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To detest most scouse celebrities

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Afroturf Sat 07-Sep-13 14:59:25

Cilla Black, Paul McCartney, Jimmy Tarbuck et al - celebrities who take every opportunity to remind us about their days in Scottie Road and all who, coincidentally, moved away from the city years ago.

What fake accents....I have never heard anyone else speak with Cilla Black's particular accent.

And now bloody Les Dennis has reared his head. God, how I've loathed him on Celebrity Masterchef - another one harking back about 'me Mam and Dad in Liverpool'. Fuck off. He was on radio 2 this morning with Rhod Gilbert and, my word, what a fucking name dropping twat. It was embarrassing.

I am not a fan.

Now I must mention that I'm from Liverpool, a city I love and live in today. I can't, however, abide these 'professional scousers' who go on and on about where they're from. Perhaps it's to try and fool us plebs that they are one of us. Again, do fuck off.

I don't want this thread to descend into an anti-Liverpool rant as my city is a very special place but wonder if anyone agrees with me. I think it's probably the fact that they come from the same place as me that I have a particular distain for them. I dare say that slebs from other parts of the UK annoy folk from their neck of the woods too.

squoosh Sat 07-Sep-13 16:01:50

Stephen Graham is a brilliant actor, I always remember him from an episode of The Street where he played the alcoholic father of a Down's Syndrome son. And of course This is England.

Apparently a really lovely man in real life.

ThwartedbyMum Sat 07-Sep-13 16:02:03

I hate Derek Acorah can we add him to the list.

TheWoollybacksWife Sat 07-Sep-13 16:03:00

Thanks Koala grin DH is from a certain glass making town. I even watch rugby league these days

gordyslovesheep Sat 07-Sep-13 16:03:18

oh yes Jason Isaacs <swoon>

I like Ricky Tomlinson and Sue Johnson

squoosh Sat 07-Sep-13 16:04:03

Does John Bishop wear false teeth, I find them mesmerising.

frizzcat Sat 07-Sep-13 16:04:40

Not a scouser but lots of family are and often seething about scouse celebs - that sound like nothing from Liverpool and certainly in CB case also make it sound vulgar

Hate, Mel C, CB and Jimmy Tarbuck and Paul McCartney, Stan Broadman, Claire Sweeney

Love, Peter Sissons, Jason Issacs, Tom Baker, Alison Steadman and Kenny Everett

frizzcat Sat 07-Sep-13 16:05:16

Oh and John Bishop makes me want to chew my own hand off

JoinYourPlayfellows Sat 07-Sep-13 16:06:59

Tom Baker the proper Dr Who?

frizzcat Sat 07-Sep-13 16:09:06

Join the very same

ParvatiTheWitch Sat 07-Sep-13 16:09:11

Another exiled scouser here. Yes yes to "Fab Macca Thumbs Aloft", grrr, what a helmet.
Alexie Sayle was ok, but he's become something of an oracle. He's not a total gobshite yet.
Anyone remember Stan Boardman? He is the worst, going on about "the Germans! The Germans! They bombed our chippy". He get the scouser bell end of all time award.

GobbySadcase Sat 07-Sep-13 16:09:57

John Bishop's a twat? sad Gutted.

pokesandprodsforthelasttime Sat 07-Sep-13 16:12:27


That's really pleased me grin

JoinYourPlayfellows Sat 07-Sep-13 16:14:38

Oh Tom Baker gave me so many happy hours as a child smile

Glad he is an acceptable scouser.

Although had no idea he was one.

KoalaFace Sat 07-Sep-13 16:16:47

WoollyBacksWife my DH is from the home of Butter Pie. If you know where that is you win a prize!

cooeeyonlyme Sat 07-Sep-13 16:18:26

Mel C is from Widnes. She went to school with my auntie.

Nicola from girls aloud really pisses me off saying she's a scouser. You're from Runcorn!!
Runcorn is not, nor will it ever be part of Liverpool <rages>

TheWoollybacksWife Sat 07-Sep-13 16:22:58

Koala I'm inclined to say somewhere around Chorley - only because my sister lives there and it is the only place I've seen them. So how far off am I?

lovelychops Sat 07-Sep-13 16:24:06

Another post confirming John bishop is a total nobber.
I like Paul O'Grady but the fact he's mates with Cilla puts me off.
Speaking of Cilla, MIL grew up with her, she was known as 'snotty Cilla' back then, with her permanent runny nose!
Mel C gets on my tits, her voice is like scratching nails on a blackboard

StuntGirl Sat 07-Sep-13 16:31:40

Butter pie has to be Wigan surely?

KoalaFace Sat 07-Sep-13 16:35:49

Woolly you're spot on! Nowhere else has them. DH is obsessed.

Stuntgirl Wigan is the home of ALL THE PIES!

fatherbrianeno Sat 07-Sep-13 16:35:57

@join @frizz You can also have Paul McGann & Lis Sladen from Le Who, & I'll throw in Leonard Rossiter as another top scouserer

BOF Sat 07-Sep-13 16:38:02

We are getting somewhere with the Acceptable Scouser list now:

Stephen Graham
Peter Sissons
Jason Issacs
Tom Baker
Kenny Everett
Alison Steadman...

Erm, Leonard Rossiter? Kim Cattrall. The best Becky Sharpe of all time, Natasha Little. Pete Postlethwaite and Julie Walters both trained at the Everyman, but I don't know if they were born here.

There MUST be others, there must be...

BOF Sat 07-Sep-13 16:40:56


He used to work in the Giro, you know.

cooeeyonlyme Sat 07-Sep-13 16:41:37

Fred the weatherman?
That bloke who played Jimmy Corkill in Brookside is lovely in rl.

JoinYourPlayfellows Sat 07-Sep-13 16:42:15

father (love the name BTW smile )

Paul McGann as in the I from Withnail and I?

There are some of very good secret scousers, aren't there?

WildThongsHeartString Sat 07-Sep-13 16:44:12

I know exactly what you mean, it's like kiddie-on Scots, e.g. Sheena Easton and Billy Connolly. Very successful people and good luck to them, but those exaggerated accents when they 'come home' do my head in.

Och Aye the Noo! (No we don't really say that) grin

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