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15,000 Kids And Counting - On Channel 4, starting on 3rd April

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OneOfOurLilkasIsMissing Thu 27-Mar-14 22:10:11

Heads up folks, Channel 4 are doing a new adoption documentary "15,000 Kids and Counting"

Series Description - Child protection levels in Britain are at a record high. Over 15,000 children were waiting to be adopted in 2013 - twice as many as five years earlier

With unparalleled access to the entire adoption process, this series follows social workers, foster carers, birth parents and adopters as heart-wrenchingly difficult decisions are made about the future of some of Britain's most vulnerable children

Episode 1 is on 3rd April at 9.00PM, is called The Decision

The adoption process begins with the most difficult decision of all: the decision to remove a child from their birth family

The first episode in the series follows the social workers whose job it is to take children away from their parents and recommend whether they should ever return; and meets parents who are desperately fighting to keep their children

Episode 2 a week later - The Search

This episode follows the search for adoptive parents for a two-year-old boy and a three and seven-year-old brother and sister

With the added challenges of having slightly older children, siblings and a child with possible health issues to place, the task for social workers Annette and Jackie is a massive one

With the future of these children in their hands and recently set government targets to meet, they struggle not to become emotionally involved as they strive to find adopters before time runs out

I'll certainly be watching, looks interesting

sadmummy0507 Fri 15-Aug-14 10:08:18

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

fromparistoberlin73 Fri 18-Apr-14 00:00:23

heartbreaking programme, and an even more heartbreaking thread.

humans beings are so fallible are they not

flowers to everyone who posted, as despite the divergent views everyone is coming from a good place

William7 Sun 13-Apr-14 03:06:38

My daughter has had 18 social workers. The only time action is taken is when court proceedings are issued.
Local authorities were recently required to update one of their Reporting provisions based on fully documented information supplied by me.
I doubt very much that any documentary will be made about children in local authority care as I am not allowed to name my daughter and the local authority's response is "no comment".
It is normal for anonymous comments made by me to be deleted.

Italiangreyhound Sat 12-Apr-14 03:57:30

William7 I am so sorry for you to hear of your situation and hope you are getting support where you are. I am assuming you have a social worker and so someone who can work with you at this time.

I hope for the best possible outcome for your little girl.

I think there will be many more documentaries about adoption and all areas of social services so there may well be one on long term fostering.

RCTreats Fri 11-Apr-14 18:52:36

It's justphone here and I don't know where you've got that piece of info from, candy, but I've certainly not been banned - have been here since 2005 and NC for adoption threads to protect DD's privacy. I'm having problems with my email/password which hopefully MNHQ will sort out so I don't have to keep re-registering hmm. Have reported your post for breaking guidelines.

candycoatedwaterdrops Fri 11-Apr-14 18:35:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KristinaM Fri 11-Apr-14 17:05:55

< squares up behind mrs de vere >

Maryz Fri 11-Apr-14 16:03:34

An adoption board pile-in? Where?

MrsDeVere Fri 11-Apr-14 14:59:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

2old2beamum Fri 11-Apr-14 13:00:09

NanaNina* your last post has made me weep, no wonder us parents are so protective.
thanks for being so caring!

William7 Fri 11-Apr-14 02:57:48

My beautiful blonde, blue eyed little girl was taken into care. The Adoption Panel refused the local authority's plan and my daughter was placed in long term foster care. I was shocked to find that children are denied the right to know their family and are subject to abuse. I have had to resort to the complaints procedure etc. to ensure that my daughter was not placed at risk (drugs/physical assault/sex offenders) and fight for her rights to health (diet/gross decay) and an education (SENR). It is a shame that no one if prepared to make a programme/ report the other side of the coin or to raise concerns about social services unless a child dies.

NanaNina Thu 10-Apr-14 22:54:51

Hmm - it's a bit tricky about what to call people who are involved with social workers isn't it - CCW I don't think you need apologise and it looks like the thread isn't de-railed. Interesting what you say about your first placement calling "users" - "customers" - that doesn't sound right either does it, and yes we are "patients" as far as the medics are concerned.

MA oh nooo no need to apologise for de-railing the thread! Interesting that you prefer "client" - some changes I have seen in terminology have I think been for the better. For instance I can recall when there was a "Mentally Ill Team" rather than a "Mental Health Team" and an "ESMI Team" (elderly sick mentally infirm.......) oh god how awful does that sound, and as I recall they were mostly "older people" (new name for elderly) with some kind of dementia. We used to talk of people as being "mentally handicapped" whereas now it's "learning disabilities" and "physical disabilities" - I guess over time the terms will change.

Mind when I was looking in a very old file one day for some information I read someone described as a "happy cripple............" dear god. Oh and just remembered something else. Fairly recently there was a man in WH Smith, who was acting strangely (walking up and down and putting his hands over his face) people were giving him a wide berth - I went over to him and he was crying and handed me a scrap of paper out of his pocket, with the name and telephone number of the address where he was living. I recognised it as one of the small homes for residents with learning disabilities, so I re-assured him we would help him and asked him to come with me to the manager so that they could phone the home. I didn't have my mobile with me. The manager was happy to oblige and I stayed by the phone while he rang. To my horror I heard him say "Oh hello we have one of your mental defectives here" and the thing is he had no idea that this was so inappropriate, and was very kind to the distressed man.

justphone Thu 10-Apr-14 22:11:38

I seem to have been hit with the password virus and have had to re-register (after god knows how many years here!) - hence new name.

Don't know why I'm being accused of hostility to NanaNina when she insists on referring to me as "this iphone person" hmm

Angel - if you are gong to refer to what I said on another thread please put it in context. I believe I was saying we shouldn't be judging and criticising would-be adopters on things they said in a documentary that was made at least 12 years ago. Which is fair enough especially as one of the parents died shortly after filming.

Those of you accusing me of being angry and hitting out couldn't be more wrong; I had a very successful adoption and my lovely DD is now sleeping soundly upstairs smile I've just been objecting to the way birth families blame SWs instead of taking responsibility for their failure to provide a secure environment for vulnerable children.

However, I can see many of you want to stage an adoption board pile-in so I'll leave you to it and go and catch up with the latest episode and comment on that thread.

MiscellaneousAssortment Thu 10-Apr-14 19:01:50

Oh sorry just read up to see where the terminology train of thought came from and realised I joined in derailing! Didn't mean to blush

MiscellaneousAssortment Thu 10-Apr-14 18:59:13

Off topic slightly but as a disabled adult I prefer 'client' as a service user is not in any way important or in a position to have their voice heard, as it signals that they aren't by definition a customer or client and therefore have no right to expect client or customer service, but have 'services' forced upon them.

I don't know if it carries the same stigma for other types of people or not?

candycoatedwaterdrops Thu 10-Apr-14 18:22:21

*sit well with me as a social worker using the word 'patient', I mean. I understand in medical disciplines it is the accepted word.

candycoatedwaterdrops Thu 10-Apr-14 18:21:37

I agree, I apologise for derailing.

NanaNina My first placement used the word 'customer' which I found very hard to wrap my head around. I am unsure how I feel about service user vs. client to be honest. Service user isn't ideal, many people don't like the 'user' part. In my current MH team; the medics (psych nurses and drs) obviously say 'patient' but that doesn't sit well with me either.

NanaNina Thu 10-Apr-14 18:04:09

I don't think we should allow the iphone person to de-rail the thread so maybe if we just ignore and as MrsDV says she sounds angry and is hitting out at anything.

Just a word about service users. When I started my social work career at the end of the 70s, we used to call the people we worked with "clients" and solicitors still use this term, as do some therapists. However over time, terms change and "service users" came in as the term for people social workers work with as it was thought to be less discriminatory, though whether it is or not I don't know.

candycoatedwaterdrops Thu 10-Apr-14 17:24:40

"And candycoated should stop referring to human beings as service users."

Service users is what we call individuals with whom we work, to differentiate between those who use the service and those who don't. It is featured in the standards by the HCPC, so maybe take it up with them....?

I find it ironic that you can speak to a 'human being' so rudely on here, yet take offense at a perfectly acceptable term. FYI, I would treat someone with the same dignity and respect whether they feature on my caseload or not, so not sure of your beef.

MrsDeVere Thu 10-Apr-14 17:02:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Angelwings11 Thu 10-Apr-14 16:23:07

I am a little confused ijustgotaniphone, on another thread you have said that we shouldn't be commenting or passing judgement about people who have been involved in these type documentaries, because this isn't TOWIE. However, on here you have made assumptions (rightly or wrongly) and passed judgement upon susu44 and her niece.

justgotaniPhone Thu 10-Apr-14 15:58:21

Oh come on, nana nina, you've caused enough offence on the adoption board in your time so don't get on your high horse. And candycoated should stop referring to human beings as service users.

I'm not defending SS - they frustrated me when we were going through the adoption process for DD (thankfully from overseas). I'm saying that whenever a child has been removed from a dangerous situation the "service users" hmm and their families lash out at SW instead of taking a long hard look at their own role in the tragedy.

NanaNina Thu 10-Apr-14 15:03:41

susu44 I am a retired social worker - have some 30 years experience all in children's services. Do feel free to PM me - I might be able to help as I have done others in the past. Mind, you will get good advice from Family Rights Group.

I hope the iphone person takes her ill judged and insulting comments elsewhere.

Lilka Thu 10-Apr-14 14:16:27

Thread for tonight's episode smile

candycoatedwaterdrops Thu 10-Apr-14 14:13:55

susu44 I wish you, your family and especially Nicola all the best. I did worry about how people would cope once this airs. I felt for her very much, I'm sad that the situation has ended like it has for her. It's naïve to pretend that SS doesn't make errors of judgement.

It was in our previous code of practice that informing service users of their rights to complain and showing them how to is part of our job. I have printed off the complaints form several times for service users. A lot of the time it is the red tape and if people don't shout, it doesn't get heard.

It drives me loopy when people defend social work to the hilt. We are humans, we make mistakes - please tell us!

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