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When nothing else will do - Mornington Crescent anyone?

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NicolaMarlowsMerlin Thu 15-Oct-20 13:25:40

Feels like we could all do with a robust tournament round about now. May I start?

I know this is cheeky, but I’ll begin with...


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PuddleglumtheMarshWiggle Thu 15-Oct-20 14:35:49

ooohhhh!!! An intriguing start.
Given the current rule of 6 I'm going to play it safe with a sideways move to

Goldhawk Rd

Laska2Meryls Thu 15-Oct-20 14:38:09

Great Idea!

Blackfriars (it needs to be visited )

Auto Thu 15-Oct-20 14:47:17

In that case, it will have to be Edgware Road.

anuffername Thu 15-Oct-20 14:51:45

Pimlico - unless we are using the Mancunian strategy?
In which case...Parsons Green.

Gettingthrough2020 Thu 15-Oct-20 15:08:46


IrenetheQuaint Thu 15-Oct-20 15:10:32

Given the circumstances, I am going to take advantage of the Exceptional Protocol and go for


Figsandcream Thu 15-Oct-20 15:25:12

A little known clause in the Mancunian strategy (which can only be used under the Exceptional Protocol) allows play to jump up to the Tyne and Wear Metro, so I'm going for Pelaw.

JellicleCat Thu 15-Oct-20 15:56:55

Loving the Tyne and Wear Metro version with the tricky junction move, but to continue - Manors.

FairlyOddmother Thu 15-Oct-20 16:59:26

Steering things back to a more conventional footing with the Rumsfeldt manouevre - Elephant and Castle.

NicolaMarlowsMerlin Thu 15-Oct-20 17:39:20

Ah you’ve played Rumsfeldt before I got in there. I think the appropriate response is the Franklin folly - I’m playing Stonebridge Park.

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nosswith Thu 15-Oct-20 18:36:11

I see the northern end of the Bakerloo line being used in the evening peak, the only time it is permitted under the 1972 rules. I shall make use of the London Overground rule and end up at West Hampstead.

PercyKirke Thu 15-Oct-20 19:49:31

I see your West Hampstead and raise you to Harrow-on-the-Hill.

Prokupatuscrakedatus Thu 15-Oct-20 19:52:32

Settling in to watch, like always!

GeorgeMichaelsEspadrille Thu 15-Oct-20 19:53:23

Clearly the fact that London is about to be tier 2 has been missed from some people's strategies.


TheAugury Thu 15-Oct-20 20:02:51

Following the Budd strategy guide: Fairlop

Mycatismadeofstringcheese Thu 15-Oct-20 20:05:43

A potentially controversial move to Parsons Green

Laiste Thu 15-Oct-20 20:06:31

I'm usurping Parsons Green and swerving to Loughton.

Pelleas Thu 15-Oct-20 20:12:38

I'm deploying a little-known finesse to slide to Bayswater.

Quillink Thu 15-Oct-20 20:18:09

I'm invoking the McMullan Perogative: Green Park.

ErrolTheDragon Thu 15-Oct-20 20:22:42

Hmfff.... Lancaster Gate

PsychoSyd Thu 15-Oct-20 20:31:15

The Exceptional Protocol also calls for a double bluff with the jump to the Tyne & Wear Metro with a calling at Monument.

MrsLlewelynBowen Thu 15-Oct-20 20:49:00

It's been a long time since I've played Mornington Crescent! So forgive me if I am a little rusty, I suspect there have been many a rule upgrade in recent months I've not quite been privy to!

If I may play by the old rules of 2010 with the Billingtons Bluff heading to Camden Town and then diverting very quickly with the Wellington Weasling to end up at Southwark via Temple.

DuckonaBike Thu 15-Oct-20 20:50:43

Kensal Green. A daring strategy, I know, but I’m hoping it will pay off.

Pelleas Thu 15-Oct-20 20:55:46

A predictable, but, I hope, solid move to Morden.

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