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Diet Coke for children at 6.30?

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Picklesandpies · 31/07/2017 06:53

Currently in airport lounge with dd1 (6) and dd2 (9) and dh. Dh took girls to get a drink (I was thinking milk, tea, water, juice) and he can back with Diet Coke for them. It's 6.30 FFS. I expressed my surprise at the choice of drink, he got huffy. Then dd2 asked if she could get some fruit and natural yoghurt and he said 'No, you've had enough now!'

WTF. At least that's a healthy choice! Been up for hours and will have no chance to recover before meeting up with dh's family so probably just tired and cranky but this just doesn't make sense to me. They have only had Coke recently (not given by me but at parties etc) and I don't want it to seem as though it's ok to have it whenever they see it!

OP posts:
youarenotkiddingme · 31/07/2017 06:57

I wouldn't be bothered by the coke.

I'd be bothered by the refusal for any type of food and I'd be bothered if they aren't bought water for the plane journey as you get dehydrated at altitude.

AngeloftheSouth84 · 31/07/2017 06:57

Get a grip. Biscuit

Tottyandmarchpane1 · 31/07/2017 06:58

I think you are tired and cranky and therefore a bit out of proportion - I would have probably tutted 😀 At my DH and then let it go. A one off really does not matter and I doubt they will now think they can have it whenever they like.

luckylucky24 · 31/07/2017 06:59

I don't think the time matters, you have been up for hours anyway so it will feel like midday.
I wouldn't want my 6 year old having diet coke though.

RedStripeSorry · 31/07/2017 06:59

Are you about to get on a plane? That's going to be fun with two caffineated children! Good luck and YANBU.

Lules · 31/07/2017 07:01

Normal times don't apply in airports. It's why you can have a pint with your breakfast.

Sirzy · 31/07/2017 07:02

The "you have had enough now" comment is pretty hard to judge without knowing how much she had had really. Eating for eatings sake isn't healthy no matter what!

DonaldStott · 31/07/2017 07:02

Lol at the child asking for natural yogurt. You're on your hols. Chill.

Wafflingwell · 31/07/2017 07:03

I'd be bothered by the coke op. It's the sort of thing my dh would do and it annoys me too, because I feel I have to police him as well as DC, and when you are tired, you just want to be able to rely on him to make sensible choices and be a grown up.

MrsPringles · 31/07/2017 07:04

I agree with pp that normal time doesn't count at the airport

We usually have v early flights and I always have a prosecco of vodka with my breakfast there!

I think you need to relax a tiny bit. It could be worse and be FULL FAT CokeGrin

cariadlet · 31/07/2017 07:05

I don't really like young kids having coke so I wouldn't have been impressed.

BUT he took them with him so at least they will have chosen it themselves, you're all knackered and it's not worth stressing over.

RhubardGin · 31/07/2017 07:08

Meh, wouldn't bother me, you're on holiday!

I would be more annoyed that he hadn't brought me over a wine Wink

Fairylea · 31/07/2017 07:12

A coke, on holiday, at the airport when everything is exciting... who cares. I think you are massively overreacting.

Picklesandpies · 31/07/2017 07:14

DDs had had cereal at 4am. Diet Coke is just not something I had as a child (maybe once or twice at a party) so for me it's definitely not something you have for breakfast. I'm not a monster - I accept they will be offered it at parties and other people's houses but I wouldn't encourage it myself!

Am tired yes so accept I'm probably more irritable than usual!

OP posts:
DonaldStott · 31/07/2017 07:14

a prosecco of vodka

I want one Grin

Cuppaand2biscuits · 31/07/2017 07:15

Honestly I don't think that Coke, diet or otherwise is fit for human consumption and I would be very unhappy if it was given to my child regardless of the hour or situation.

Picklesandpies · 31/07/2017 07:15

And yes - about to board...

OP posts:
MrsPringles · 31/07/2017 07:16

Haaaa! Hadn't noticed that typo! I don't drink that much vodka Blush

sparklybuttired · 31/07/2017 07:17

You're not a monster and I wouldn't have been to happy with this normally but you're on holiday so give everyone a break and enjoy x

woodwaj · 31/07/2017 07:24

A tad OTT at the airport. All normal rules dont apply there! Let it go and enjoy the holiday!

londonrach · 31/07/2017 07:25

Id be more bothered by the diet coke than just a coke. You all sound tried out. Have a lovely holiday x

FlyingElbows · 31/07/2017 07:26

She's asked for fruit and natural yoghurt so don't worry the middle classness hasn't been completely diluted by the diet coke. She'll be fine.


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UserThenLotsOfNumbers · 31/07/2017 07:26

Oh noes! Diet Coke! 🤣
It's no worse than tea/coffee or fruit juice due to the caffeine content. And it has no sugar too.
Have a good trip.

StiickEmUp · 31/07/2017 07:26

Asked for fruit and natural yoghurt 😂

UserThenLotsOfNumbers · 31/07/2017 07:27

Maybe they were out of quinoa

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