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Trick or treating: love it or loathe it? Please take our super-quick poll - and you could win a prize

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HelenMumsnet · 17/10/2008 17:01

As Halloween draws scarily nearer, we want to know what you think of trick or treating.

Do you love the whole spooky-wooky, vampire-fanged sweet-fest?

Or do you loathe every doorstep-begging minute of it and wish it had never made it across the Pond?

Please take a couple of secs to fill in our super-quick survey and we'll enter you into this week's competition to win a spine-tingling two-day family visit to the Halloween Scarefest at Alton Towers.

Not that the nature of the prize should influence the way you vote, mind...

You can find the survey here

OP posts:
Wordsmith · 20/10/2008 07:55

Dislike it - hate it when yobby teenagers come up demanding sweets, and don't like little ones coming round door to door either, whether with parents or not. I feel steamrollered into it though and finding it harder to resist. When I tell other parents on the playground that no, my DSs won't go trick or treating, they look at me as though I'm some sort of weirdo. (A bit like they do when I tell them they're not getting a Nintendo DS as well).

So...why would I do a survey where the prize was a trip to a Halloween Fest? Somehow I thinking you're going to have a lot of 'love it' answers on the survey, so why not just do a prize draw instead? Or am I being cynical?

ClosedForCleaning · 20/10/2008 10:21

Just doesn't feel a part of my childhood - lacks provenance doncha know. Should be pennies for the Guy at that time of year. Now, meddling with pyrotechnics - that's proper seasonal fayre.

scaryboo · 20/10/2008 10:40

I like it but it doesn't feel right in europe. I was born in Canada & adored the whole halloween thing as a child (and my b'day is the day before so it was all a big deal! (wink). I know the whole concept has changed, even in nth america & seems dangerous now but definitely out of place over here.

sleepycatonabroomstick · 20/10/2008 12:03

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Peachy · 20/10/2008 12:04

Maybe its just where I grew up (just south of back of beyond) but I trick or treated as a child- I am 35 now (no that must be wrong, 23 surely? )

So i don't feel i can prevent the boys but if they went (fortunately we're out this year) we would just do what the other shcoolkids do and keep to local famillies we know

I do the pumpkin thing to let kids know we're coming. We do get kids- mum gets th teens and tells them to bog off and come back in a costume

haggisaggis · 20/10/2008 12:21

I like it - but round us although they now call it "trick or treating" it's still "gusiing" and the kids all do something to earn their treat. (sing a song, read a poem or tell a joke)

Housemum · 20/10/2008 13:06

I love Hallowe'en, even in an American kind of way. But we are v lucky in that we live in a close with lots of kids, so we basically are going to the houses of people we know - we don't knock on doors without Hallowe'en decorations up. The local paper prints a cut-out "please no trick-or-treating here" sign too, my mum puts one on her door as she lives on her own and doesn't want to be bothered at night.

It is just begging for sweets, but if you are taking part you've probably got kids so it's tit-for-tat. And I don't mind teenagers coming round - they are only getting kiddie sweets, and if they want to come round (so long as they have bothered to dress up) then that's fine. The only thing I object to is the "trick" which I see as just vandalism nothing to do with Hallowe'en where yobs chuck eggs and flour at houses & cars (the local supermarkets refuse to sell flour/eggs to under 18's round here from now until Hallowe'en)

prettybird · 20/10/2008 13:08

Yes - we also still expect them to do something in return for their goodies - and they all do, even if one or two need a little encouragement!

Bu we've never really suffered from any "trickers" nor any scrounging teenagers - maybe 'cos we still have the basic tradition of "guising".

Lizzzombie · 20/10/2008 13:38

I don't mind the trick or treating bit too much, but what completely baffles me is that a parent would let their children knock on strangers doors and eat the sweets they give them. We had 3 trick or treaters last year, and I knew none of them, and I knew none of their parents.
I'd personally not let my child eat sweets etc given to them by a total stranger.

Iklboo · 20/10/2008 14:02

I don't really like it cos round our way we get the gangs of 15-19 yr olds with a cheap mask on banking on your door. And they don't want sweets either. And since our car is parked on the road right outside our house......
BUT DS wants to dress up and go (he'll ne nearly 3) with CM's older two children cos he made a bloody fortune last year and practically his own weight in sweets

KarenInKenley · 20/10/2008 14:05

I hate it, would prefer to keep the house lights down and ignore the doorbell, but my husband is so worried that they might scratch the car in retaliation that he insists we buy a big box of sweets for them!

Still I enjoy the remains of the box of sweets if we are fortunate enough not to have too many kids come to the door.

whispywhisp · 20/10/2008 14:23

What I hate is when you get persistent groups of kids...they knock once, they knock four times. They won't have it that we choose not to answer our door. I've even heard kids say 'they are in, I can see a light on'. I see it as an invasion of privacy...if we don't answer the first time then bugger off and go bother someone else! By this time my dog is going crazy, my youngest (4yo) is hiding behind the sofa and I'm getting very fed up!

Hulababy · 20/10/2008 20:06


I have no problem with it when it is little chi;dre, supervised by adults, and it is earlish on in the evening.

Do't like it when it is older children/teens later on in the evening. We tend to stop answering by that stage.

WhizzzingAroundOnABroomstick · 20/10/2008 20:12

sorry but a bit of a duff poll with only 2 options (I won't win now will I!)

I like it if kids are polite & make an effort to dress up. I loathe it if big kids just stand there with their hand outstretched & continue to knock on the door until late in the evening.

Housemum · 20/10/2008 20:38

Whispy - have you tried putting a sign up? "Don't knock - child sleeping" or something?

skyatnight · 21/10/2008 10:14

I don't like it. Too American, commercial, comsumer-orientated, bad-mannered grasping children just after sweets, no imagination put into tricks, etc.. I prefer what we used to do as children: Halloween parties, candles in jam-jars, bobbing for apples, spooky- or gruesome-themed games. Dressing-up is fun but, as the mum is the one who has to sort out the costume and doesn't always have time, the temptation is to buy something - more commercialism.

whispywhisp · 21/10/2008 11:43

Housemum...yes I did that when DD2 was about 2yrs old....but it was ignored..either that or those that knocked couldn't read. There was a time when my kids would beg me to let them dress up and go out with their mates and go knocking. Now they're not the slightest bit interested. I very much doubt if you asked all those that dress up and knock what the actual meaning is of halloween they'd all shrug their shoulders. In fact even I don't know (shame on me!) but DH seems to know all about it, being the one with the historical brains in this house!

ludaloo · 21/10/2008 14:40

I LOVE Halloween

We have friends over with their kids (about 10 kids in total) and have a halloween buffet type dinner and halloween games (apple bobbing, scary lucky dip etc)
Then we all go tick or treating...we live in a fairly friendly village so everyone knows everyone, and who's house is happy to have trick or treaters visit, and who's to not go to. TBH there are so many families with young children who all get involved there are plenty of doors to knock on without the worry of upsetting anyone.

Its Great!

LetMeEatCake · 21/10/2008 14:41

I am the ultimate halloween hypocrite - I like going trick or treating, but I cannot bear them coming to the door, usually just a few teenagers wearing a scream mask and black tracksuit just sod off. It should have a trick or treating age limit of 10.

Blu · 21/10/2008 14:45

I love Hallowen, but NOT TorTr.

But we will be out doing it - harrassing people, and begging! Lambeth supply a notice to put in your wondow if you don't want to be disturbed.

A couple of years ago I had decorated our house for a little Halloween party for DS, and had Old Religious Ladies in Hats praying and singing hymns on the doorstep, and begging me not to go in the way of satan. I didn't feel i could be anything other than most polite, since we would be making a noise on people's doorsteps later!

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