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Pale people who still use low SPF are idiots!

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Whenwillwe3meetagain Thu 18-Jun-15 16:49:09

I'm on hols in the carribean and a pale white couple infront of us who arrived yesterday are putting on SPF 6, after 30 mins the bloke was already going pink and it was only 10am.
They are in early 30's so with all likelihood have been bombarded with the safe sun message for years.
Yes none of my business but why risk skin cancer for a tan/serious sunburn? I just don't get it!

myneighbourtotoro2 Thu 18-Jun-15 16:51:32

I agree . Especially because if you live in the UK or Ireland it disappears after a week or two of being home anyway .

Factor 30 for my pasty Irish skin grin

knowsaymuhfuh Thu 18-Jun-15 16:53:14

Some people with pale skin have a retarded melanin response but feel they want or need to be as brown as they can be.

For some of us, it's worth a risk because it's important to us, and it's likely they are not using low SPF all the time.

SaucyJack Thu 18-Jun-15 16:54:03

I'd like to agree with you, but if I'm honest I use sun cream for the anti-ageing properties. If I wasn't so vain I doubt I'd be so bothered either.

MaggieJoyBlunt Thu 18-Jun-15 16:55:01

Maybe they are recovering from rickets?

RedRugNoniMouldiesEtc Thu 18-Jun-15 16:56:30

The level of damage isn't governed by skin colour it's just that the effects of it are more easily seen. So, as i understand it, someone with olive skin whi "doesn't burn" is increasing their long term risks of cancers etc just as much as someone with peaches and cream. Therefore yabu and your title should be "anyone using low factor suncream is an idiot"

ouryve Thu 18-Jun-15 16:56:38

I think a lot of people seriously don't understand what SPF is all about. You're not going to have a clue, unless you do look in the right places - and then pay attention. I think quite a few people also fail to understand that the sun doesn't just shine more in the Carribean, but that it's stronger.

I don't think I'd even risk it with factor 30 or more. I've got caught out by gaps in my application in our weak 64 degrees North sun, often enough.

chocolateyay Thu 18-Jun-15 16:57:16

I've never heard of that low a sun factor. I thought the lowest was 10.

ouryve Thu 18-Jun-15 16:58:49


LazyLouLou Thu 18-Jun-15 16:59:35

Ah, but look how far they have evolved... their forebears used oil, to get that mahogany look.. or mohagony as we pale and interesting bods probably never called it smile

flora717 Thu 18-Jun-15 16:59:44

I'm exceedingly pale (factor 30 - 50, at the slightest sun really). I do have psoriasis though (best treated with direct sunlight) but it is possible to plan your day to absorb plenty of UVB to promote vitamin production and NOT burn.

The5DayChicken Thu 18-Jun-15 17:00:37

You're right of course, but as long as they're not putting something that low on their children, I'm not overly bothered.

PurpleSwift Thu 18-Jun-15 17:00:48

I assume they do it because they're careless but adults all the same. Do you also go around calling people who smoke or drink or eat some cake idiots too?

TriJo Thu 18-Jun-15 17:00:59

I've got the pastiest of pasty Irish skin. I rarely ever wear anything below SPF 30, usually SPF 50 and I had SPF 85 when we were in Las Vegas as part of our honeymoon. The thought of someone with similar skin to me wearing SPF 6 in the Caribbean is a little mindboggling tbh, and strikes me as someone who is about to learn an agonising lesson.

Whenwillwe3meetagain Thu 18-Jun-15 17:02:48

There were some British kids here earlier in the week who were v brown and one boy was quite burnt. Even the about 9 month old was brown hmm

Whenwillwe3meetagain Thu 18-Jun-15 17:04:28

Purple to be fair I do think people who smoke are idiots too but that's not what the thread is about.

morelikeguidelines Thu 18-Jun-15 17:11:21

I think you are supposed to wear spf 15 even if you are black to reduce cancer risk. I have olive skin and admit to being a bit of a wally and wearing low factor as my tan takes ages to show. I have never burnt but could just as easily end up with cancer.

SomewhereIBelong Thu 18-Jun-15 17:12:36

Pale people who sit out in the sun in the Caribbean are daft too.. Put on a shirt and a wide brimmed hat - it is the sun that does the damage, not just the lack of sunscreen.

viva100 Thu 18-Jun-15 17:13:51

I was in the Carribean on holiday earlier this year. One of our friends was complaining he couldn't sleep because of the pain from the burn even though he had used sun cream. He was using SPF 10 at lunch time standing in direct sunlight and he's very very pale. But he was surprised hmm

I also saw a 10 year old all red and with blisters on his back. I felt so so sorry for him. And I saw toddlers playing on the beach a 2PM with no tshirt on. In the Caribbean!!! People are stupid. Really fucking stupid.

Gileswithachainsaw Thu 18-Jun-15 17:14:47

I burn with factor 50.

makes little difference what I wear tbh

QuintShhhhhh Thu 18-Jun-15 17:15:40

Maybe they are recovering from rickets?

Probably not, then they would likely know to do 5-10 minutes without ANY sunscreen, followed by a very high factor.

0x530x610x750x630x79 Thu 18-Jun-15 17:18:50

is this a stealth boast that you are in the carribean, and we are not smile

Whenwillwe3meetagain Thu 18-Jun-15 17:23:16

Lol sorry but I wouldn't be as concerned about factor 6 if I was in the med so was integral to the post wink

MaggieJoyBlunt Thu 18-Jun-15 17:27:48

It was a joke Quint smile

limitedperiodonly Thu 18-Jun-15 17:32:21

Do you plan to do anything else on your holiday other than observe your fellow guests?

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