like that?

Perhaps he doesn't love them quite so much if he's looking for nicknames. Friends sounds like an excuse to tell you that.

I don't mean to sound mean, but Franklin is kinda cool, Gertrude? I honestly can't imagine she'll thank you....With naming a child comes great responsibility and all that.

EllaHen Tue 12-Apr-16 20:06:48

Gertrude was the go-to joke name when I was a girl.

pinkcan Tue 12-Apr-16 20:07:04

you know there are plenty of compromises between ugly old matron names and frilly flower fairy names don't you.

Why don't you call her Isabelle or Laura since you both like those?

Lilaclily Tue 12-Apr-16 20:07:51

I'm a bit stunned though that he's taking his mates into consideration
Are you both young? ,,

NotNob Tue 12-Apr-16 20:08:15

This must be a wind up? grin

ProcrastinatorGeneral Tue 12-Apr-16 20:08:36

I like Gertrude.

<bucks the trend as usual>

whataflop Tue 12-Apr-16 20:09:01

My son is called Franklin James! Love it!

Can't be much help as I have two boys but my dp took a while to agree on ds2 name.. Sometimes they won't budge. I like the name Lola.. Or Norah smile

FreeSpirit89 Tue 12-Apr-16 20:09:43

Be prepared for 'dirty Gertie' in the teens if you go with Gertrude.

I'd go for something more common. Franklin is okay because he can be called frankie. There's no coming back from Gertrude.

TheHiphopopotamus Tue 12-Apr-16 20:10:10

I don't know how to say this without sounding rude but all those names are awful.

Gertrude - no.

Any first name/s that are hyphenated - no

Any name that's hyphenated and ends in Mae - no, no, no.

And as for all those double barrelled kids names? Are you sure you don't actually live on Walton Mountain?

LaContessaDiPlump Tue 12-Apr-16 20:10:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NicknameUsed Tue 12-Apr-16 20:10:38

Hyphenated christian names are a bit of a no-no round here. They are considered a bit try too hard and very chavvy

SquinkiesRule Tue 12-Apr-16 20:11:08

Gertie is cute. Don't be talked into the double barreled names just cause thats what his mates kids have, be original why copy his friends and Gertie Belle is a cute nick name.

AnotherTimeMaybe Tue 12-Apr-16 20:11:50

Gertrude? flowers to the little girl!
Lily Mae much better!!
You might also want to ask MNHQ to delete your sons name!

whataflop Tue 12-Apr-16 20:11:57

Forgot to add the name we chose for ds2 is quite out there and like your partner my partner first of all liked it then decided he didn't because of what people (mainly his friends) would think.. I think it's a rubbish excuse

FasterThanASnakeAndAMongoose Tue 12-Apr-16 20:12:08

I think Gertrude is a horrible name, I'm sorry to be rude but it makes me think of heavy machinery.

I also dislike overly girly names as I think they can make it harder for women in the workplace. I chose names for my dc which fit in in the boardroom as well as the nursery.

Also, my own actual name is a long traditional one, and I've always been known by the short version. It's a pain in the backside to be forever explaining to people that I'm x, known as y. My dc have unshortenable names, so they'll never have this problem.

wheresthel1ght Tue 12-Apr-16 20:12:13

There is nothing wrong with hyphenated first names. Dd has one, it was deliberate and I love it! It doesn't end in Mae though

However I do think Gertrude is setting her up to be bullied like mad. There are plenty of vintage names that are prettier. I agree that if your DH is looking for nicknames then he doesn't like the name

scarlets Tue 12-Apr-16 20:13:52

I hope you're real OP because Franklin is fab!

But....there's "old lady chic" and then there's Gertrude....

Avoid hyphenated names ending in -Mae

Teacaddy Tue 12-Apr-16 20:14:47

I like Gertrude, too. Friends and acquaintances have had a string of cool small daughters called names I think of as jolie-laide/ugly-chic - Ursula, Maud, Gertrude.

The real question here is why you are married to someone who makes major life decisions for someone else based on his fear of what his friends will think - what is he, twelve? And someone who thinks Lily-Mae or Lola-Rose are 'proper girly names', rather than slightly-tired yesterday's double-barrelled chic or something his idiot friends approve of.

However, you should try and find something you both like, which sounds as if it may be a challenge... Maybe you should run a list via the friends, who seem to have a vote in naming this baby?

Chocolatefudgecake100 Tue 12-Apr-16 20:14:57

Hahahaha gertrude how horrendous sorry but u cant subject a kid to this surely?whatever next? Agnes,franny?

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