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Does anyone actually say 'sixth'?

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PrettyCandles · 23/09/2008 14:13

rather than 'sikth'?

OP posts:
wordgirl · 23/09/2008 14:14

yes me and sikth really gets on my nerves

Mutt · 23/09/2008 14:14

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

gemmiegoatlegs · 23/09/2008 14:15

I do! I had to say it aloud a couple of times just to check! Have you noticed people saying "She text me last week" Is this the same breed?!

HuwEdwards · 23/09/2008 14:16

yes I sixth. Anything else is plain wrong.

sparkybabe · 23/09/2008 14:18

My old boss used to Ax me to do things.

maidamess · 23/09/2008 14:18

I'm spraying my screen lisping all over the place here.

maidamess · 23/09/2008 14:19

Ok, who says Wed-nesday?

Thought not. Wens-day it is.

donnie · 23/09/2008 14:20

yes I say sixth. Why would I say anything else? 'Sikth' just sounds like you need a puke, tbh.

I also say SANDWICH and not 'samwidge' or 'sammidge'. I expect other people to do the same if they wish to be taken seriously.

donnie · 23/09/2008 14:21

sorry, my horse is rather high today!

Iklboo · 23/09/2008 14:23

As for SANDWICH - I just say 'butty'

gemmiegoatlegs · 23/09/2008 14:25

aha - but do you say February and library Donnie?

Flier · 23/09/2008 14:25

of course i say sixth
i say wednesday too

Divvy · 23/09/2008 14:26

not without alot of spit!

donnie · 23/09/2008 14:26

yes indeed I do!! so ner ner!

I do drop my aitches on occasions though...!

pmsl at butty!

CountessDracula · 23/09/2008 14:27

i say sixth
and wed'nsday

donnie · 23/09/2008 14:28

the words I do have trouble with are belisha beacon and mortar and pestle. I get the consonants muddled up and always end up saying belika beashon. It sounds better as well.

PrettyCandles · 23/09/2008 14:29

I'm generally quite pedantic about speaking clearly, but I struggle with siksth.

How about "the sixth sheik's sixth sheep's sick"?

OP posts:
Iklboo · 23/09/2008 14:29

Dictionary phonetic pronunciation of Wednesday is



MaloryDontDiveItsShallow · 23/09/2008 14:30

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

gemmiegoatlegs · 23/09/2008 14:31

surely not Ik!

Salleroo · 23/09/2008 14:33

I say sixth.

What is it with folk who say textas for texts? And axing me to do something will ensure it doesnt get done

quickdrawmcgraw · 23/09/2008 14:33

isn't it supposed to be sikth? I had heard somewhere it was and that's why bbc pronounce it that way.
I say sixth.

Iklboo · 23/09/2008 14:34

Went on Cambridge Dictionary online and asked for phonetic wotsit and it cane up with WENZ-DEI
I might check the OED too.
We could just call it WODENSTAG - its German equivalent/root?

Pushpinia · 23/09/2008 14:37

Erm no the German is Mittwoch!

Pushpinia · 23/09/2008 14:40

Wendsday here btw!

Sixth, February, Library (how do you say library then if not like it's spelt?)

I also say 'worry' and not 'wurry' which gets me laughed at...

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