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Drinking in pregnancy

126 replies

theheatherjane1 · 05/02/2017 19:23

Do you? The odd cheeky one? Nothing at all?
I haven't, but some days, oh some days, the only thing standing between me and a delicious glass of booze is that there's sod all in the house.

OP posts:
CharminglyGawky · 05/02/2017 20:28

I had a small glass of champagne on Christmas Day and a small glass of Buck's Fizz on Boxing Day. I was 37 weeks at that point and it was the only alcohol I had during pregnancy. I don't drink much anyway and actually didn't even drink anything before I knew either!

BeingATwatItsABingThing · 05/02/2017 20:28

The risk of drinking alcohol during pregnancy is not a new thing.

I would not take the chance with any DC of mine. Some say the odd one won't hurt but that's not my stance on it. But again, I barely drink anyway so it's not a hardship for me.

NickyEds · 05/02/2017 20:29

I didn't drink during either of my pregnancies, although I had quite a big night out before I knew with ds. I was very worried about it but the mw said it's very common. I wouldn't worry about the odd glass of wine but Tbh I would rarely have just one small glass of wine when not pregnant so no need to start! I put a fair amount away whilst bf though.

Checkthisout · 05/02/2017 20:32

What risk would there be having just 1 cigarette??

Small risk, yet I won't smoke or drink until my baby arrives

DontBuyANewMumCashmere · 05/02/2017 20:37

I didn't have anything to drink in the first half of my first pregnancy, and I think in the last tri I had maybe a small glass of wine, once a week, with a meal.
I read a lot into it and there is no evidence of any harm caused by this low level of alcohol consumption.

badg3r · 05/02/2017 20:38

I have the odd sip of DH's to try if it's something that sounds nice (fancy wine, whisky, cocktail), probably about 2-3 times a month. I am a complete lightweight since my first DC though, so after a whole glass of wine would already feel quite tipsy Wink

peppatax · 05/02/2017 20:39

Just out of interest - I don't want to start a bunfight - do the people that think that drinking anything is an absolute no-no as strict on everything else they could do or not do during pregnancy?

FearTheLiving · 05/02/2017 20:41

I didn't drink or smoke at all during pregnancy. Don't really see why anyone would.

EmeraldIsland · 05/02/2017 20:42

Currently 26 weeks with dc3 and i'm a sip-stealer from dh.

He has a drink probably once a week - a couple of pints of larger and lime or a couple of glasses of wine. I have one sip out of his drinks which I thoroughly enjoy Grin (and thankfully he doesn't mind).

GinIsIn · 05/02/2017 20:42

I had half a glass of champagne at a hen do, half a glass at a wedding and half a glass at Christmas, and I think I had half a glass out at dinner once. I didn't manage to finish that half glass any time I ordered it though - my body clearly didn't want it so I didn't bother drinking it. Baby due any day though so am very much looking forward to a drink or two!!

ApocalypseNowt · 05/02/2017 20:45

I had Guinness most weeks to be fair. A glass of wine or fizz if i was at a party.

MummyPenguin2 · 05/02/2017 20:45

Nothing since I saw the 2 blue lines (but did before I knew I was pregnant). I would love a wine or 2 (especially over Christmas to help deal with MIL), but 9 months without alcohol isn't much of a sacrifice to me. I wouldn't enjoy it knowing it passes to the baby.

jujubeanz · 05/02/2017 20:48

Oh god here we go.

kel1234 · 05/02/2017 20:50

I did. A small glass of wine topped up with lemonade. A very small spirit and mixer.
Not because i was desperate, because I enjoy a drink.

kel1234 · 05/02/2017 20:51

Oh and I had champagne on my wedding day. I'm not ashamed of drinking during my pregnancy and will probably drink when I'm expecting my second baby.
Judge if you will but it's my choice

Sipperskipper · 05/02/2017 20:52

A glass of wine or beer whenever I really fancy it, which isn't that often. (Once every couple of weeks or so.) Enjoyed the odd Bailey's and Snowball over Christmas too!

There is no evidence that light drinking is harmful.

EssentialHummus · 05/02/2017 20:52

No, no desire to. But I spent the first month in Japan eating sushi and diving into hot springs.

FallenSkies · 05/02/2017 20:54

Once the sickness subsided I would have a small glass of wine a week. Usually on a Friday. I'm not ashamed of it and I discussed it with my doctor who didn't mind. I would drink it because I enjoyed it, not because I needed it.

welshweasel · 05/02/2017 20:55

Didn't feel much like it during first trimester. After that I had a glass of wine once or twice a week. I did my research and it was something I was completely happy doing. I didn't eat rare meat, eat uncooked soft cheese or pate. I gave up running after having a first trimester bleed and cycling in the second trimester when my centre of gravity started to shift. I didn't go skiing.

It's all about understanding the evidence and the actual level of risk. If things hadn't worked out I wouldn't have blamed the alcohol. Couldn't have lived with myself if I'd contracted toxoplasmosis or had a miscarriage following falling off my bike. Each to their own.

BeingATwatItsABingThing · 05/02/2017 20:56

Yes, I avoided all the things I could/should whilst pregnant.

Samatamfabahaba · 05/02/2017 20:59

I didn't at all in the first trimester, but mostly cos I totally and utterly went off it. I have since though, maybe a glass a week? Not just sitting at home watching tv, but with a meal in a restaurant. I enjoy it.

seven201 · 05/02/2017 20:59

I probably had one small glass of wine a week. Some other countries are a lot more relaxed about it.

Samatamfabahaba · 05/02/2017 21:00

Snap Welsh.

lemureyes · 05/02/2017 21:00

Rather not risk it. Will have been drink free for a year on day after my wedding anniversary (didn't really drink anyway)

YorkieDorkie · 05/02/2017 21:01

Had the odd sip of someone's drink (if it was new/exciting - not just any old drink!) and a glass of prosecco at Christmas and new year when DD was about 37-38 weeks. I'm not a big drinker anyway, I typically have a glass of wine once a month. I'm very dull that way. Grin

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