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Entitled bitch!

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Garnett Wed 02-Mar-16 07:58:43

I get to the bus stop a bit early and think, I've just got time to get a coffee. Join what's a slightly long queue at Costa, but I should still be okay.

A very well-dressed mother walks away with her drink and the drink of her early-to-mid teen daughter.

I get to the front, place my order and pay.

Mine's next in line to be made when blonde swoops back in saying to the daughter, "You know it's so important to me, darling"

She puts both drinks down and says, "This needs to be extra hot".

And the staff immediately acquiesce and start making her a new drink.

My bus turns up and I have to shout, "I'll pick up the flat white tomorrow" as I run out.

Just wishing I had the wherewithal to add, "just make sure that's hot enough for the entitled bitch"

What's got me going is that from what she said when she came back in, it sounded like the daughter placed the order and forgot to specify temperature at the time.

MsJamieFraser Wed 02-Mar-16 08:01:06

I think yabu, you left it late to get your order, and they didn't get the order they ordered, they may have been in the same situation as yourself.

Yabu just for your language!

MorrisZapp Wed 02-Mar-16 08:01:56

Is this a joke? Anybody paying three quid for a large cup of milk is absolutely entitled to have it made to their specifications.

Well dressed?


Littleallovertheshop Wed 02-Mar-16 08:06:40

Have a biscuit with your coffee.

MrsBertMacklin Wed 02-Mar-16 08:07:20

I don't think she's the bitch.
Although SWBU ordering extra hot, it runs the coffee.

MrsBertMacklin Wed 02-Mar-16 08:07:40

Ruins, even.

FigMango1 Wed 02-Mar-16 08:07:56

Yabu and remind me of those stuck up, angry people you see in the morning. Those who look like they will burst in a rage any second. A new cup would have taken a few seconds to make, if you were that in a rush why did you buy one if a few seconds made a difference.

Sparklingbrook Wed 02-Mar-16 08:08:11

What's the AIBU?

GooseberryRoolz Wed 02-Mar-16 08:08:53


expatinscotland Wed 02-Mar-16 08:09:40


Sirzy Wed 02-Mar-16 08:10:02

So they had done someone else's order wrong and they asked for it to be corrected?

You obviously didn't leave as much time as you thought if doing one drink 'extra' was going to make you miss the bus.

FuckyNell Wed 02-Mar-16 08:10:02

Sorry but I would have jumped back in too, no way would I expect to queue twice

icanicant Wed 02-Mar-16 08:10:49

did the staff not apologise to you? i would be pissed off too.

00100001 Wed 02-Mar-16 08:12:12

The OPs issue is that the woman cut the queue, not that she wanted a hotter drink.

WanderingTrolley1 Wed 02-Mar-16 08:12:28


PurpleDaisies Wed 02-Mar-16 08:12:50

If your coffee is wrong they should remake it-why do you think she was supposed to wait for you to place your m order? If there's a problem with mine I go the the front on the queue or the bit where the coffee is made. Did you expect her to queue again? In not sure what her appearance had to do with anything.

Sorry you missed your bus, but is sounds like you'd just cut it a bit too fine.

GooseberryRoolz Wed 02-Mar-16 08:13:54

It's not queue-cutting to ask the staff to correct their mistake in giving you something that's not quite what you ordered.

Sparklingbrook Wed 02-Mar-16 08:14:27

I wouldn't join a queue in Costa of any length knowing I had a bus to catch TBH.

YesILikeItToo Wed 02-Mar-16 08:16:01

You didn't have time for a coffee. I've been the other woman in this situation. A lot of aggro directed at me and my toddler by someone who thought their commute made them more important. As it happened, I was on my way to nursery and work too. But I did have time for a coffee.

Oysterbabe Wed 02-Mar-16 08:16:25

Yabu. You didn't have time to buy a coffee this morning. The woman was not required to queue twice.

MorrisZapp Wed 02-Mar-16 08:18:36

The coffee OW smile

No, she didn't cut the queue. She got her drink fixed. It's still her turn until she gets what she asked for.

KitKat1985 Wed 02-Mar-16 08:19:13

YABU. You didn't allow enough time to buy your coffee. She is entitled to have her drink the way she likes it, and I wouldn't expect her to have to queue twice.

AdriftOnMemoryBliss Wed 02-Mar-16 08:22:15

I would have asked her to wait and served the person who just paid, not stop mid transaction!

LittleLionMansMummy Wed 02-Mar-16 08:26:13

'Flat white'? Are you in an episode of Friends?

Garnett Wed 02-Mar-16 08:27:12

The BU was not ordering what she wanted (leaving it to her daughter then having a go at her for not including the "extra hot" bit to the order) then walking straight back to the front as if it's someone else's problem.

I will adjust timings to allow for bitch entitlement in future.

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