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Drinking in pregnancy

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theheatherjane1 · 05/02/2017 19:23

Do you? The odd cheeky one? Nothing at all?
I haven't, but some days, oh some days, the only thing standing between me and a delicious glass of booze is that there's sod all in the house.

OP posts:
Charlieislovely · 08/02/2017 19:49

Christmas I had a couple of mimosas, and at parties/birthdays I'll have a glass of wine, and I will enjoy it.

Like many others have said on here, there is no evidence that one drink a week causes certain illnesses/diseases.

Many moons ago women would drink whatever they wanted whilst pregnant and most had very healthy, happy babies! Not to mention all the other countries who are so laid back about it.

However, I am not saying it's ok to drink to your hearts content. Just a little tipple will do me!

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