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people in charge of air Malaysia search should be sacked

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carmellas3 Thu 06-Aug-15 08:01:58

There were many eyewitness reports of a low flying jet from people seperated in the Maldives and they ignored them as their tech calculations said it wasn't possible. Now it looks like they were all right a d had they started searching there things might have been different.

PenelopePitstops Thu 06-Aug-15 08:04:48


StarlingMurmuration Thu 06-Aug-15 08:08:24

You know Réunion Island is nowhere near the Maldives, don't you? It's like complaining there were eyewitness reports of it separating above Wales when it was found in Romania.

fourcorneredcircle Thu 06-Aug-15 08:13:29

There's a helpful cideo in here if reading is too much effort...

carmellas3 Thu 06-Aug-15 08:15:14

They are not that far away, maybe 1000 miles and in the same ocean. The plane was just reported low at Maldives so probabaly carried on for 100s more miles before crashing and its had 500 days washing about in the sea.

So many different people from the Maldives reported it, yet they were ignored.

Nonnainglese Thu 06-Aug-15 08:16:40

The search was literally like looking for a needle in a haystack! I don't think op has any idea whatsoever just how difficult a sea search can be.
As for sacking the searchers....perhaps op thinks they could do better?

Very gratuitously insulting no only to those experts but also the grieving families and friends of those missing.

carmellas3 Thu 06-Aug-15 08:17:54

fourcorneredcircle no idea why your being rude

SoupDragon Thu 06-Aug-15 08:18:36

You clearly don't understand currents.

On the news, it was made clear that the wing washing up where it did fitted perfectly with a year's worth of drifting with the current from the search location.

carmellas3 Thu 06-Aug-15 08:19:01

Yes and they were looking in the wrong barn! Trusted computers and not eyewitness reports

MaidOfStars Thu 06-Aug-15 08:19:21

Over 2000 miles....

teeththief Thu 06-Aug-15 08:20:40

Read up on it OP. YABU. As previous posters have said, with the currents, the debris washed up in the predicted radius based on their (massive) search area

LineRunner Thu 06-Aug-15 08:20:42

Ocean drift is actually best modelled on computers.

londonrach Thu 06-Aug-15 08:20:56

Tbh it sounded a very hard search. My thoughts are with the families. Not knowing must have been awful.

MaidOfStars Thu 06-Aug-15 08:22:19

And YY, SoupDragon's stuff about currents applies.

You know that this recent finding doesn't make the plane/Maldives idea correct?

Nonnainglese Thu 06-Aug-15 08:22:23

It's 3546kms (2203 miles) not 1000 miles, and over an ocean thousands of feet deep.
The same ocean ? Yes, all 165.2 million square kilometres of it hmm

RepeatAdNauseum Thu 06-Aug-15 08:22:55

The location that the wing has turned up is consistent with the original search location. Which was very big, and not at all easy to search.

You might want to do some wider reading about how they decide where to search, how time and currents affect the search area, how difficult is it to find an aeroplane in a huge ocean when the black box stops providing pings.. and let's not forget that this is an international effort, there were many qualified and experienced people involved in this search.

This isn't like finding a crashed car, and there is no indication that they were searching in the wrong place. There is also no indication that those who reported seeing the plane in the Maldives were ignored - many were interviewed.

teeththief Thu 06-Aug-15 08:23:03


carmellas3 Thu 06-Aug-15 08:25:02

On the news, it was made clear that the wing washing up where it did fitted perfectly with a year's worth of drifting with the current from the search location.

Lol. I bet they did. A lot of saving face going on. Must be nice to just watch the news and have all the thinking and thought process done for you.

Yes I got the milage wrong, thought it was in the seashells.

MaidOfStars Thu 06-Aug-15 08:25:41

Am I reading ocean current arrows correctly, that general movement from the Maldives is east?

MaidOfStars Thu 06-Aug-15 08:26:33

You measure distance in units of seashells?

firesidechat Thu 06-Aug-15 08:26:52

Well thank God you've arrived to save the day op. If they had only listened to you they could have saved themselves a whole year of expensive and pointless searching.

And your qualifications are?

carmellas3 Thu 06-Aug-15 08:26:52

The search area was so big it could turn up in the English channel and they'd still be maintaining face.

If only they had of had some eyewitnesses to narrow it down...

JassyRadlett Thu 06-Aug-15 08:27:14

2200 miles.

Why are you focusing on the Maldives theory when the flaperon washing up on La Réunion is just as consistent with the drift prediction diagrams based on a SE Indian Ocean crash site, which were produced more than a year ago?

LittleLionMansMummy Thu 06-Aug-15 08:29:06

I heard someone liken the search to trying to find the back of an earring in a field the size of 20 football pitches.

MrsBertMacklin Thu 06-Aug-15 08:29:17

You measure distance in units of seashells?

Yes. That's how you measure the ocean. wink

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