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AIBUs your Grandma might have written...

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lakeofshiningwaters Wed 05-Sep-12 11:30:39

Not sure if this has been done before, but just thinking about a famous-in-our-family story when I was reading the baby names thread made me wonder what if mumsnet had been around when our grandparents were parents...

AIBU to be cross with my DH for giving ds2 a completely different name to the one we had chosen. I packed him off to register little one this morning calling baby Alan. He came home telling me 'This isn't Alan, I've picked a new name'. A name he'd found in a book someone left behind on the bus! Noone's going to be able to spell it either angry. Do I need some mumsnet perspective here, or AIB reasonable to want to string him up by his winkle tie?

PS Use of word winkle to stop Nana spinning in her grave. In RL she would've used a much much different one smile

festivalwidow Tue 11-Sep-12 11:25:18

Another one from maternal GM:
"AIBU not to want all my teeth extracted as a wedding present? Apparently it's the done thing and they say the false ones look great, but I'd really prefer a teapot and some nice towels to be honest. AIBU?"

waterlego Tue 11-Sep-12 00:04:07

Great thread- such fascinating stories!

MGM: AIBU to quite enjoy life in the children's home, although I wish
I knew for sure what had happened to my parents. (Her mother had died of TB in the workhouse and her father was in the prison up the road)

PGM: AIBU to think that if the midwife wasn't delivering twins next door, I wouldn't have to go into hospital to have 8th DC. And WIBU to call her Octavia? (Grandad decided it would be unreasonable and they called her Claire instead).

Iheartpasties Mon 10-Sep-12 23:52:14

DGM - AIBU not to go to DGD's christening? I have been invited by the family but after going to the christenings of DGS1 and DGS2 I just can't face it, the christenings were so boring!

notcitrus Mon 10-Sep-12 12:32:27

Paternal - My parents are making me leave school and go into service as soon as I turn 14. I think this is unfair because they have enough money to send my three brothers to posh boarding schools. AIBU?

My ds2 wants to stay at school after 14 and spend years doing sums. How on earth can anyone spend two years just doing sums all day and night - surely he's just being lazy and avoiding getting a proper job like ds1? (dad got into the grammar and did double maths and physics A-levels, much to parents' disgust)

Maternal: AIBU never to use this newfangled 'telephone' because making you hear voices that aren't there is surely the work of the devil? My husband and children say I should use it when customers phone our shop. Next they'll be wanting me to learn to read and write! Just because they've had all this education since they built a school in this county.

And more lighthearted - I think it's great that Grandpa and I are still having a wonderful sex life in our early 80s and want to make sure my children and grandchildren don't think it's something they have to stop - AIBU to tell them all about it every time any kissing or anything comes on this new TV thing?

Fab woman, Grandma - she did learn to write and read a bit when she was 70. Granny was always bitter about her lack of education - understandably, but made her really rather unpleasant.

Sarraburd Sun 09-Sep-12 23:20:03

Loved this thread!

My PGGM: AIBU to disown my DS for marrying a catholic?

My PGM: (the catholic)

AIBU to use my social position to bludgeon my pregnant DDs best friend's DB's family to force them to marry and emigrate to Australia to avoid a scandal?


AIBU to send my kids to an orphanage for a couple of years because we can't afford to keep them? Now that I have them back, AIBU to have a late abortion of DD3 because I can't afford any more children?

Dramajustfollowsme Sun 09-Sep-12 22:46:21

MGM- am I being unreasonable to stand my boyfriend up for the VE celebrations street party because I've had a better offer. That better offer was my granda and they had 65 blissfully happy years together.
PGM- should I take in the little boy, conceived when my dh had an affair and bring him up as my own? Only found this out 40 years later when she was found to have a hereditary condition and all her children were to be tested. She told the doctor in confidence but he let it slip. Up until then my DU had no idea. She was devastated. 20 years later I still can't believe my sweet gf could have cheated on her like that. Or that my feisty gm took my uncle in. Glad she did though because he is fab!

trice Sun 09-Sep-12 22:14:17

Aibu to wish that mental health treatment would improve. I am constantly having to make up stories to cover up the injuries that my dd gets when I throw her down the stairs or scrub her with the floor brush and the carbolic soap. I love her really but when I am having one of my turns I am evil.

Dgm was lovely when medicated, I adored her, but my dm nearly didn't survive her childhood.

NowThenWreck Sun 09-Sep-12 20:54:25

Exasperated, my other Granny always had the house in her name. (It wasnt rented though)She told my mum that having the house in your name was the single most important thing a woman should do.
I love my grandmas! Fiery and fiesty working women, both.

NowThenWreck Sun 09-Sep-12 20:36:17

AIBU to tell DH that I am actually 11 years older than him...?

ExasperatedSigh Sun 09-Sep-12 20:23:53

Paternal GM:

AIBU to not take cheating H back into our home now that he has (he says) finished with his latest floozy? When he was here, it was nothing but gaslighting and financial/emotional abuse - DS and I are so much happier without him.

A few months later, she would have been back with:

AIBU to be sobbing in the street after 'D'H evicted me and our little DS from OUR HOME?

Women weren't allowed their names on the rent book in those days angry He charmed his way back into her life just so he could turf them out and take the house.

There would then follow years of "AIBU to think that ExH should put his hand in his pocket and pay some bloody child support?"

sittinginthesun Sun 09-Sep-12 20:15:50

My paternal grandma was not a fan of attachment parenting...

"AIBU for leaving my 12 month old son in his pram, in the field, behind the orchard for 4 hours or so? When I went to get him, it took me an hour to find him, as he'd climbed out and fallen asleep under a cabbage."

lovebunny Sun 09-Sep-12 20:08:00

hahaha! it was brandy my gran used!

thegreylady Sun 09-Sep-12 19:36:04

AIBU to put a couple of teaspoons of sweet sherry in baby's last bottle at night?
He is six weeks old now and it makes sure we all get a good night's sleep smile

Dozer Sun 09-Sep-12 19:26:53

My granny would've got into right old rows on MN!

she might've found feminism section: why have I been fired from my job now the war is over? Why did I have to leave school to work at 13 when my brother stayed on, and even went to uni, even though I was cleverer and more hardworking? Why do the men get education and jobs? Why is there no reliable contraception (and I am seen as a bad wife if I refuse sex).

Why do I do all housework and childcare, but not control most of the money, when we both work?

Why when our baby son died of leukemia did they ask my DH permission for a post-mortem and not consult me?

she was sad angry

MrsApplepants Sun 09-Sep-12 17:06:45

Maternal GM: Aibu to get pg on purpose so that I will have to marry the man I love, as currently my parents won't let me as they don't think he's good enough? (she did just that aged 18 and they had a very happy life together)

Paternal GM: Aibu to be annoyed that working in a munitions factory for 3 years has caused my hands chronic dermatitis and no one warned us about it? Still suffered with it until her death 50 years later.

PunkInDublic Sun 09-Sep-12 14:44:17

PGF. AIBU to feel guilty that everyone died in the mine but me? They knew it was going to happen and there was no time for everyone to get out. The gaffa put me in a cart and shoved hard to get me away from it all. Everyone died.

GF was nine at the time. The gaffa just plonked him in and pushed him away from it all. I have no idea of the gentleman's name, I know he died, but I look at my DS who is a spit of my lovely Grandfather and wish I could thank him a thousand times over.

PGM: AIBU to change my age so I can marry and join Women's Auxiliary Air Force? And then change my name several times to try and hide the son I had to a man possibly when married?

Grandma was an amazing, strong, loving woman who kept her family warm and fed through the miners strikes and raised 3 healthy happy children. Still, god knows what she was up to before she settled with my Grandad (not the man she changed her age to marry) Tracing the family tree up her side has proved impossible

Great Aunty: AIBU to work as a prostitute, so that when 60 years later people tell my Darling Niece (me!), 'Ahhhhhhhh I knew your Aunty Beth!' Everyone smirks, bar my niece, who has no clue.

Found this gem out at a family funeral

MummyPig24 Sun 09-Sep-12 10:34:58

Cogito my great nan would have said something v.similar!

AIBU to be worried about dhs reaction when he returns from the war after 3yrs to find we now have 3 children instead of 2? Also WIBU not to tell said child and let her find out for herself in 60yrs time?

My maternal grandmother would NEVER think she was being unreasonable, when she almost always is.

LadyLetch Sun 09-Sep-12 09:26:40

Another birth certificate one here.

My nan sent my grandad off to register my aunt's birth with the chosen name 'Katherine'. Unfortunately, the registrar misheard my grandfather and registered the child as 'Kathleen'. My grandad was too embarrassed / shy to correct him do my aunt has been lumbered with Kathleen all her life! My nan has never forgiven him for that grin. It only happened over 50 years ago now.

Still, to make amends I now have a Katherine, and every time I call her by her full name, my nan always points out what a lovely name Katherine is and how much nicer it is than the awful Kathleen my poor aunt ended up with. You'd think after 50 years she'd let it go.

Graceparkhill Sun 09-Sep-12 09:19:27

No grannies in my life but Great Aunty born in 1895.

Her post would go in Style and Beauty.

My sister Grace and I went to church today in our new hobble skirts. Our father was furious for bringing shame on the famiiy with such provocative dress and has locked us in our room.

How can we persuade him that the latest Paris fashions have travelled to rural Perthshire ?

LemonBreeland Sun 09-Sep-12 09:13:17

Fluffy this Jason was born in the 60's. Funny that there is more than one story like that.

sashh Sun 09-Sep-12 09:08:10

Not my grandmother, but someone I worked with's great gran.

We are currently working overseass as missionaries, our ds (7) is at boarding school in England and will be visiting us for the summer. I think he is quite old enough to get the train to the steamer and then the trans siberian express, we will meet him from the train in Beijing.

He will have cash to tip the porters to carry his trunk. Dh thinks he needs an adult with him until he is 12. AIBU to think a 7 year old who knows the route will be perfectly fine?

Another one

AIBU to think my mother should just give me permission to marry? I'm two months pregnant. My fiance says he will go to court and get permission from the judge but surely he shouldn't have to.

Proudnscary Sun 09-Sep-12 09:05:36

AIBU to wash my hair with Fairy Liquid and throw away the abundance of rhubarb in my garden because 'it's a weed'?

MamaBear17 Sun 09-Sep-12 09:02:23

My dad did that with me. My mum had an EMCS and was knocked out (as was the custom 30 years ago). Dad registered me whilst she was still under anaesthetic! She woke up to find that there was a baby next to her. She asked the nurse whose baby it was, the nurse replied 'its sarah, your baby'. My mum then asked who Sarah was, only to be told that Sarah was her baby. Mum then asked if shed had a girl, 'yes' came the reply, 'Sarah'. Leaving my mum sat there in total confusion saying 'but if it was a girl we were going to call her Natalie........' No wonder my poor mum had PND!

BombusBombus Sun 09-Sep-12 07:38:06

AIBU to feed the evacuees rabbit for dinner and tell them it's underground chicken?

imissmygranny Sun 09-Sep-12 07:13:16

(NC as these are instantly recognisable to family smile

These would be just a few of my grandmother's many AIBUs ..

AIBU for earning myself 28 days confined to barracks for throwing an ink-well at the major for making a pass at me?

AIBU for walking out of school and refusing to go back after the nuns told me Princesses Elizabdeth & Margaret (during the coronation) wouldn't go to heaven because they weren't Catholic?

AIBU for getting a postman to help me start my husband's new car so that I can drive it even though I have never driven before? (I'll later go on to drive on a racetrack)

AIBU for discharging myself against medical advice a week after major surgery because they keep getting cross that I'm walking to the shop to buy
my newspaper?

She was a thoroughly unreasonable and amazing woman grin wine

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