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Need support in remaining in UK with my family. Can you help?

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englishgarden370 · 10/10/2015 23:31

Hi Everyone,

I am an American citizen. My husband and two children are British citizens. I am having to make an application for Leave to Remain in the UK with them and as a precautionary measurement I have started a petition to aid in my application to remain in them. It used to be that anyone who married a British citizen had the right to stay in the country with them but so many immigrants have taken advantage in the past just to gain citizenship that the government has made it much more complicated and expensive now. My three year old son had autism and Sensory Integration Disorder. I am everything to him and my family is my whole world. If any of you could possibly take a second to read my petition and if you were happy to sign it, in support of my application to remain with them, I would be extremely grateful!

Thank you so much for your consideration!

Need support in remaining in UK with my family. Can you help?
OP posts:
MissFitt68 · 10/10/2015 23:35

This is chat!? Not 'petitions'

GiddyOnZackHunt · 10/10/2015 23:40

I don't understand. You met in the UK five years ago, have married and had children and only now are you applying for residence? What's been the basis of your stay in the UK until now? Why do you think you need to be made an exception of rather than relying on due process?

Tiggeryoubastard · 10/10/2015 23:44

Ffs. Just shows how little you know of Britain if you think a petition will help. And this is not the place for it.

englishgarden370 · 10/10/2015 23:46

I have had to travel back and forth on a visitors visa until now and as our family is on low income we don't really meet the financial requirement for me to stay, despite the fact that we have managed to do alright until now. I really don't feel that families should be separated based on finances and my children are well looked after. I feel like if my life is going to be in the hands of strangers I could probably use the support of a few strangers as well.

OP posts:
StormBraver · 10/10/2015 23:46

Also confused about why you felt the need to start a petition and two threads about this. I don't think it will have any influence on the Home Office's decision. But good luck.

englishgarden370 · 10/10/2015 23:47

Petitions help people all the time with immigration issues. Have a look or speak with an immigration solicitor. I am willing to do anything to try to stay with my children, as any mother would. It can't hurt to try.

OP posts:
englishgarden370 · 10/10/2015 23:48

The second thread was an accident, my apologies.

OP posts:
BubsandMoo · 10/10/2015 23:48

Why do you think your ILR will not be granted, and why do you think a random online petition will change that?

ihavenonameonhere · 10/10/2015 23:50

It will come down to whether he meets the financial requirements or not surely.

I know it's hard for individuals but as a country we decided that we could only take spouses in where the British partner earnt enough to look after the other one financially

MissFitt68 · 10/10/2015 23:50

Hmm guessing there's more to this than you say tho

LunchpackOfNotreDame · 10/10/2015 23:50

Confused also as to why you've left it 5 years to apply?

A petition will do diddly if you're not going to follow due process

englishgarden370 · 10/10/2015 23:51

As above, my family doesn't really meet the financial requirement. Lots of people have found success in immigration related cases with online petitions. Can't hurt to try. My family is my life.

OP posts:
Tiggeryoubastard · 10/10/2015 23:51

Shouldn't you have got things in order before having a family and settling here if its so important to you? And frankly, if you don't fit the criteria other people are expected to, why should you be given special treatment?

LunchpackOfNotreDame · 10/10/2015 23:52

I presume for similar reasons to the difficulties you're having to stay here is why you won't chance your husband and children moving to the states with you?

ihavenonameonhere · 10/10/2015 23:52

Surely your partner needs to be looking for a new job where he can meet the requirements. Does he work full time?

englishgarden370 · 10/10/2015 23:53

Thanks for the support everyone. Sorry I'm new here so I see I'm not part of your cool club yet. As we are all mothers, surely you can understand the crisis I'm facing but as none of you seem interested I don't know why you've bothered to comment in the first place. Don't worry about it.

OP posts:
Bogeyface · 10/10/2015 23:54

Right now, you need to follow the process. If you are not granted leave to remain then there is an appeal that you can go through, that, if anything is the time to start campaigning.

Doing it now will not help and may actually go against you.

You have not been told to leave, you are not being threatened with deportation. Dont prejudice your case before it has even started.

My advice to you would be to take down your petition, and follow the correct procedures and see what happens. Later down the line it may be appropriate to campaign, but right it really isnt and could make things worse.

Do you realise that by drawing attention to yourself in this way you will face MORE investigations, not less? A woman married to a citizen with 2 children who are citizens is not going face as much interest as a woman who makes a huge fuss about remaining here when no one has, as yet, asked her to leave.

LunchpackOfNotreDame · 10/10/2015 23:54

Can understand why it's causing your stress and grief yes but it is stress and grief of your own making

englishgarden370 · 10/10/2015 23:55

I really don't think any child should grow up without a mother because of money but it's sad to see so many of you do. It must be nice being wealthy. If you had taken the time to read my petition you would see I give back to my UK community through volunteer work but I suppose that doesn't make me anything special either.

OP posts:
Bogeyface · 10/10/2015 23:55

right now it really isnt...

LunchpackOfNotreDame · 10/10/2015 23:56

Would that hold water with immigration authorities in the US?

MissFitt68 · 10/10/2015 23:56

Oh I see. What does your DH say about it? You really would have to leave the uk? Ridiculous if so

englishgarden370 · 10/10/2015 23:56

The petition was the idea of my immigration solicitor.

OP posts:
StormBraver · 10/10/2015 23:56

I'm not a mother btw. But if I was you can be damn sure I would be very certain about my immigration status before I chose to settle down and have children in a foreign country.

ihavenonameonhere · 10/10/2015 23:56

Also I found your petition and without sounding cruel. It's way too long. You need to stick to facts rather than stuff like the piano playing when you first met.

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