Just clocked PIL thermostat reading

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Pascha Sun 28-Nov-21 16:06:03

25° 🥵. I'm slowly dying of heat exhaustion.

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Lipsandlashes Sun 28-Nov-21 16:07:40

Jesus! I’m in a sweat if ours is above 18

EmpressCixi Sun 28-Nov-21 16:08:38

My father is 76 and that is what he has his on. Is your PIL elderly? They do seem to feel cold easier.

DramaAlpaca Sun 28-Nov-21 16:09:29

My 80-something parents like their house that warm as well. It's far too much for me, but they like it and are very lucky they can afford to have it at that temperature. We take summer clothes when we go to visit in winter.

bettybyebye Sun 28-Nov-21 16:28:04

Ha ha are you at my in laws?! There’s is always above 24 - when we go to stay we wear lots of layers and DH and I practically down to vests by the evening grin
They are early-mid 60s and not frail at all so no idea why they like the house as hot as Dante’s inferno!

Itsalmostanaccessory Sun 28-Nov-21 16:30:41

My parents keep their house that hot. Never did it when I was growing up. Thermostat was always around 18. They're definitely feeling the cold more as they age.

Soontobe60 Sun 28-Nov-21 16:32:34

I think your MIL has just started her own thread “AIBU my DIL won’t put the heating up and I’m bloody freezing!”


DowntonCrabby Sun 28-Nov-21 16:32:50

Can you strip down to bra and pants as a hint OP? grin only joking obvs but I’d feel the same, I tend to join the family smoker outside every time they pop out just to cool down a bit when at my relatives.

ShirleyPhallus Sun 28-Nov-21 16:34:30

One Christmas at my grandma’s I was really hot so took off my jumper, she saw me wearing a T-shirt and thought I must be cold so put the heating on even higher. I was absolutely dehydrated by the end I swear

RainbowZebraWarrior Sun 28-Nov-21 16:35:20

I used to treat a lady at home where I'd be doing heavy manual physio work for an hour. Her thermostat was never below 27 degrees. I used to fall out of her house gasping for cool air!

madisonbridges Sun 28-Nov-21 16:35:58

I feel your pain. I have to stay at my mum's (86 with demetia) two days a week. Its like living on the equator. I've got a constant headache and sweat dripping off my nose if I do the slightest bit of housework. I'm forever tweaking the blessed thermostat.

Pascha Sun 28-Nov-21 16:37:12


I think your MIL has just started her own thread “AIBU my DIL won’t put the heating up and I’m bloody freezing!”

😂 My house is at a comfy 19°.

FIL is 70 this weekend. He still works full time as a tradesman. He's not known for sitting around. He just likes to stay warm.

There are 11 of us here and a cold spread going on the table for tea. It's going to be a hot squash around the table that's for sure.

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JenniferAllisonPhillipaSue Sun 28-Nov-21 16:38:30

Visited MIL last week, was absolutely baking in her house. Found her thermostat, she'd got it set to 30!! I turned it down to 18, figured she could turn it up again after we left.

whiskersonkittenss Sun 28-Nov-21 16:39:47

My PIL have it on the same. When I visit I'm sat there with sweat dripping down my face.

GoGoGretaDoll Sun 28-Nov-21 16:40:03

Have you invented time travel and gone back to visit my deceased MIL? I actually fainted there once - combo of extreme heat and her mad air scent spitty out thing.

TodaysFishIsTroutALaCreme Sun 28-Nov-21 16:42:00

Mil used to have hers at 32° God bless her soul. I used to tell quite ill after a time

Wallabyone Sun 28-Nov-21 16:42:13

My in-laws have their house cold 🥶 When I go over, I say ooh, it's a bit chilly and they turn it up for me. I couldn't sit there boiling or freezing and not speak up-there is usually a compromise.

alwayswrighty Sun 28-Nov-21 16:44:26

I have our house at least 21. I've got a chronic illness so feel the cold even if it's mildly nippy. Plus I work from home sitting at a desk all day. Even though I get up and move around and wear bed socks over normal socks and a fleece over a jumper I still feel cold.

SquigglePigs Sun 28-Nov-21 16:46:03

I can sympathize. We had my study and lounge at home at 23/24 most of the week last week because I've got a chest infection and it was the only way to stop me coughing. I was ridiculously warm though so 25 and actually having to do things is pretty warm!

mumwon Sun 28-Nov-21 16:47:14

Opposite - aged us have temp at 20
ds came to stay he turned it up to 24
(put a jumper on ds wearing a tshirt & turning the temp up -grr)
guess what I will be buying him for Christmas!

Spanielsarepainless Sun 28-Nov-21 16:47:38

Ours is about 18.5C. Much above that and I fry. I have to ignore DH who feels the cold. But he can put on an extra layer.

DaisyandSimeon Sun 28-Nov-21 16:48:56

Ours hovers around 20. Sometimes it feels hot (like now) and sometimes it feels cold.

Spectre8 Sun 28-Nov-21 16:50:18

Older people feel the cold more, one day that will be and your kids will be sniggering about you behind your back. Nice!

tiredanddangerous Sun 28-Nov-21 16:52:38

My DPs are the same. We're due to stay with them for a few days over Christmas and I'm already dreading the heat. I have to keep finding reasons to go outside!

TheCreamCaker Sun 28-Nov-21 16:52:41

grin. I'm 62, husband 63, and our heating is permanently on 20-22 at the moment. Just been to our son's house (37) and it was bloody freezing cold there

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