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Parents not having car seats for their children

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bicyclefish Fri 27-Sep-13 15:50:25

The other day I came out of the supermarket and saw a couple getting into their car with the lady in the back seat strapped in with a CHILD on her lap (less than a 2 year old) and a slightly older child (maybe 4 or 5 ) strapped in but with no child seat or even a booster. I went across to them and told them in what was probably an overly abrupt manner that they should under no circumstances do what they were doing and that i was taking his number down and reporting him. He told me to F off and that he was 'only going up the road anyway'. Oh right thats ok then, accidents never happen on the short trip back from the supermarket... ahem..a little wound up by his lack of care for the people in his care i then told him that if he got back into his car and tried to drive away i would physically stand in front of it and sue him for assault if he drove into me... I know, i know..
upshot is, he got the family back out and went home and got the car seats that they did actually own but didn't see fit to put into the car..FFS
AIBU or should i have minded my own business?

bicyclefish Fri 27-Sep-13 16:30:35

HenriettaPye - if they had hit someone with any force at all, the child on the persons lap would have been squashed into the front seat by the weight of the full grown adult behind them and the other child may well have suffered life threatening injuries too. And you're fine with that possibility because....?

Tabby1963 Fri 27-Sep-13 16:32:28

Bicycle,I personally wouldn't have spoken to these people, but I don't think you were unreasonable either, because some people think rules are for others and they can do what they like.

You do admit to being abrupt when speaking to them and that can sometimes put people right on the defensive, hence the eff off comment. If you saw something like that again, would you change how you approached the situation?

BlingBang Fri 27-Sep-13 16:32:58

have you never, ever caught a lift with a friend if it's raining, had to use a taxi etc? I always, always try to use car seats. There have been a few times when I have went without. Never felt comfortable with it but put our comfort etc above safety a few times.

Jinty64 Fri 27-Sep-13 16:38:04

I expect your parenting is always perfect wink

friday16 Fri 27-Sep-13 16:38:35

id also take that taxi number and report his arse to the local authority too

On what basis? It's perfectly legal for children to travel in taxis without a car seat. Oh, UK government citation, and shit

And if the police were called to an incident in which a screeching woman was stood in front of a car refusing to let it go about its legal business, it would have been you who would have been arrested. Failure to use a car seat is not an arrestable offence. Conduct likely to cause a breach of the peace is.

BlingBang Fri 27-Sep-13 16:38:46

And as far as I'm aware there is no law against not using child seats in a taxi. What would you have been reporting exactly?

HenriettaPye Fri 27-Sep-13 16:39:14

Hang on a minute- When did I say I was fine with it confused
If you had of pointed out to them that they shouldn't do it, then fine. If you had of reported them, fair enough. But to stand infront of the car and not let them drive off I feel is going too far!

bicyclefish Fri 27-Sep-13 16:39:39

Tabby1963 - by abrupt i probably said something akin to " hey excuse me, you know that those children need car seats by law, right?" ...not exactly overly aggressive TBH.. to answer your question, if i saw it again i think i WOULD still approch them. I wasn't in any real danger, and kept the car between me and the guy and there were plenty of people around and (by the end) watching so i am pretty sure nothing would have kicked off (and if it did the bag of Maris Pipers i had just bought would have come into play no doubt! hehe)

HenriettaPye Fri 27-Sep-13 16:40:37

And yes I echo what everyone else said about the law not requiring car seats in taxis so who exactly would you report too?

Must be wonderful being such a perfect person eh?

SillyTilly123 Fri 27-Sep-13 16:41:21

My dad borrowed my (7 seater) car last week to take my aunt and uncle and cousins 3 kids to the airport. I provided my own kids' carseats for them to use (similar ages). I later found out that they had taken the car seats out and just used the belts shock shock When dad went to pick them up i made sure i drummed into him the importance of using them (they are 2,4 and 8) Not sure if he did or not though, think he was scared to tell me lol.

I would not have dared do what you did though. TBH I dont even think I would notice as I have enough on my mind.

Edendance Fri 27-Sep-13 16:41:36

Good for you!! I'd never be so brave stupid as you to have done that but well done!

bicyclefish Fri 27-Sep-13 16:42:58

HenriettaPye - but how does just pointing at the bad man make any difference? As Edmond Burke (may or may not have) said:
All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

a bit dramatic, but you get the point..

BlingBang Fri 27-Sep-13 16:45:27

Jings - just saw that you threatened to stand in front of their car - who do you think you are? You are lucky you didn't't get a slap.

Tabby1963 Fri 27-Sep-13 16:45:57

I've remembered an incident at my school. I had left at home time and noticed a taxi driver within the school gates waiting with two children in the front seat (taxis pick up a number of children after school, mostly through local council).

I asked him why they were both on front seat. He said he had an extra child in car today (due it turns out to a mix up that day). I pointed out that his job was on the line if anyone saw him driving like that (and this was a very high likelihood with it being home time and a lot of people about). I suggested he go in to the school office to sort it out and order another taxi. This he did and another taxi dispatched.

AnnieLobeseder Fri 27-Sep-13 16:46:10

I'm surprised by this thread. I'd have done the same as you, OP. And called the police. I have done before and no doubt unfortunately will do again.

I bet my face was a picture the Christmas we visited family in South Africa (where road safety laws are apparently made to be broken hmm ) my cousin had been drinking all afternoon, got into the car to drive his family home, his wife in the front seat with their baby on her lap (no seat belts) and the other two children unrestrained in the back.

People are idiots. It's all very well saying it's none of your business, but these are innocent children's lives being out a risk. I'm more than prepared to risk my personal safety to try to help a child in danger.

bicyclefish Fri 27-Sep-13 16:46:31

HenriettaPye - "Must be wonderful being such a perfect person eh?" Really?
the parents have a duty of car for their children , in a taxi, on a bus, in the sea, anywhere. when i travel in a taxi with my DC's I always carry a car seat too...does that make me perfect? No it makes me careful you heathen.

bicyclefish Fri 27-Sep-13 16:47:58

~duty of CARE, not car...irony not intentional

AnnieLobeseder Fri 27-Sep-13 16:49:37

Tabby - I've also confronted our school taxi drivers various times and reported them to the office. If the parents knew how flagrantly these people disregard the safety of the children entrusted to their care! The mind boggles. I will certainly NEVER let my child in a school taxi after what I've seen.

HenriettaPye Fri 27-Sep-13 16:49:57

You may, but it's not law! So who exactly do you intend to 'report their sorry arses too?'

bicyclefish Fri 27-Sep-13 16:50:32

back to the question which is not would you have done the same, it was am i being unreasonable, it seems that there are a fair few people who think i WAS being, which i have to say surprises me for what i assume to be a majorly female group...who knew..

friday16 Fri 27-Sep-13 16:50:35

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing

Child seats save a couple of hundred lives per year. Important, in the context of accidental deaths, but an absolute drop in the ocean in terms of child health outcomes. Next time you're at the supermarket, have you considered staging an intervention for anyone who's shopping for children but buying high-fat and high-sugar goods?

BlingBang Fri 27-Sep-13 16:51:54

It's not illegal to use taxis without car seats - would you have stood in front of a taxi too?

bicyclefish Fri 27-Sep-13 16:54:12

HenriettaPye - OK so if it's not LAW i guess it's ok.....kinda like slavery in the 'good ol' days' Eh?

AnnieLobeseder Fri 27-Sep-13 16:55:04

I've never seen a car seat thread like this before. I'm amazed so many of you are completely blase about car seat safety.

"Child seats save a couple of hundred lives per year". That's a couple of hundred living, breathing children. Your child, your niece, your grandson.

You all astound me with your attitude.

Car seats should be mandatory in taxis too.

bicyclefish Fri 27-Sep-13 16:55:22

BlingBang - iwould have said something the the PARENTS, yes,
Duty of care. FFS where are you peoples morals???

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