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Vote for the animal charity you want to win £100,000 donated by Animal Friends!

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EllieMumsnet · 06/11/2018 11:42


Some of you may remember a few weeks ago Mumsnet users voted for The Celia Hammond Animal Trust to be in the final 3 of the Animal Friends £100k Charity Giveaway. Well the time has now come for you to vote in the final and help decide the charity to win the £100,000 donation from Animal Friends.

Please see the final 3 charities below:

Here’s what Animal Friends has to say: “Animal Friends Pet Insurance is a leading UK specialist pet insurance provider offering award-winning cover for dogs, cats and horses. Established in 1998, the company was founded to generate funds for animal charities around the world while providing pet owners with a top-quality pet insurance service. Between the charities they donate to and the pets they cover, Animal Friends Pet Insurance is dedicated to helping animals to thrive.”


We are pleased to announce that Street Vet has won the £100k charity giveaway! However Animal Friends are also going to be donating £25k EACH to both The Celia Hammond Trust and the Bumblebee Conservation Trust! Grin

For more information please click here

Thanks for voting!
Vote for the animal charity you want to win £100,000 donated by Animal Friends!
OP posts:
Wolfiefan · 06/11/2018 11:46

A shameless plea. Please vote for Celia Hammond. An amazing charity supported by our very own TCN. PLEASE. PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE!!!!

UtterlyDesperate · 06/11/2018 16:03

Sorry, Wolfie, but I have just voted for Street Vet: they do hugely important work also, and operate nationally.

SuburbanRhonda · 06/11/2018 17:10

What a shame they can’t just split it three ways. I’m not going to vote for one worthwhile charity against two others.

And if bumblebees die out, everything else will follow, so if I were voting, that’s who I’d choose.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine · 06/11/2018 18:22

I hate these things. It's really shit that the organisation with the pushiest social media / pushiest supporters gets the money.

RrreCansada · 06/11/2018 18:58

It would be nice if we could all stop eating them too. It's a good a place as any to start. The Abbatoir nearest me kills 10,000 chickens every hour,and 6,000 pigs every day. They don't need a charity fighting for them, they just need people to walk past them in the food isle.

Wheretheresawill1 · 06/11/2018 19:21

I would like the money split 3 ways

Tortycat · 06/11/2018 20:45

would also prefer the money to be split. Having said that Ive voted for the bees as a larger environmental cause

AndromedaPerseus · 06/11/2018 22:44

Yes splitting the money 3 ways would provide support for all 3 very worthwhile charities

Mightybanhammer · 06/11/2018 22:46

No. Animal Friends denied me a pay out on completely spurious grounds and my vet was furious. I complained but didn't take to next stage and should have. I would never recommend them to anyone ever.

100k is an interestingly massive charitable donation.

confusedandemployed · 06/11/2018 22:57

Vote cast for Streetvet. I give to them monthly and I think they do amazing work, not that the others don't of course. Streetvet is very close to my heart.

TellMeItsNotTrue · 06/11/2018 23:15

Voted, as with last time, I wish it could be split between all three

Oxfordblue · 06/11/2018 23:36

mightybanhammer is it too late to take to financial ombudsman? That's what we've done.

Perhaps they have £100,000 spare due to all the insurance they don't pay out?! Confused

Oxfordblue · 06/11/2018 23:37

Split 3 Ways please.

Or who needs the money most...I guess Celia Hammond.

Polkasq · 07/11/2018 02:36

I'm with the bees as they are vital for the environment.

The Celia Hammond policy of not putting animals to sleep doesn't seem to be particularly sensible. The animal isn't going to know or be concerned by it.

PhilomenaButterfly · 07/11/2018 04:05


Beautifullydamaged · 07/11/2018 07:26

Celia Hammond please.

fenneltea · 07/11/2018 07:31

Well I've voted for Celia Hammond, they do some fantastic work and cats that are living rough or feral are so often igmored by people because it's 'just a cat'.

Having being involved in rescue I've seen first hand the suffering that these poor animals face, and just how little help there is out there for them.

Thecatneuterer on here has been very supportive and great with advice for many of us, and for that alone I feel her organisation deserves my vote for the many cats (and people!) that have been helped.

Farwah · 07/11/2018 12:07

Voted :)

tableandchairz · 07/11/2018 12:32

Those funds from animal friends are from the claims they never pay out.


NightOwlHoney · 07/11/2018 17:32

No one's voting for the bumblebees 

EmotionallyDestroyed · 07/11/2018 18:42

I'm disgusted in MNHQ clearly favouring Celia Hammond, a charity solely in the south - where MNHQ is based! Funny that!

I voted for StreetVet and so far, they are winning!!

claracluck78 · 07/11/2018 19:00

I've voted for the bees too - once we have a catastrophic decline in bee numbers then everything else will start to fall apart 🐝🐝🐝


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TrashyTerf · 07/11/2018 19:06

I agree that these 3 are equally-worthy charities. The money should be split three ways. 

astoundedgoat · 07/11/2018 19:33

Nobody cares about bees, apparently...

Vote for the animal charity you want to win £100,000 donated by Animal Friends!
SuburbanRhonda · 07/11/2018 22:57

Probably because bees are wild and not domesticated so you can’t have them as cute pets

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