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To refuse to engage with anyone who uses of instead of have?

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ExitPursuedByAKoalaBear Sun 31-Aug-14 21:29:08

That's it.

clpsmum Sun 31-Aug-14 21:30:17

You are definitely NOT being unreasonable

notnowbernard Sun 31-Aug-14 21:30:25

When written, spoken or both?

I find it more irritating in print

fassbendersmistress Sun 31-Aug-14 21:30:30

Good luck with that.


Frogisatwat Sun 31-Aug-14 21:30:40

No. Gets up my nose too.

WorraLiberty Sun 31-Aug-14 21:31:13

I could of written that OP myself


snice Sun 31-Aug-14 21:31:56

you should of put this in Pedants' Corner hun grin

Trills Sun 31-Aug-14 21:32:38

You have no obligation to engage with anyone on MN.

If you apply this rule in real life you may find yourself in some difficult situations, particularly if you have a job.

Stealthpolarbear Sun 31-Aug-14 21:32:46

Yabu I'm afraid smile

ExitPursuedByAKoalaBear Sun 31-Aug-14 21:32:59

Ha. Ha. Ha.

PleaseNoMoreMinecraft Sun 31-Aug-14 21:33:36

I cringe inwardly every time, YANBU! It does seem much worse written down than spoken, doesn't it - not sure why, maybe because it seems like it could just be a slip of the tongue if it's spoken.

ReadyToBreak Sun 31-Aug-14 21:33:50


ExitPursuedByAKoalaBear Sun 31-Aug-14 21:33:51

I don't have a job. So that's ok then.

ExitPursuedByAKoalaBear Sun 31-Aug-14 21:34:48

Sod off stealth.

ExitPursuedByAKoalaBear Sun 31-Aug-14 21:35:04


moggiek Sun 31-Aug-14 21:36:16

YANBU! I mark down student papers for this!

halfdrunkcoffee Sun 31-Aug-14 21:36:43

When I was 15 and attending an English lesson in a French school, I wrote something like "Adrian Mole is fed up of" and the teacher corrected my English. I should have written "fed up with".

It does irritate me when I see things like "could of" and "should of" written down. It's not so obvious when spoken as they sound similar to have.

youmakemydreams Sun 31-Aug-14 21:37:11

When spoken it's would've should've could've rather than of. When it's written down it's just plsin wrong. I am noticing it more and more and can finally see what drives people to correct others spelling and grammar in a thread although I have resisted.

bikermouse1 Sun 31-Aug-14 21:38:53

But why would it affect your olfactory senses, op?

Edenviolet Sun 31-Aug-14 21:40:24

Mil uses he's instead of his. Drives me mad.....

MsVestibule Sun 31-Aug-14 21:40:27

I'm a grammar/spelling pedant and loads of minor errors irritate me. However, I just have to accept that not everybody has been blessed with an innate understanding of this like what I have.

ExitPursuedByAKoalaBear Sun 31-Aug-14 21:41:09

You've got me there biker. Don't understand.

bikermouse1 Sun 31-Aug-14 21:42:02

Sozz, not op's nose wot was offended/afflicted....'twas froggy's .

Stealthpolarbear Sun 31-Aug-14 21:42:21

Me neither

Stealthpolarbear Sun 31-Aug-14 21:42:58

Ahhh x post that makes more sense

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