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Low-carb diets

Week 6 - Autumn Low Carb Bootcamp - and we head to the finish line!

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BIWI · 14/10/2013 07:29

Here is the Spreadsheet of Fabulousness

Hopefully the scales are moving for us all now, albeit rather more slowly than they were to start with. And this is good. Honestly!

To keep weight off, it's much better to lose it slowly and over a longer period of time. Remember, despite how people may talk about low carbing, this is not a crash diet. It's a way of eating designed to allow you to switch to fat-burning, rather than carb-burning, which will therefore allow you to lose weight - and which brings with it a myriad of other health benefits.

Please share with us your successes as well as your frustrations. Even if we're struggling, which all of us will do from time to time, and it might be galling to read that others are doing well, ultimately it's important for us all to hear the successes because it helps us to (continue to) believe that this is a WOE which can work for us.


Hope you all have a good week.

OP posts:
Lifeisontheup · 14/10/2013 07:35

2lb loss this week. My loss has been slow but steady. I started at 12 stone 10 and am now 12 stone 2 so only another 2 to go before I'm into the 11 stone zone.
I'm finding that my appetite has decreased hugely so am not eating anything like the quantity I used to. Must up the water this week though as that's been slipping.

Ohfuckohfuckofuck · 14/10/2013 07:50

189lb! 3 lb off this week after my mini (ish) tantrum, the whoosh fairy showed up. I know it's not all about weightloss, but it is sooooo encouraging after sts, for almost 3 weeks.

So I've broke the 190 barrier and have 8lb off since BC beta and 11 1/2 lb off since I tentatively started this WoE in the last week of August.

Thank you BiWi. I'm truly sorry for not keeping the faith, I feel ashamed that I let RL issues creep in.

Fingers crossed that old whooshy has been busy.

StuntNun · 14/10/2013 08:02

Another drop here although I'm going by yesterday's weight due to my late night duck curry last night. Blush While the oft touted 1-2 lb weight loss a week doesn't seem very exciting or fast enough it does mean that your skin has time to keep up with the weight loss. When I started LCing I had a rapid weight loss at first but it left my stomach looking like an empty sack for a while until the skin and subcutaneous fat shrank back into place which took a surprisingly long time.

WillieWaggledagger · 14/10/2013 08:10

morning everyone

just marking place as have so much to catch up on

Maryz · 14/10/2013 08:11

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ohfuckohfuckofuck · 14/10/2013 08:31

Well done Maryz I know you we're worried. Smile

captainmummy · 14/10/2013 08:36

Just acatching up with last week -

asgoodasitgets - those are fab photos! You are in the same dress size but look so much sleeker. Nice to remind us that the scales are not the only measurement we should be looking at; tape measures, photos, clothes - all make a difference.

Good luck all

bigkidsdidit · 14/10/2013 08:38

Sts for me but 1.5 inches off my waist Shock

This week is about focussing on water for me, that's been sliding recently.

rubybricks · 14/10/2013 09:22

good morning losers! just wanted to share a mini triumph with you, i didn't manage to stick to bootcamp the first two weeks and so haven't joined in the discussions here as i didn't feel i could encourage anyone - but, but BUT - with just a pound off this morning those magic little words popped up on my scales for the first time EVER (i bought these scales about 3 years ago, when i was nudging 12 stone) "HEALTHY WT"!!!!! my BMI is apparently 24.7 - i have never really taken much notice of that figure but was always mildly offended at the scales telling me i was "OVERWT"!!

i have largely adopted low carbing as a WOE since the april bootcamp, and am so grateful to have found BIWI and Willie and these threads, i really wouldn't have believed it was possible as i have struggled for most of my adult life with weight issues. i still have a way to go though - would like to be under 10 stone if possible (and haven't been there for 2 decades)

good luck to all and thanks again for the support Thanks

fitflopqueen · 14/10/2013 10:26

STS again, need to drink more water and eat more fat I think!

Collywibbles · 14/10/2013 10:28

STS this week, but I am a long-term LCer (over 2 years) and I have been this weight +/- a couple of pounds for the last 14 months so I suspect that is my body saying it is happy at this weight. Interestingly I am a different shape than I was last year but I usually do quite a lot of exercise so suspect I have gained muscle. I am having a rotten Crohns flare at the moment so am not really doing very much and am back on steroids which is a bit rubbish, sigh ....

CrabbySmallerBottom · 14/10/2013 10:33

Ruby Congratulations, that's brilliant!

Mouse hope you and your wee fish are feeling much better now.

Negroni, just for you (and anyone else who's a bit Envy that I seem to lose the weight quite easily), I've put on a lb this week. God the sacrifices I make for you all! Wink Grin

I'm actually pretty pleased with that because I had a carby twat lunch with DMIL on Tuesday which wasn't even that nice, and then a total blow-out this weekend. My oldest friend took me took me out for a meal in London as a belated 40th treat. It's very rare that I get the chance to get all dolled up and go out on the town so it was rather exciting. I even wore my sexy high heeled boots, which I haven't done for years! My friend couldn't get over how trim and slim I'm looking, which was great for my self confidence. Even better for my self confidence was the fact that the gorgeous Brazilian waiter flirted outrageously with me all evening and gave me his phone number!! Shock Blush Seems I'm not quite as over the hill as I feel most of the time even if looking that good was a bit of trickery created by make-up, a new bra and some flattering clothes! Grin

Hope the whoosh fairy is at her most beneficent for everyone this week. I need to get my nose to the grindstone again to shift this last 10lbs.

tenementmonster · 14/10/2013 10:46

good luck all today. 2 1/4 off , so that's 10 lbs all up.
Halloween Smile

LilyAmaryllis · 14/10/2013 11:20

Ruby that's brilliant! A great milestone - I too one day look forward to having a normal BMI!

Great news Ohfuck fingers crossed it continues downwards.

Ha Crabby what's 1 lb when you can fit into those nice clothes and men are giving you their numbers!

I'm 0.6lb down. I'm a firm believer in the slow and steady, 1lb off a week is a triumph as BIWI said in the OP.

I also like to fool myself with this way of thinking - 1lb ON is just a meaningless fluctuation but 1lb OFF is a pack of lard gone from your body forever! (right...)

sybilfaulty · 14/10/2013 11:49

Hello everyone

Well done to all who have lost. I've decided not to weigh til later in the week following enforced carbs yesterday lunch. WE were at a friend's house where lunch was spag bol (aaargh!) followed by cake (double aarrgh!) and there was no way to refuse either or leave things without looking weird and rude. I ate them both and smiled politely, though I did refuse seconds and chocolates. I'm not a big one for cake generally but used to love pasta. I did think how much nicer it would have been over some yummy veg....

Keep the faith everyone. We will get there. I am taking photos of my tummy so I can see my progress (or lack of!) and today it was flat under my bra but about 5 months gone below my tummy button. Carb bloat. Water, water, water today (with a side of butter!).

Thanks to BIWI and Willie for all the organising and to everyone for the chat and support.

Mouseface · 14/10/2013 12:22

Afternoon, tis me, Mouse


2lb here this week, which is a miracle because my bowels are sloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooower than ever just now so a good proportion of my weight is waste. Blush

Crabby - we're better today thank you, Nemo was sick in the night, really sick, one of those projectile voms that shoots across the room, and I managed to catch it in a bowl. It was just a build up of snot and mucus bless him. He's absolutely fine today though, as cheeky as ever and getting cuter by the day, he high fived his 1-1 as she came out to get him this morning! Grin

Thank you Thanks to BIWI and the fab Willie for continuing to keep these threads going week after week and helping us out :)

I'm now at 9st 7lbs so just want to maintain now, would I be better to switch to Bootcamp light? All thoughts welcome :) x

AuntieMaggie · 14/10/2013 15:55

Forgot to weigh this morn but I think I've stayed the same which makes sense as I've lost every week so far and I think I'm due to ovulate which always bloats me. I also had some fruit at the weekend at a exercise thing.

This woe really suits me as I don't weigh or measure anything and my appetite for crap has vanished (apart from ice cream). The longer I do this the more my tastes change and more foods I go off which may become a problem at some point...

My shape has gone back to its hourglass rather than the round middle I had from pcos and carbs when I came off the pill. Still have a huge ass though but dp likes it...

captainmummy · 14/10/2013 15:55

Mouseface - you do make me laugh! Glad you are feeling so upbeat.

Collywibbles - My shape has definitely changed. After decades on the low-fat Rosemary Conley type WOE (and staying, to be fair, at 9st4) I still never got rid of my love-handles.
Over a year ago I started Low-carbing, (when I got to nearly 10st, and I can honestly say that even though I am back to 9st4, my love-handles are gone. I have a theory that it's there that the glycogen stores are stacked. Grin

Frenchfemme · 14/10/2013 16:16

I haven't dared weigh today after a very bad couple of weeks, but I'm back low carbing with a vengance. To help me focus, and reinforce my determination, I will try posting my food for a few days. Any suggestions/comments gratefully received:
B - black coffee, ham, small piece of Comte cheese, couple of pieces sun-dried toms and artichoke in oil;
L - h/m veg soup made with a pack of pot-au-feu veg (leeks, carrots, turnip, celery) plus tin of tomatoes (made about 5 portions);
D - will be l/c cauliflower cheese, Savoy cabbage and saucisse from local butcher (so all meat, no cereal).
Plus 3 litres water and another black coffee.
Well done to all the losers!

Mouseface · 14/10/2013 17:14

Captain - why do I make you laugh? Is it my complete honesty about the fact I don't pooh properly and I'm never shy about it? Grin The vom stories? Grin

Seriously, you'd have been of last proud of that hurl and catch! Grin Grin Grin

StuntNun · 14/10/2013 17:35

I had a comfort eating requirement this afternoon due to moving house stresses and a non-sleeping baby with sore teefs but managed to rescue it from a Crunchie ice cream, which I really wanted, to two lamb chops with mint sauce, which I really enjoyed. Only problem is I don't really want my tea now which DH is cooking. Blush

B: three strawberries and Greek yoghurt
S: ten almonds and six macadamia nuts, one Babybel
L: bacon and mushrooms
S: two lamb chops
D: low carb sausages and leek fried in butter (but too full of lamb to eat much)

Frenchfemme · 14/10/2013 18:09

The saucisse that was for dinner has suffered a dog-related incident, so dinner will now be cauliflower cheese with ham and chorizo!

NewStartNewStory · 14/10/2013 18:16

Did the dog enjoy his dinner FrenchFemme ?

2 out of 3 meals have been good here but 3 meals have been eaten. water is well down on where it should be and there might have been a close encounter event with a rather large pot of coffee

B: scrambled eggs cooked in butter
L: erm sunflower seed rolls with butter on it
T: Spag bol sauce on top of cauliflower with cheese on top.

Now to fix the lunch bit and I might be heading back on track. Hopefully. Maybe.

NewStartNewStory · 14/10/2013 18:17

Congratulations to all of the losers and shape changers!!

Frenchfemme · 14/10/2013 18:26

He loved it NewStart. My fault for forgetting that the new (on trial, cat-chasing) new boy can reach right to the back of the kitchen worktop, and he is as fast and silent as a stealth-bomber when on a mission!

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