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Low-carb diets

Week 6 - Autumn Low Carb Bootcamp - and we head to the finish line!

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BIWI · 14/10/2013 07:29

Here is the Spreadsheet of Fabulousness

Hopefully the scales are moving for us all now, albeit rather more slowly than they were to start with. And this is good. Honestly!

To keep weight off, it's much better to lose it slowly and over a longer period of time. Remember, despite how people may talk about low carbing, this is not a crash diet. It's a way of eating designed to allow you to switch to fat-burning, rather than carb-burning, which will therefore allow you to lose weight - and which brings with it a myriad of other health benefits.

Please share with us your successes as well as your frustrations. Even if we're struggling, which all of us will do from time to time, and it might be galling to read that others are doing well, ultimately it's important for us all to hear the successes because it helps us to (continue to) believe that this is a WOE which can work for us.


Hope you all have a good week.

OP posts:
Negroni · 16/10/2013 14:28

Hello, still a bit off and on, unfortunately but keeping going and reading the thread but not weighing this week as inevitable weight gain will no doubt put me in vulnerable to cake place

Well done to the losers! Crabby thanks for thinking about me and sacrificing yourself to carbs! And glad to see your name change too - surely you are almost into tinybottom territory? Unfortunately, I am now Envyat everyone who can actually stay on the wagon properly for a whole week!

Biwi - hope the new job going well post the Marrakesh excitement. Cauliflower rice was a revelation to me too. I just chop/ slice into tiny pieces with a v sharp vegetable knife (too lazy to get food processor out) and fry in butter without any microwaving/ pre cooking - turns out fine and v like fried rice in my opinion

I too am a Bake off fan, which is a great shame as I always feel like rushing out and trying whatever they have made ie quite fancy a ginormous slice of Opera cake this week, but even for me that would be a step too far.

NewStartNewStory · 16/10/2013 15:18

All sorts of places. Holland and Barretts, boots, etc etc anywhere they sell vitamins on the high street.

toomuchicecream · 16/10/2013 16:31

Lily - I'm the host so I can't not go to my bake off party!! At the beginning of boot camp I managed a couple of weeks where I avoided everything, but I'm afraid that for the last couple I've decided that I can have 1 night off a week and that's it. I reason that even on an oh fuck it night now I'm eating much less now than I would have previously. And Ruby is really winding all of us up...

Next week's challenge is to produce something with 3 layers. Any ideas anyone?

thenightsky · 16/10/2013 17:44

CrabbySmallerBottom Wetherspoons are ok actually. You can look at the carb count of all their meals here

I usually go for the piri piri chicken skewers which are the lowest carb. Side green salad instead of chips of course.

BIWI · 16/10/2013 19:27

Keepon - you are not eating enough! No wonder you don't feel great. Even if you were calorie counting (which you aren't, are you?) those calorie counts are way, way, too low.

Your body needs the nutrition, especially if you are doing intense cardio.

Can you list out for me what you've been eating?

Work is going OK, although it's pretty full on. I'm suddenly very aware of all the things I was able to do when I was working from home, and a lot less busy - and Mumsnetting is definitely a habit that is having to go, sadly!

The company I've joined is great, though, and I'm really enjoying it. I just want to fast forward over the next month or so, to a point where I know what I'm doing!

OP posts:
StuntNun · 16/10/2013 19:46

A weird day of eating today because I was completely starving by 9:30 a.m. just like the bad old carby twat days. I'm not sure whether I should be eating more food or more carbs but my usual breakfast ain't cutting it any more. After a huge brunch I was good until dinner time so maybe I need to eat more earlier in the day and lunch isn't as important.

B: three strawberries and 250 g Greek yoghurt
Brunch: two chicken breasts stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon
D: cod baked in cream with petits pois
S: celery and cucumber sticks with Philadelphia

Waaaay too much dairy but it was a difficult day with a poorly baby to look after so keeping it low carb is enough for me today. Tomorrow will be better.

BIWI · 16/10/2013 19:48

I think, probably, you need to eat something more like eggs/bacon for breakfast if you're not satisfied and are having to eat 2 chicken breasts for a brunch/snack!

OP posts:
StuntNun · 16/10/2013 20:38

They were yucky skinless chicken breasts from the back of the freezer BIWI so calorie-wise it wasn't a big meal. Strawberries and yoghurt had been a big enough breakfast previously but isn't cutting it any more. I'll have to find an additional breakfast item that doesn't involve eggs.

Ohfuckohfuckofuck · 16/10/2013 20:47

Avocado? I get a 4 pack for £1.75 from ocado. They're smallish & one of those with a few tomatoes and maybe a chunk of home cooked ham. Sets me up.

Is pâté good? That on celery/cucumber slices?

Leftover veg, fried in patties.

'Kedgeree' made with smoked mackerel (lidl one is good), cauli rice, fried leek, hard boiled egg optional.

LilyAmaryllis · 16/10/2013 20:51

Negroni I can't believe you too are putting yourself through the bake-off torture!

Stunt maybe get into leftovers? I'm really pleased any time I've managed to arrange for there to be some leftovers for breakfast. Or... sometimes I've been known to have a "lunch" for breakfast - eg tuna mayo salad, or tuna-cheese melts mentioned upthread...

BIWI · 16/10/2013 22:26

Re cauliflower rice - this is how I made it:

Cut stalk off cauliflower, and break the head into small florets
Process in the food processor (you probably need to do this in two batches) until like rice/couscous
Pour some oil into a frying pan and saute a sliced shallot and a chopped green chilli, till soft; season with a little salt and black pepper
Add the processed cauliflower and stir so it's coated in fat; fry until cooked (probably only takes 3-4 minutes)
Add soy sauce to season

OP posts:
MrsHerculePoirot · 16/10/2013 22:47

Sorry I am late to the party!

Whoever was asking about blood results yes my bloods massively improved

MrsHerculePoirot · 16/10/2013 22:48

On this woe! Blood sugars amazing, much lower cholesterol, everything really really good. My diabetic team very impressed, weight loss good. And sssshhhhh it helped me ttc and I am now upduffed hence my lack of postings!!!!!

StuntNun · 16/10/2013 22:58

Brilliant news MrsHP, congratulations! Is your LC diet sustainable or is morning sickness sending you towards the carbs?

MrsHerculePoirot · 16/10/2013 23:04

Thanks stunt. I think it could have been more sustainable than it has been tbh! I have moved jobs to a challenging school, been ofsteded and am having building work done at home, so all in all not the most ideal timing (but we have been trying for aaaaaages so not complaining!). I aimed to up my vegetables and carbier veg in particular but have succumbed to the carb cravings rubbish ly. I am just regaining control of myself a little now and hope to get back to a healthier way of eating again in the next two weeks. You know what it is like though, off the wagon and as soon as you start the carbs are addictive and I had forgotten how horrible that is really.

whodunnit · 16/10/2013 23:21

Hey Mrs HP -well done to you - bun in the oven, if I dare express it in high carb terms! I am chuffed for you.

MrsHerculePoirot · 16/10/2013 23:25


LilyAmaryllis · 16/10/2013 23:29


CrabbySmallerBottom · 16/10/2013 23:53

Flowers Congratulations MrsHP!! Flowers Smile

Negroni you're welcome... all part of the service. Grin

captain and thenight thanks for the Weatherspoons advice. I had salmon with hollandaise sauce and extra broccoli instead of a baked spud. And much too much white wine! For anyone who remembers the dramatic bike crash, it was with him and his family , which was lovely. He's walking and has a new girlfriend and is doing well, although he's having trouble with his arms and is probably going to need a bone graft. He's young and vital and he'll get through it though.

Lily thanks for noticing! Smile I can appreciate GBB through careful planning... must have just eaten big satisfying low carb meal so not hungry, and must have pudding on the go to eat whilst watching, favourite being berry crumble with lashings of clotted cream:
Frozen summer berries- black and redcurrants, blackberries, raspberries, thawed and in the bottom of the dish.
Topping is ground almonds rubbed into/blitzed in food processor with butter until crumble-like.
Bake on moderate heat (180ish) until golden brown on top.
If you're eating that, some gacky over-sweet Opera cake has no power. Wink

Food today
B/L - ham, tomatoes, philadelphia
S - berry crumble with cream
D - salmon and hollandaise. Mucho vino blanco. Hmm

captainmummy · 17/10/2013 09:13

Congrats mrsHP! Grin
Crabby - I went to weathespoons last night too and i had the periperi chicken-half (and chips, which the dc ate) it was very nice and quite spicy (so I had to have a glass of pinot to quench)
And agree - Ruby is annoying, and Opera Cake provokes an insulin response just looking at it!

googoogoggles · 17/10/2013 09:43

Hi everyone
Rubbish few days with work and a lot of RL stuff to contend with, so not had time to plan or post meals (ended up eating a few eaten on the hop - one was two Naked and a bag of nuts as there was nothing else and I was desperate. Must try to carry something around with me, even if it's one of those low carb bars....
Anyway, trying to get back on track today tho not at home again to cook...
Hope things will be back to normal by weekend...
Hope everyone is doing okay!

CrabbySmallerBottom · 17/10/2013 15:24

You're not all out being carby twats are you? Grin
NCISaddict · 17/10/2013 15:42

Seem to be eating nothing but bolognese atm. Bit boring but not carby. BTW have NC'd but will continue on spreadsheet with old name if that's ok.

bigkidsdidit · 17/10/2013 15:58

I'm not being a carby twat Grin

Just been into town ad went to pret for lunch. I had Italian chicken salad which was fine but I noticed they do protein snack pots now - either two eggs with spinach or salmon and quinoa. I Thought I'd tell you all in case!

Just making a pot of cream of wild mushroom soup with about a pound of butter! It smells amazing :)

NigellasGuest · 17/10/2013 16:25

congratulations to MrsHP !! Thanks Thanks Thanks

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