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Free Breast pads from Lasinoh

10 replies

Rachel (mumsnet) · 24/03/2005 21:30

We wanted to let you know that Lansinoh are offering free breast pads to all mumsnet members. The disposable ultra thin breast pads are convenient, easy-to-use and extremely discreet. The pad benefits from the latest polymer technology which successfully absorbs moisture and incorporates a breathable leak proof outer layer.

For a free trial click here and quote reference BPSAM18E

OP posts:

jamiesam · 24/03/2005 21:35

Thanks but... um... wasn't sure where to quote reference?


phatcat · 24/03/2005 21:37

excellent - thanks Rachel - very timely (for me)


miffy2 · 24/03/2005 22:01

...and they are really good too. I have been using them for a month or so as I found Thermobaby (very similar) hard to get, and more expensive.


Yorkiegirl · 24/03/2005 22:04

Message withdrawn


popsycal · 25/03/2005 11:58

i didnt have to quote ref no tho


Carriemumsnet · 29/03/2005 11:10

Hi all - Just bumping this.

The free giveaway is part of an ad campaign Lanisonah are running on the Breast and bottlefeeding sections of Talk. Surprisingly Lansinoh hadn't had a huge take up on the freebies so we thought we'd highlight it - you know we hate to see a freebie go to waste! So if you're pregnant and thinking of breastfeeding, are breastfeeding or know anyone who is just click here and quote ref BPSAM18E

If you look on the Pregnancy section there's another freebie giveaway for some pregnancy vitamin supplements ... just in case you hadn't seen it. Both campaigns will probably be stopping this week, so click soon


Lolasmum · 29/03/2005 13:17

Thanks for this. Can't find the vitams though....


Lolasmum · 29/03/2005 13:18

Whoops - should read vitamins!


dabihp · 13/05/2005 18:53

broken link!


dabihp · 13/05/2005 19:29

oh no, its working now

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