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Trick or treating: love it or loathe it? Please take our super-quick poll - and you could win a prize

95 replies

HelenMumsnet · 17/10/2008 17:01

As Halloween draws scarily nearer, we want to know what you think of trick or treating.

Do you love the whole spooky-wooky, vampire-fanged sweet-fest?

Or do you loathe every doorstep-begging minute of it and wish it had never made it across the Pond?

Please take a couple of secs to fill in our super-quick survey and we'll enter you into this week's competition to win a spine-tingling two-day family visit to the Halloween Scarefest at Alton Towers.

Not that the nature of the prize should influence the way you vote, mind...

You can find the survey here

OP posts:
TheMadHouse · 17/10/2008 17:03

OK done it, but how will you know that it is me there was no box for my e-mail address as ususal?

OhYouBadBadKitten · 17/10/2008 17:05

thats what I thought I'd like a present.

HelenMumsnet · 17/10/2008 17:06

Oops, sorry. We're fixing that right now (thanks for telling us)

OP posts:
RedOnHerBeheadedHead · 17/10/2008 17:07

Can't wait!
I do an apple and a couple of sweets wrapped in black tissue for all the lucky trick or treaters that come here - tied with some black wool so that they look a little like bath bombs!

ooo i can't wait!

Can't wait for pumpkin soup either!

RedOnHerBeheadedHead · 17/10/2008 17:08

ooo - do i need to do it again then?

HelenMumsnet · 17/10/2008 17:19

ok the box for your email address should now be there.

And, yes, you can take the poll again, if you want to be in with a chance of winning the prize

OP posts:
SharpMolarBear · 17/10/2008 17:19

I love everything about it - it's my birthday!

HelenMumsnet · 17/10/2008 17:20

What, Halloween or today, Stealth?

OP posts:
HelenMumsnet · 17/10/2008 17:21

sorry that was to SharpMolarBear, not Stealth

OP posts:
SharpMolarBear · 17/10/2008 17:24

Happy to be either, Halloween names are confusing me!
Yes, birthday on Halloween [scary]

BoysAreLikeZombies · 17/10/2008 17:31

Awww I did the survey earlier but there was no box for my email address and now it won't let me do it again.


laughalot · 17/10/2008 17:32


HelenMumsnet · 17/10/2008 17:35

Oh dear, BoysAreLikeZombies

Right, anyone who has filled in the survey but didn't get the box to put their email address in can email our comps guru Alexia ([email protected]) and she'll put your name in the big-prize-choosing hat

OP posts:
SharpMolarBear · 17/10/2008 17:36

It's a FIX

Tortington · 17/10/2008 17:39


i love it, but we live near old people now - i doubt muchly we get any children this year

BoysAreLikeZombies · 17/10/2008 17:41

Cor, that's great, have emailed Alexia

Thank you v much

scrappydappydoo · 17/10/2008 17:44

Just because I'm in this kind of mood today -
I loathe trick or treating because I loathe halloween so why would I fill in survey to say I hated trick or treating only to be (potentially) 'rewarded' with a prize involving guess what?? Halloween

LackaDAISYcal · 17/10/2008 17:56

it originated in Scotland apparently...was taken to America by Scottish immigrants, grotesquely commercialised and then imported back to us!

hate trick or treating, but loved the "guising" I used to do as a wean in Scotland.

Flightattendant2 · 17/10/2008 17:58

I hate it because I live alone and we used to get loads of idiot teens coming round and laughing at me. I had enough of that in secondary school thanks.

However I like daylight Halloween stuff, just not people knocking at the door iyswim.

CaptainKarvol · 17/10/2008 18:10

All we ever get is the idiot teens, and I find it intimidating. I think I might love it if it was cute little children all dressed up, but not teens in black balaclavas. Seriously eeugh.

GreenMonkies · 17/10/2008 18:11

I'm with LackaDAISYcal,

I love Halloween and 'guising, but hate trick or treat. No sweets are given out to those who knock at my door unless they are dressed up (not just a hoody and a crappy mask, at least a bin liner with holes for arms etc!) and tell me a joke/sing a song etc. I refuse to bow to the blackmail that is trick or trear, I see it as "give us some sweets/money or we'll vandalise your property" Not playing that I'm afriad!

TheWheelsOnTheBusHaveFallenOff · 17/10/2008 18:15

round here it is an excuse for teens to knock on the door and demand money with menances. hate it, put the lights off and pretend I'm out.

used to live in Bermuda which does it US style and there it is lovely - everyone gets into it, you have lots of treats at home and people go round the neighbourhood, most make a big effort and it is really brilliant for ages 2-12 mainly though a few older kids join in and parents make an effort too. and the costumes are whatever you want - not gory stuff but fairies, pirates, fancy dress in general. we need RULES on how to do it "properly" here!

LackaDAISYcal · 17/10/2008 18:24

our guising was general fancy dress as well, and we used to recite poems or jokes, sing a song, or do a magic trick. We used to plan and practice our "turn" for weeks beforehand. Loads of kids out and about in home made costumes on the night and a real sense of community.

JodieO · 17/10/2008 18:24

I love it here. All the children dress up and even the older ones/teens also dress up and are very polite. They all make an effort. I'm taking mine out again this year as well as last year was lovely.

zaphod · 17/10/2008 18:35

I love it, but we don't get teens knocking on the door, just small kids and their older sisters and brothers or parents. I would loathe it if it involved threatening youths in hoodies.

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