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Neighbour does not like the look of my garden - threatening to sue

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craxmum · 29/07/2018 10:03

A new neighbour has moved in last month (we are sharing a wall in a semi-detached property). She seems to have a major issue with the way my garden looks (just paid me a visit at 7am on Sunday to inform me that she hasn't slept properly since she had a party last night and her guests were apparently "aghast"). First thing she did after moving in was decking and astroturfing her back garden fence to fence (the bits that weren't already covered in concrete).

She did mention it a couple of times before, but I never thought it bothers her that much. Now she made a vague threat of suing me for damage to her assets, as apparently her house value and enjoyment of her property is impacted. I mean, she bought it a couple of weeks ago (at the normal market value as far as I can see from the open sources), surely she made the decision with full awareness of what my garden looks like? She added a couple of personal insults (about me being foreign etc) as well.

My garden is a bit informal allotment style. We grow berries, tomatoes, courgettes, peppers, beans, herbs - stuff like that, also have a couple of dwarf fruit trees. Sunflowers all over the place at the moment. I have two small children (3 and 5), they absolutely love it and they have their own little experimentation areas. There is a bit of lawn, but with two dogs it is not in great shape - trimmed, but with some bald patches. There is an occasional weed or two, or maybe ten. Plenty of butterflies and bees. A composter (of a posh type, fully closed and maintained, not leftovers rotting in a bin). There is a water butt and sometimes watering cans / other gardening equipment lying around. I mean, it is by no means perfect, and can sometimes be messy and looks quite rustic, but I absolutely cannot see what I can do to comfort her apart from ripping all vegetation out and paving over.

OP posts:

WonderfulWonders · 29/07/2018 10:05

She can't sue you.

Would love to see a pic of your garden though Smile


BarbaraOcumbungles · 29/07/2018 10:05

People like this only respond to one thing - being told to fuck off. Do that, then ignore her.


AlonsoTigerHeart · 29/07/2018 10:05

“Piss off you silly cunt” is what the court will say


Chinnyreckoning · 29/07/2018 10:05

Fuckin Nora that's batshit. Your garden sounds lovely. I thought you were going to say you'd a broken down car or a while heap of junk in it. Ignore her... no way could she sue you.


Hoppinggreen · 29/07/2018 10:06

She’s a froot loop
Ignore her, or laugh at her, or both
If she keeps bothering you tell her to leave you alone


AlexanderHamilton · 29/07/2018 10:06

The personal insults say it all. She’s racist. Ignore & don’t answer the door at 7am.


squashyhat · 29/07/2018 10:06

It is absolutely none of her business and she has no legal leg to stand on. Your garden sounds lovely.


insancerre · 29/07/2018 10:06

Silly loon
Your garden sounds lovely
Just what a garden should be like


Chinnyreckoning · 29/07/2018 10:06

actually I think you should ramp the rustic up.... get a scarecrow on the go. Preferably tall enough that she can see it.


LaurieFairyCake · 29/07/2018 10:06

You said you’re foreign so let me introduce you to the catch all phrase we use towards arseholes - it’s ‘fuck off, I’m not interested in your opinion’

No one can make you do anything. And anyone banging at your door at 7am can be safely ignored.


pontiouspilates · 29/07/2018 10:06

Astroturf and decking? Counter sue for lack of imagination! Your garden sounds lovely OP.


onalongsabbatical · 29/07/2018 10:06

God, your garden sounds gorgeous and she sounds completely bonkers. To paraphrase, you don't have a garden problem, you have a neighbour problem. I think I'd be inclined to ignore her unless anything gets worse. Of course she can't sue you she's be laughed out of the solicitor's office I imagine.


LakieLady · 29/07/2018 10:07

She's a twat. If she found the appearance of your garden so unacceptable, she shouldn't have bought the house next door to you!

Your garden sounds lovely, btw, a proper wildlife haven and productive to boot.


Wolfiefan · 29/07/2018 10:07

Aghast at things growing in a garden?! Grin
She's batshit.
I bet your garden gives you and your family a whole lot more pleasure than her garden gives her.


Cuttingthegrass · 29/07/2018 10:07

Your neighbour is bonkers. Can you put up a taller fence to help you have more privacy? She is causing flood problems with concrete and Astro turf. And everyone know rats live under decking!


ElspethFlashman · 29/07/2018 10:07

Since she bought it recently with full knowledge of what your garden looks like, I'd tell her to crack on if she wants to waste her money.

And you'll countersue for harassment.


Maelstrop · 29/07/2018 10:08

She came round at 7am to tell you this? She would definitely have been told to fuck right off on both the count of getting me out of bed and that you can do as you please in your garden on YOUR property. Is she batshit??


Spudlet · 29/07/2018 10:08

'Oh don't be so silly' ought to cover it.

But keep a diary of similar incidents, just so you have a record should she turn out to be harrassy as well as a bonafide fruit loop. Hope she doesn't, but it's best to be prepared.

I think your garden sounds lovely!


TeenyW123 · 29/07/2018 10:08

And the scarecrow can see her!


LadyLaSnack · 29/07/2018 10:08

‘get a scarecrow on the go’




dalmatianmad · 29/07/2018 10:08

She's just trying it on! She's been there a few days and already trying to assert herself.
Ignore her and carry on enjoying your garden.


TornFromTheInside · 29/07/2018 10:09

She can't do a thing.
Tell her it's a real garden, real muck.


MyBloodyMaltesersAreMelting · 29/07/2018 10:09

Wow ! Your garden sounds lovely
Just laugh and close the door next time


Returnofthesmileybar · 29/07/2018 10:10

I would say "oh please do sue me, I could do with a good laugh, I'm sure the judge could too. I'll let my family and friend know and we'll pack a picnic lunch, make a day of it, we'll laugh more at your expense than we would at the funfair"


Friendofsadgirl · 29/07/2018 10:11

My NDN has had a broken wardrobe, rusty bbq, old slabs, a broken chair, and various other rubbish lying in their very overgrown garden for nearly a year. They have been sitting out in the sun, surrounded by it all. It's none of my business even though I hate to see it

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