If your boyfriend promised you a nice night away and took you to a premier inn.....

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neettfeet Fri 24-Sep-21 23:14:21

Would you be disappointed?

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dancemom Fri 24-Sep-21 23:15:25

Is there anything else involved in the weekend? Going for dinner or to a show or an event? Or is it just the Premier Inn?

Hawkmoth Fri 24-Sep-21 23:15:55

It would depend what I got for tea and where we went before bedtime.

RosesandPumpkins Fri 24-Sep-21 23:16:32

It depends. Did you go out for dinner? Or have drinks? Was it for sexy time? Or just sleep?
I quite like a premier inn tbf.

notacooldad Fri 24-Sep-21 23:16:37

If premier inn was just the base and it was a good city break I wouldn't be bothered.

DismantledKing Fri 24-Sep-21 23:17:06

Nothing wrong with a Premier Inn

turnthebiglightoff Fri 24-Sep-21 23:17:14

Disappointed / in a murderous rage......

Was the night before the hotel good?


Workinghardeveryday Fri 24-Sep-21 23:17:55

Not particularly as long as it was somewhere to crash after a lovely evening out.

But you know, some men just don’t ‘get it’ when it comes to these things....

Evesgarden Fri 24-Sep-21 23:18:10

Depends how much money he has and what we were doing.

Night out at a gig in another city - wouldn't bother me if we went back to premier inn.

What was the plan?

hashbrownsandwich Fri 24-Sep-21 23:18:15

If it was a full on sheets so dirty afterwards scenario I wouldn't be moaning apart from alll night

FizzyPink Fri 24-Sep-21 23:19:18

Yes but I have high expectations and we typically only stay in very nice hotels.
The only time I would expect a Premier Inn would be an airport hotel the night before a flight.

123rd Fri 24-Sep-21 23:19:40

Need context...as PP have said. If that's the night away then ugh, I'd be a bit peed off but if it was just a base and you had been for dinner and drinks and generally a lovely night, then a premier inn is totally fine IMO

Row1n Fri 24-Sep-21 23:20:43

Id be quite happy, but Im married a long time with older kids who seem to take it in turns to be awake, so Id enjoy the peace and quiet and we'd sneak in a takeaway! Pre kids, I would have been ok with it so long as there was another element to the trip, like dinner and theatre/gig

Theunamedcat Fri 24-Sep-21 23:21:10

Don't they have the expensive mattresses? Mine is shite so I might be happy about it

MorriseysGladioli Fri 24-Sep-21 23:21:14

If I want to be disappointed about stuff, I've a list of far more things than that.

RealhousewifeofBarnardCastle Fri 24-Sep-21 23:21:59

I’d dump him immediately

SleepingStandingUp Fri 24-Sep-21 23:22:22

Well as long as the bed is big enough for two and comfy....

But like the others said, context is everything.

OuiOuiBonjour Fri 24-Sep-21 23:23:15

If thats what he could afford then that would be fine by me. It's the company that counts. Some of my happiest memories are of being young, broke and in love just wandering round a city together wasting time.

DancingintheSpoonlight Fri 24-Sep-21 23:23:36

I'd love a change of scenery...

ftw163532 Fri 24-Sep-21 23:24:31

If it was one of the recently refurbished ones rather than an old tired one, and other activities were planned, I would be fine with that.

If the entire "event" was simply sleeping in a grotty Premier Inn next to a motorway, not so much.

CiaoForNiao Fri 24-Sep-21 23:26:10

Comfy bed and all you can eat breakfast. Perfect. But I'm not fussy grin

bethabean Fri 24-Sep-21 23:26:29

No! I don't mind where we go together as we always have the best time wherever

Imnothereforthedrama Fri 24-Sep-21 23:26:34

No I like the premier inn you get a nice breakfast.

ElizabethinherGermanGarden Fri 24-Sep-21 23:27:50

No. I love a Premier Inn! Better beds than many pricier hotels and so far always a really good standard of cleanliness and comfort.

StarryStarrySocks Fri 24-Sep-21 23:28:08

I love a Premier Inn! I'd be more disappointed if we didn't go to one! grin

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