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bought a dress - what do you think about accessories?

48 replies

Tutter · 22/04/2006 12:37

\link{\bought this from hobbs} even though i said i didn't want black.. the spots are ivory.

what do you think - big ivory hat? small hairpiece (snicker - the feathers on a comb variety i mean)?
black or ivory shoes?

or - introduce a colour? red?

OP posts:
cod · 22/04/2006 12:37

i ddo red shoes

collision · 22/04/2006 12:41

Red shoes would look lovely but i wouldnt be so daring and would wear black shoes.

Is it for a wedding because a hat would look fab!

(The woman who owns Hobbs is a cowbag! Yuk! but she does have some nice clothes!)

Tutter · 22/04/2006 12:42

cowbag Grin

yes, for a wedding - fairly swanky i'm guessing

OP posts:
collision · 22/04/2006 12:46

have you thought about hiring a hat? IMO there is no point buying a hat that you prob will not wear again.

Felicity Hat Hire is brilliant and you could get a great hat for about £30 for the day.

In would be a bit funeraly.

ja9 · 22/04/2006 13:22

gorge dress.

i personally wouldn't add colour.

would look stunning with either ivory hat or black feather thingy!! if swanky, i'd go for hat i think...

cod · 22/04/2006 13:24

depends on your hair imo
if you coudl add ar ed flower that woudl look cooelr

ja9 · 22/04/2006 13:26

red shoes, red flower... and a set of castanets to finish it off Wink

cod · 22/04/2006 13:27

oh yeserroney

cod · 22/04/2006 13:28


babyonboard · 22/04/2006 13:29

i'd say jade green shoes and hat/hairpiece would be fab
lovely dress!

arfy · 22/04/2006 13:31

I like the shoes in the picture with the lovely dress. then other green things too maybe

I have bought a lovely hairpiece thing for a wedding in July but have now sentenced myself to an endless search looking for an entire outfit to match it!

collision · 22/04/2006 13:50

what size did you buy it in?

Might need to borrow it for september wedding! Wink

slug · 22/04/2006 14:14

How long is your hair? How about a sparkly scarf? I'm currently into wearing those sparkly scarf-like belts around my head with the ends trailing.

suzywong · 22/04/2006 14:16

that is a beautiful dress

what about black and white chunky acrylic bangles

hell what do I know, I just envy the dress?

collision · 22/04/2006 14:25

I think you should be more classic and stick to high strappy black shoes and a beautiful ivory hat and gold jewellry.

Or no jewellry.

ja9 · 22/04/2006 14:55

i'm with collision

snafu · 22/04/2006 14:57

I would say, no colour - stick to b&w. Will be stunning

Fab black strappy shoes and a big hat - or one of those tufty feather things if you have cheese-slicer cheekbones... Am with Mrs Wong on the black and white jewellery too.

cod · 22/04/2006 14:58

id say goand try on stuff

Tutter · 22/04/2006 15:00

ooh like the idea of jade green accessories and shoes - now that could be an epic search...

or there are accessories in 'hibiscus' (wtf? - pinky red in fact) in hobbs.

but then again i did think 'ivory hat' as soon as i saw the dress.


hair is kind of longer than jaw but shorter than shoulder length. straight. prob not long enough to wear up.

collision - it's a 12. tell you what - you get the shoes and the hat and we've got an outfit between us. size 5 shoes?

OP posts:
Upsadaisy · 22/04/2006 15:02

Anything go's!! try on lots of pieces and see what you like and don't feel to conscious with, have fun with it and tailor it to the occasion.

collision · 22/04/2006 15:05

Am a 14 atm but will be a 12 soon as I am joining WW on wednesday!! Grin Need to lose about 10lbs so I can look fab at BILs wedding in September!

mmmmm an 8!!Blush

Forget the sharing, methinks!

collision · 22/04/2006 15:06

I also think (IMHO) that by adding a colour you could cheapen, what I think, is a beautiful dress.

babyonboard · 22/04/2006 16:28

would be great..though then i'd leave out any other accesories as it'd be too much.

or \link{\these}

ooooooooooor... \link{\these}

Tutter · 22/04/2006 17:45

bob - don't think the colours are right, but quite like the style of the first.

\link{\these} are quite simple but pretty i think. and reduced from £99 to £30 - always a good thing.

would love something like \link{\this} if i could find it in the right colour.

OP posts:
moondog · 22/04/2006 18:05

Tutter,I wouldn't do red shoes as a bit too Minnie Mouse.
Also I think your shoes need to be chunkier-more 1940s style I think.
Acrylic bracelets??? Yuck!
For hair,perhaps a little red headdress and a gash of scarlet lipstick.

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