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3DS games

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nintendovirgin · 11/12/2017 19:28

Can someone help me please? I've looked and looked online and am more confused.

We've bought DS a 2DS for Xmas. I thought it'd be a nice surprise to buy DH one too, so they can play multiplayer games together.

But, how does it work? I know not all games are multiplayer. Some seem to be multiplayer but require each of the players to have the game too. Some seem to linkup. But how do you know this by looking at the box?

I went to Game today, and they told me I'd need to buy two games for them to play mariokart, and that there aren't really any 3DS games you can only buy one copy of for multiplayer. I've seen online that you can share one between two for mariokart, but the two sales assistants both insisted I'd need two copies. Are they right?

Also, what about the Pokemon games? We've bought DS Pokemon Moon - do I need another copy for multiplayer? Street fighter?

So, how can I tell what the deal is, given I'm not sure I trust the shop assistants...

Thank you!

OP posts:
dementedpixie · 11/12/2017 19:35

Pokemon moon box says you need one copy of the software per player.

Mario kart 7 says something about download play but I'd need to look up what that means

WildRosesGrow · 11/12/2017 19:36

I think you need to buy games that say Download Play on the back of the box, in order for multiplay with only 1 copy of the software.

dementedpixie · 11/12/2017 19:41

Ah I was along the right lines then

nintendovirgin · 11/12/2017 19:43

Right, so it's download play then. Thanks.

Game assistant told me 'download play' meant you can link between those who had bought the cartridge and those who had downloaded the game but both had to own the game themselves Confused.

OP posts:
dementedpixie · 11/12/2017 19:45

Its local play that needs 2 games and download play needs just one

nintendovirgin · 11/12/2017 19:46

Excellent. Thanks, very helpful. You guys should work in Game Wink.

OP posts:
dementedpixie · 11/12/2017 19:50

From a 'new super mario bros' game box

3DS games
nintendovirgin · 11/12/2017 20:07

Ok. I now know what to google! Mario Island is rated as a great download play game, so I might get that.

Can anyone shed any light on the Pokemon games. Is the multiplayer any good?

OP posts:
safariboot · 16/12/2017 02:43

Yup, "Single-Card Download Play" is the 'magic words' for multiplayer when only one person has the game. Not all games support it.

Pokemon doesn't, because the whole idea is you train your own Pokemon and then trade or battle them against others.

TheAnswerPrancer · 16/12/2017 10:04


Is the Pokemon multiplayer good enough to justify buying it twice, do you know? And if I've got DS Pokemon Moon, do I get the same for DH? Or would it be better to get him Pokemon Sun?

safariboot · 16/12/2017 20:07

Well if DH wants to play Pokemon he'll really need his own copy, because you can only have one save file on the Pokemon games. And it's more sensible to get the "opposite" version because some Pokemon are in one and not the other so DS and DH can trade to 'catch em all'. And then the multiplayer is relevant.

If DH has no interest in playing Pokemon himself, there's not much point.

WildRosesGrow · 16/12/2017 21:17

Just catching up on this one. I quite fancy buying the 2 Pokemon games for my son and myself now, would be fun to swap different Pokemons between us. Not sure if I can justify an extra Christmas present now though!

TheAnswerPrancer · 17/12/2017 09:21

Thanks. It's all so much clearer now.

I think I'll tell my mum to buy DH Pokemon Sun. She's at a total loss at what to get him anyway, and I think they'll like trading and battling.

Excited for Xmas now!

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