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Can i keep my title and surname after marriage

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butterfly92 · 29/12/2016 00:52

After marriage can I still keep my title as miss and also keep my maiden surname? I dont want to change either of them i still want to be referred to as miss (my last name).

OP posts:
anonyAnonymouse · 30/12/2016 11:34

I'm not sure how it works for civil partnerships, I presume as legally they are very new compared to the law for marriage that it might be more equal.
I don't have any links. I know the information about marriage name change as this is what the registrar informed us , and my now STBXH having to go through name change at the time before the actual marriage as it couldn't be done as part of the actual legal marriage (unlike if he was the woman). He did it just before then had to put on the marriage certificate " Mr X Anonymouse (previously know as Mr X Other)"

In my case I wish STBXH didn't have my name now, but that's for a different thread Hmm

soupmaker · 30/12/2016 13:13

Mistress how exactly is the banking problem solved by closing down an account in my name and opening another? You can't open up a bank account without copious amounts of ID these days. There was no way the bank in which we have had a joint account for bloody years would accept a cheque written out to 'Mr & Mrs DH's lastname' even with me waving our marriage certificate at them. Bloody patriarchy.

MistresssIggi · 30/12/2016 13:39

I thought it was the bank not accepting the title change that was the problem - the can't not accept a title on a new account without ID, a title isn't part of your identity in way that name is.
I brought a copy of my marriage certificate in to the bank, they copied it and put a note on my file so that when I get the odd cheque to my (theoretical) married name I can still pay it in.

soupmaker · 30/12/2016 13:43

My bank wasn't having any of it Mistress. Had to change my name on the account or no pay-in. Yours sounds much more 21st century.

MistresssIggi · 30/12/2016 13:49

Bank of Scotland. It just seems madness to annoy your customers in this way!

Kr1stina · 30/12/2016 15:03

Ive had a few cheques from a very elderly relative written to Kristina HisSurname , for the children's Christmas . My bank will let me pay them in as they've a copy of my marriage certificate on file. Well done HSBC.

If it had been anyone else except this 90 yo uncle I would have politely explained that I couldn't cash it as it wasn't my name. I think most people understand that you have to have the correct name on a crossed cheque.

Kr1stina · 30/12/2016 15:09

And while we are on the subject of pointless bloody bureaucracy and bloody mindedness at banks....

I'd like to give a big shout out to the Nationwide < waves >

Who wouldn't change the name on the children's saving account of my adopted daughter, even though I had an adoption certificate ( effectively her new birth certificate ) and passport .

Because apparently they only accept marriage certificates and deed polls as proof of change of name . Oh and they also wanted a utility bill or council tax bill in HER name ( she was 8 years old) .

Problem solved by closing the account. And those of her 4 siblings.

Boolovessulley · 30/12/2016 15:42


RaspberryOverloadTheFirst · 30/12/2016 16:11

And yet, I went into my bank (Nat West) and changed my title with absolutely no trouble at all. No certificate required, just presented my bank card as proof of ID and it was done there and then. I have had some issues with this bank, but they got this bit right.

Blu · 31/12/2016 10:49

Op: in the U.K. you can also give your children the surname of your choice: your name, other parent's name, both, a blended name or a new name.

EdithSitwell · 31/12/2016 10:59

I use both maiden name and married name. Married name professionally, maiden name in every other area of my life. No problems.

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