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To not allow 10 year old into town on her own?

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Calmsd · 28/10/2018 01:34

10 year old dd wants to go into town (but of shopping) and lunch in Pizza Hut with her friend. I'd drop her into town obviously. However although other girls mum is fine with it. I'm a little bit unsure and want to say no. Aibu?? Or am I completely overreacting? 10 seems very young to me

OP posts:
Aquamarine1029 · 28/10/2018 01:43

Absolutely not. 10 is far too young to be unsupervised.

tiredgirly · 28/10/2018 01:48

I think it's ok/normal

JockTamsonsBairns · 28/10/2018 02:00

I think it's totally normal too, but I suppose it depends a lot on your child / what the town is like?

SimpleSimonstherapist · 28/10/2018 02:16

It’s quite young. Personally I wouldn’t be happy with it. If you do agree with it, could the compromise be that you stay in town too for that couple of hours although not with them?

WooWoo1000 · 28/10/2018 02:31

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

EvaHarknessRose · 28/10/2018 02:33

No, another two years or so. Bit young for a restsurant on their own too.

Grandadwasthatyou · 28/10/2018 02:34

I can't imagine my dd going into town until she's at least 12.

penisbeakers · 28/10/2018 02:37

Hell no.

Seniorschoolmum · 28/10/2018 02:55

Not at 10, even if there are two of them. I know some kids are better able to cope than others but I wouldn’t be cozmfortable.

SD1978 · 28/10/2018 03:00

Depends on the size of town. Grew up in Edinburgh- we did this from age 10. London, probably wouldn't. You're taking them in, and picking them up at a set location at a certain time. I assume they'll have a phone. If they are sensible girls, I would.

sofato5miles · 28/10/2018 03:28

It would be a no from me. At 12, yes.

EmmaGrundyForPM · 28/10/2018 03:43

Ds2 did this with friends from.age 10 (Yr 6). He was gone. Ds1 would never have coped at the same age.

We built it by taking DS and friend into town previously and then letting them hava an hour or so of freedom before meeting back up. When that went well they progressed to going into town by themselves.

BinkyandBunty · 28/10/2018 03:44

Again it really depends on the child, their friends and the town.

We're just a few blocks' walk from the high street shops so I'd be happy for my two to wander down for a milkshake etc. at that age, with sensible friends.

I've only just started letting my eldest travel into the nearby city with friends, daytime only, and he's 14.

Lofari · 28/10/2018 03:46

Age 10?? Hell no Shock

Longdistance · 28/10/2018 03:49

I couldn’t think of letting my dd who’s nearly 10 go into town with a friend shopping. But, my town is well...dodgy.

stressedtiredbuthappy · 28/10/2018 03:55

I live in Manchester and there's no way I'd be letting my dd into town alone at that age. Hell, I'll struggle when she's 18!

Mummadeeze · 28/10/2018 04:19

I wouldn’t do this either. Definitely seems too young to me. Even if you trust your child you can’t trust other people. Am sure there are a million scenarios they wouldn’t know how to deal with at their age. Could you book another table not that near them in the restaurant and let them eat on their own maybe?

ragged · 28/10/2018 04:50

Depends on your town & your 10yo, doesn't it?
Mine is allowed on his own in my town. People don't lock their doors or bikes up around here & it's a small town. We walk there & back all the time so of course he knows the routes very well. He has helped his brother with paper round, too.

I let them go on train up to city from about 12.5yo, too. Because they know very well how to use the train & what way to walk & they have google maps or phone me for directions.

Other parents are still freaked out by though of them doing such things at 15yo. Other parents live in very rural countryside & they chaffeur their kids everywhere.

I lived in huge dodgy city & walked miles & miles away on my own by 10yo.

user1471426142 · 28/10/2018 05:16

I’m quite shocked by the responses. I had a very overprotective mother and when I was 10-11 I was definitely shopping with a friend in town for a few hours. How on earth are 11 year olds supposed to navigate getting to secondary school independently and the freedom that comes with it (like so many of them do) if they can’t manage a few hours in town?

flumpybear · 28/10/2018 05:21

My DD Is 10 and there's absolutely no chance! Neither would their friends parents, a few parents are letting their children walk home now but only a few mins, perhaps two roads away

thatmustbenigelwiththebrie · 28/10/2018 05:25

Fine I think. Not sure what you think could happen.

m0therofdragons · 28/10/2018 05:25

My dd is 10 and allowed to pop to the supermarket (short walk with crossing at traffic lights) for maybe 30 minutes max or cycle out of sight for short periods but no way would I allow shopping in town unsupervised. Too young imo.


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KC225 · 28/10/2018 05:51

Realistically, I imagine she would be safer in say a Pizza Hut with her friend than down in the local park, if only the threat from other kids nicking her scooter or whatever.

I think it depends, if you are dropping her off at a shopping centre and they are staying in there, just visiting Claire's, Smiggle & H&M kids . I think that would be OK. But would a pizza restaurant let two 10 years old in without supervision. Can you go with them? Say, I will meet you at the Pizza Place in 1 hour perhaps sit near but not directly with them, so it feels as if they are having a little independence.

Butterflycookie · 28/10/2018 05:55

Too young

user1493413286 · 28/10/2018 05:55

I think that’s fine; have a very clear chat with her about safety etc and be clear about picking up, decide where and when in advance rather than rely on phones.
If you’re really worried you could always go into town too and do your own shopping, lunch etc. That’s how we started out and it adds reassurance more than anything.

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