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What 'main' present are you getting for you 11/12yr old dd?

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FenellaBeauregard Sat 22-Nov-14 21:53:59

DD has stumped us this year by only have little bits on her list (which will be in her stocking) such as pens/notebooks etc.

She has a cheap phone but is happy with that and has a hudl so no tech needed.

She likes fashion design stuff/interior design, drawing, anything arty etc. Not into makeup (though she'd like to be!)/perfume etc yet.

What are you getting your daughters? We can get her lots of bits but as she will get 'bits' in her stocking I was trying to think of one or two bigger surprise presents.


FenellaBeauregard Sun 23-Nov-14 15:11:09

Shameless bump.

QoFE Sun 23-Nov-14 15:13:36

DD is 11.8 and will be getting a Lego 3-in-1 mythical creatures set.

She is also getting a couple of books from series she is into and a pug onesie (by special request, it's fugly as anything but she really really wants it!). Oh and a Joules pony themed bath bomb and flannel set.

Muskey Sun 23-Nov-14 15:13:42

Dd is having a funky chair and desk for her bedroom

surpriseitsme Sun 23-Nov-14 15:13:51

My 13yo wants "stuff" for her bedroom lamps throws etc as shes in grammar school now im debating laptop for homework. Sorry not a lot of help there.

CheckpointCharlie Sun 23-Nov-14 15:15:25

Mine wants cash. But I am making her up a hamper (waitrose are selling a lovely green wooden crate thing) with loads of smellies, books, earrings, DVDs and CDs.

I might get her a popcorn making machine from argos which I saw on here.

So, to answer your question, nothing!!! grin

fivefoottwowitheyesofblue Sun 23-Nov-14 15:17:04

There's 30% off at Jack Wills until the end of the day. Maybe she would like a few bits from there?

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 23-Nov-14 15:18:41


in theory it will be mine so that DS doesn't do the "why-is-she-getting..." (he wants money and vouchers not presents, fair enough)

DD is putting some of her Christmas money towards it, DH and I are paying the rest.
I might be allowed to use it if I can work out how to switch it on blush

mumofthemonsters808 Sun 23-Nov-14 15:20:27

I have a 12 year old DD and the present she has absolutely adored from day one is her instant Polaroid camera.All her friends want one for CHristmas and it goes everywhere with her. it was about seventy quid from Argos. She is getting a KIndle for CHristmas.

SakuraSakura Sun 23-Nov-14 15:24:44

Dd (almost 11) is getting a term of dance class. Instant camera also a brill suggestion and something I've considered too, depending on dance class cost.

Hulababy Sun 23-Nov-14 15:25:21

12y DD is getting some Beats headphones.
We have also got her a faux leather jacket from Hollister as a surprise which she will love. Also so far: 5SOS tshirt, Marvel t shirt, make up, Stitch and Marvel earrings, Batman mug...

FenellaBeauregard Sun 23-Nov-14 15:31:30

I love the idea of the instant camera but the fim is sooooooo expensive! shock

NunoBettencourt Sun 23-Nov-14 15:35:57

We've got tickets to a show as a main present this year for 11yo DD. It's a cirque de soleil type show which we watched on TV and she was transfixed by. Hopefully the not having an actual present to unwrap won't matter. Although I will probably wrap up the ticket with a little printout from the promotional pictures.

Ihatemytoes Sun 23-Nov-14 19:55:41

Dd 13 is getting a bean bag, and a leather is jet as her main pressies this year. Her bday is 2 weeks after Christmas, and she's graffiti g an iPod touch for that.

Ihatemytoes Sun 23-Nov-14 19:57:36

Leather jacket

lucjam Sun 23-Nov-14 20:01:27

DD is 12 in year 8. She is getting gig tickets for the kaiser chiefs, a h and m voucher to get some clothes, she would like Marc Jacobs perfume but I'm not spending ££££ on perfume for a 12 year old so have got her the m and s copy plus lots of bits like lip gloss note books pjs etc.

PopPig Sun 23-Nov-14 20:07:12

Mine only wants 'surprises'! Have got converse boots (complete surprise- hope she'll love them), jewellery box, earrings, roller blades, cluedo board game, box set, calendar and books so far.

Notgoodwithwords Sun 23-Nov-14 20:15:27

My dd also 11 is the same & has everything she needs really.. I've got her a docking station/speakers for her iPhone, nice make up & brushes as requested, hat scarf & glove set, jack wills bus pass holder, & money or vouchers.. If finances allow then a Jack Wills or Superdry hoodie.

Stocking.. Clinique chubby sticks, socks, compact mirror, phone case & chocolates

FourthMary Sun 23-Nov-14 20:20:07

My 11.8 dsd is getting from us, tickets to see shrek the musical, hoping she will love this, picachu hoodie, slanket and bits and bobs like necklace, chocolate shower gel, book etc.

It's a really difficult age to buy for.

vdbfamily Sun 23-Nov-14 20:33:43

Our 11 year old DD wants a sewing machine.

Davros Sun 23-Nov-14 21:28:00

Pricey but my DD loved her Cambridge satchel last year. It was the main present and I was happy it was something that didn't need batteries iyswim

Pagwatch Sun 23-Nov-14 21:30:52

DD is 12
Foo Fighters tickets.
She will lose her mind grin

BreakOutTheKaraoke Sun 23-Nov-14 21:39:49

Laptop this year, and just got her some kickers boots that she will hopefully love- black with sparkly leopard print on.

Lots of clothing bits and accessories this year, unicorn onesie that she will go mad for, matching slippers, couple of tshirts and a fake leather jacket. May also make her up an American sweets hamper too, pound shop has a fair few bits in to use.

FenellaBeauregard Sun 23-Nov-14 21:57:53

Thanks all. I think dd would love bits too but then 'Father Christmas' is going to struggle with a stocking too. Gah. It was easier when she wanted play kitchen or a ninky nonk smile

CleaninQueen Sun 23-Nov-14 22:04:43

DSD (11) will be getting an iPod touch as one of her main presents. Her other main present will be a pair of uggs

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