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How much will a new bathroom cost me? (clueless)

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wherenow · 09/08/2009 20:52

Am trying to decide whether to re-vamp my bathroom (again) or bite the bullet and pay to have a new one.

Realistically, how cheap would I be able to do it for?
I need a new suite, shower, tiles, flooring and fitting!

Any ideas/advice would be great.

Thank you

OP posts:
llareggub · 09/08/2009 20:54

ooh, I need to know this too.

elvislives · 09/08/2009 21:13

Take your first estimate and double it

The suite is easy enough to price up. Just check B&Q, Homebase or Wickes websites. Tiles cost a bomb, as do showers. Power showers have to be plumbed in by a professional so that adds to the cost.

Flooring you can do for about £100 depending on the size of the room.

What really racks up the bill is the extras. Taps, plugs, pipework all come to more than you'd expect.

I think ours cost £2k but I lost count . DH did it all so it took forever and we only have a gravity feed shower.

We had Dolphin out. They quoted us £40k

themoon66 · 09/08/2009 21:16

£40,000 ? Really?? Jeez.

elvislives · 09/08/2009 21:18

Wickes offers

Homebase offers

wherenow · 09/08/2009 21:23

Oh my god, £40k- that is crazy money!
I've got a 2 bed terraced!
£2k sounds great but unfortunatly no handy husband so will have to pay someone to fit, tile etc.
Just cant decide if it's really worth spending all that money or making do with what I've got.
Decisions, decisions!
Thanks for replying

OP posts:
nymphadora · 09/08/2009 21:24

Dp has a flat he rents out and has just been quoted 3k for everything for a basic one. We paid about 4 k for our fancy one but did the labouring ourselves.

Earlybird · 09/08/2009 21:24

I had two bathrooms re-done 3 years ago for £9K which included new suites (shower in one and bath in other), shower doors, tiles, flooring, glass shelves with brackets, towel rails, hooks, loo roll holders, taps, underfloor heating, lighting, extraction fans, and labour (demolish/remove old suites/tiles/flooring, and fit/finish new).

Earlybird · 09/08/2009 21:25

And, I was told by mates I got a bargain.

FiveGoMadInDorset · 09/08/2009 21:28

We did 3 bathrooms for £10K, local buidler and sourced and bought all the bits that we needed. We are doing our own bathrom this year and have found a roll top bath, loo, cistern, sink and victorian style radiator/towel heater for £700, all we are doing is ripping out old stuff, sanding and revarnishing floor, replastering and painting so should be no more than 1K

trixymalixy · 09/08/2009 21:29

3k for something fairly basic.

HerHonesty · 09/08/2009 21:31

reckon you could do it for 2k.

PavlovtheForgetfulCat · 09/08/2009 21:32

new bathroom for us, just suite (bath/headrest toilet/cistern/seat, basin and pedestal, mixer tap on basin, shower mixer tap on bath) plus repainting, new upvc shelf, and blinds (no new tiles, or towel rail which we already had, or flooring) - cost around £1500 including fitting.

(we did not actually pay that amount as it was an insurance claim).

So I reckon, double it?

PavlovtheForgetfulCat · 09/08/2009 21:33

but we did go for a very nice bath indeed, lovely european depth, headrest, longer length, ooooooh I might even have a bath right now!

Fleecy · 09/08/2009 21:36

We spent £3k on ours

£1,500 on double-ended extra-large bath, shower, tray and enclosure, loo, basin, taps, waste, flooring and tiles for full height tiling. Really shopped around to get it all for that and ended up with everything from different places.

Cost another £1,500 to have the old suite taken out and the new one put in, including tiling.

Hope that helps.

Katisha · 09/08/2009 21:39

If you aren't doing any of it yourself I reckon at least £5k.

Earlybird · 09/08/2009 21:41

Oh - also had bathroom walls painted (where not tiled obviously!).

makedoandmend · 09/08/2009 21:56

Ours cost just over £2k and we sorted the buying of it all in three weeks (and I'm usually crap at getting bargains).

We shopped around for a plain bathroom set - and got a nice, classic one for £199 in the B&Q sale. We then looked at the tiles - thought they were extortionate and started looking at the ones on sale (only a few boxes left) in places like B&Q, Homebase. Got exactly the same plain white 'brick' ones we were looking at previously for about £30 total. Then we found a couple of boxes of some we really liked for £2 a box - not enough to do a room but just enough to do a shower enclosure.

The shower enclosure came from the internet (new) - for, I think, £210 (it was huge and square and plain - really lovely)

The flooring was a gamble - we managed to get one the store were selling off - end of line - but looked great when down - for about £100 (and it was a big bathroom).

This meant we could splash out on some expensive bathroom wallpaper which was extortionate

Labour came to £1500 through a recommendation.

Then we decided to move, the bathroom basically sold the house (everyone loved it), and now I have a tiny, poxy, horrible one

DaisymooSteiner · 09/08/2009 22:44

We will have spent about £2700 on ours including big double ended extra wide bath, nice fitted units for basin and toilet, gorgeous taps, digital shower (over bath so no shower enclosure), shower screen, towel radiator, tiles, tiling, vinyl flooring. Labour (plumbing work, tiling and flooring) was about £900 - the only thing we did ourselves was paint it and put up the mirror and toilet roll holder! Our plumber sourced all the sanitaryware for us and gave them to us at trade prices.

Brightonsbathrooms · 24/06/2019 23:27

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

AwkwardPaws27 · 25/06/2019 08:50

Brightonsbathrooms this is a ten year old thread. The OP is probably sorted!

WBWIFE · 26/06/2019 00:02

For the bathroom suite which includes

Large free standing bath
Large walk in shower
Vanity unit
Taps and shower
Towel rail

We paid £1600. It could have been cheaper if we wanted but I wanted black matt taps and shower rail etc.

DH is fitting as a plumber, but hed charge around 1k labour fitting for that.

My FIL can tile so hes doing our tiling.

WBWIFE · 26/06/2019 00:03

Ah sorry didnt seeing was an old thread!

Neet90 · 26/06/2019 23:06

We paid £4k. We had awful tradesmen and the process was awful and the finished product is disappointing.

Scholesfan · 28/06/2019 02:39

We paid £2.5k which included removal of all old bathroom. New bath, over head shower, toilet, sink, LED mirror, extractor fan, wall and floor tiles. All fitting included, also removed radiator and installed a chrome towel rail for us that we bought separately.

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