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Low-carb diets

Week 6 - Autumn Low Carb Bootcamp - and we head to the finish line!

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BIWI · 14/10/2013 07:29

Here is the Spreadsheet of Fabulousness

Hopefully the scales are moving for us all now, albeit rather more slowly than they were to start with. And this is good. Honestly!

To keep weight off, it's much better to lose it slowly and over a longer period of time. Remember, despite how people may talk about low carbing, this is not a crash diet. It's a way of eating designed to allow you to switch to fat-burning, rather than carb-burning, which will therefore allow you to lose weight - and which brings with it a myriad of other health benefits.

Please share with us your successes as well as your frustrations. Even if we're struggling, which all of us will do from time to time, and it might be galling to read that others are doing well, ultimately it's important for us all to hear the successes because it helps us to (continue to) believe that this is a WOE which can work for us.


Hope you all have a good week.

OP posts:
AuntieMaggie · 14/10/2013 20:01

captain you aren't far wrong about the love handles... You are susceptable (?) to weight there if you're stressed because of cortisol which also is reactive to carbs... or something Confused

I've just had a lush indian at Aagrah in Sheffield... I was a bit upsrt when I realised my fave lamb saag wasn't in the buffet anymore but the lamb chops they've replaced it with are gorgeous (i almost took the whole lot Grin) i did have a couple of small poppadoms too so I wasn't completely good...

timidviper · 14/10/2013 20:49

I have lost another 2lb and am happy with that as I have had a couple of events in the last week.

Not been brilliant today as have been caught up so couldn't get lunch then was so hungry I have eaten more than I should have for tea including some sugar free marshmallows Blush Still tomorrow is another day and I only have 4lb to get down to my next whole stone so back to strict tomorrow

toomuchicecream · 14/10/2013 21:25

STS, which I'm happy enough with after my Saturday night. Managed to avoid the left overs yesterday, and then ended up having a small piece of Black Forest Gateaux as it's my DS's birthday. But I sent all the rest of it (and some of the cheesecake) home with the grandparents - DH is taking the rest of the cheesecake into work tomorrow.

And tomorrow's Bake Off party theme is savoury canapés. So - frittata makers - please advise! I'm planning on using my small silicone moulds to make a tray of mini-fritattas - the diameter isn't much bigger than a 50p. Should I fry the vegetables first and then put them in the moulds, and top up with beaten egg & herbs? Or should I add some cream to the mix? Or put the veg in raw? And how long do you reckon they'll take - about 10 minutes in a medium oven?? Any helpful (or indeed unhelpful if entertaining) suggestions gratefully received.

Ohfuckohfuckofuck · 14/10/2013 21:28

Love making frittata. Mini ones should only take 10 min, so definitely fry the veg/bacon/chorizo in butter before. Add cream and sprinkle chees on top. Herbs sound lovely.

toomuchicecream · 14/10/2013 21:45

Thank you - good to know I'm on the right lines. And I'd forgotten about cheese... I'll let you know how they turn out.

whodunnit · 14/10/2013 22:23

I am very jealous of you who FORGET TO WEIGH..... I am thinking of the weigh in often on a sunday and then on monday as I forgo breakfast and walk two miles to work and then weigh myself. If I owned scales, I would never be off them... a bit like the blood pressure machine which I got banned from using due to the effect of my constant use on my blood pressure which was on a rollercoaster because of it....

Anyway, glad to report a loss of 1.5kg this week. Need to drink more water as I am getting out of the habit. also tested myself on a sunday dinner yesterday minus the potatoes and carrots but I think I overdid it and came out of ketosis (according to the stix) But then I did also try three one inch squares of German muesli bread (at about 3.5g per inch I reckon) And 2 squares of 85per cent dark chocolate dipped in tea and sucked ... deelish!

I need to get back to the rules and stop trying to reinvent my own version of bootcamp....Just doing it now, BIWI....

BIWI · 14/10/2013 22:34


Glad to see that things seem to be happening for many of you resists temptation to say "I told you so"

Busy day for me today.

Breakfast - none! Ran out of time before I had to go to work (it's going to take some getting used to all this 'going to work' palaver, as opposed to sloping off from the sofa to my desk!)

Lunch - couple of hard boiled eggs and some corned beef
Dinner - chicken, chorizo and olive casserole, braised cabbage and onions with lemon, spicy cauliflower rice

Lots of water

I forgot to weigh this morning as well, so I'll have to do that tomorrow. I'm not expecting it to be good news as I've had some very carby days over the last couple of weeks.

OP posts:
thenightsky · 14/10/2013 23:11

Lost 2lb this week.

I had actually lost 5lb when I hopped on the scales on Friday morning, but I've had a bad carb weekend with wine and two meals out. I'm also ashamed to say I fell head first into a chocolate ice cream sundae with flakes, maltesers and choc chunks added Blush It gave me such a carb rush I thought I was going to faint... the room went all fuzzy and spinny when I tried to stand up. I won't be doing that again in a hurry.

CrabbySmallerBottom · 14/10/2013 23:15

Thanks Lily, and I like your thinking on the fluctuation/lard! Grin

Mouse well done on capturing the projectile hurl and glad you're feeling better. Wink

French your change in saucisse status really made me laugh! Grin

Not very hungry today.
B - few mouthfuls of berry crumble
L - 2egg omelette with tomatoes, cheese and ham
D - pork belly with a shallot and mushroom sauce and mashed swede.
3 cups tea, lots of water.

BerylStreep · 14/10/2013 23:18

Hello all. STS this week, as always, but feeling good. Am trying to go dairy / alcohol free this week.

timidviper · 15/10/2013 00:11

Don't anybody follow my lead of eating a few sugar free marshmallows unless you have a really, really (and I mean REALLY) severe case of constipation.
My stomach is making noises like Yoda in a washing machine and I could go through the eye of the proverbial needle Blush
I promise I will be good from tomorrow

MollyMollyMollyMolly · 15/10/2013 00:58

Hi Ladies
I have been doing this woe off and on for awhile but am doing it again more seriously now so hope to be able to put down my loses soon. Well done all of you for doing so well. Can I ask, what positive health changes have you noticed since doing this woe? Smile

StuntNun · 15/10/2013 06:28

Molly - clearer skin (fewer spots, less moisturiser needed), more energy, no 'tummy trouble' (by which I mean diarrhoea), less painful periods (I used to have to take painkillers for the first three days, now I don't need them), no cravings before my period is due (it took three months for those cravings to die down), no bloating after some meals (I now suspect gluten may be a problem for me), no constant requirement for snacks, no bad-temperedness due to blood sugar levels dropping, never being starving hungry... not to mention that I've lost weight!

bigkidsdidit · 15/10/2013 06:43

Very shiny hair, no bloating!

Ohfuckohfuckofuck · 15/10/2013 07:00

There was someone perhaps MrsHP ? Who had lower cholestoral, bp etc when teated after a year or so of doing it.

BIWI · 15/10/2013 08:09

No IBS, no thrush

OP posts:
captainmummy · 15/10/2013 08:13

Yep - MrsHp is diabetic, and has reported her blood sugars are much more stable on this. I get rosacea, which is markedly better to the point where it surprises me if it flares up (once or twice a year now!) No bloating (if I eat wheat I blow up like a balloon) No faint,shaky feelings if I don't eat for 2 hours. ..

daisychicken · 15/10/2013 08:28

Hi all, sorry I've been a bit quiet but I'm still here! I'm struggling though... TOTM and all I want is sugar.... eek! I'm mostly managing to get though but the evenings have been really hard... mind over matter.. I CAN do it!

Well done to everyone who's keeping going!

starrystarryknut · 15/10/2013 09:33

Another 1lb off this week. Not dramatic but I'm steadily going down 1lb per week and I'm happy with that. On my way to a meeting in London today and I'm wearing a size 10 black pencil skirt that I haven't worn in (ahem) a while... Feeling good about myself Smile

QueenQueenie · 15/10/2013 09:50

I can report:
Fantastic skin
Much more energy
Lack of bloating
More stable mood
no feeling hungry between meals
Slow but steady weight loss.

Can you tell I'm pleased? !

ImATotJeSuisUneTot · 15/10/2013 09:59

3lb down this week.

At 143 now - makes my BMI 21.

Im keeping at the LC-ing in the hope of slimming down my thighs a little, although it seems to be coming off everywhere but there!

Have a great week everyone.x

LilyAmaryllis · 15/10/2013 13:04

Whodunnit what a great loss! Well done.

Mouse I prescribe you sugar-free marshmallows. Who knows, might make the difference where all the other laxatives fail?

Starry hooray for your glamorous pencil skirt!

BIWI · 15/10/2013 13:06

OMG - I have just discovered cauliflower rice. I made it last night, with shallots, chilli and soy sauce and it was absolutely fabulous. I over-processed it, so it's actually a bit more like couscous in terms of texture, but it is really good!

OP posts:
Snatchoo · 15/10/2013 13:15

0.8lb ON this week.

I think I've hit the dreaded plateau. Need to stay focussed!

I've had a bad couple of weeks, was my birthday 1st, had pizza and cake on the Tuesday then again on the Sunday as forgot DHs nan was putting on a birthday party (for her not me!). Still was 1.8lb down on the Tuesday though.

This week, was good all week aside from KFC on Sunday, but been feeling a bit 'stopped up' as it were which definitely isn't helping!

All in all, I've lost about 10lb, my shape has changed (I don't look 7 months pregnant anymore Blush) and my jawline is creeping back. I've had THREE photos taken of me which I look nice in, and my clothes fit better!

Focussing on water intake today as we have nothing in at home. I think I'm going to strip it right back to veg and meat this week, I can feel I'm eating too many not really allowed things which undoubtedly won't be helping.

Ohfuckohfuckofuck · 15/10/2013 13:22

Cauliflower race is amazing! I actually think its so much nicer than actual rice. Need to have a go at a 'risotto'.

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