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Dog bowl cleaning

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slimceagirl · 23/07/2017 17:20

To not expect people to not put a dog bowl which the dog has just ate from in the dishwasher with humans plates for washing? Anyone else think it's a gross thing to do? Or is it my OCD? Thanks! Confused

OP posts:
lovethebeach · 24/07/2017 11:43

I wash the cat and dog bowls thoroughly in the sink first and then always put them through the dish washer, they've been cleaned already so don't see the harm in that.

I heard of someone who washes their TRAINERS in the dishwasher Bleurgh😝

lovethebeach · 24/07/2017 11:46

@LaurieFairyCake yuk yuk yuk who suggested that? loo brush? Outdoor tools? Plant pots? 🙀

IDoDaChaCha · 24/07/2017 11:47

gandalfspants I have a cat food fork that I use for getting sundried tomatoes from the jar. It's far too little and fiddly to decant my cat's huge cans of meat!

cricketballs · 24/07/2017 11:57

Now I have heard it all it just means you have low standards which some people find vile how are my standard low? What could we be doing that is vile?

friendlysnakehere · 24/07/2017 11:59

WhatToDoAboutThis2017 um, not really since it involves that science thing you know?

The annoying facts.

Eleventybillionfucks · 24/07/2017 12:03

I wash my dogs bowl's in the sink with hot soapy water after every meal he has. Wouldn't occur to me to put them in the dishwasher

pigsDOfly · 24/07/2017 12:15

Facts? Friendlysnake. Oh no you don't want to look at facts. Pet owners have a reputation for poor hygiene standards apparently. That's all the proof anyone needs. Apparently.

pigsDOfly · 24/07/2017 12:21

And, my hygiene standards are pretty damned high as it happens.

friendlysnakehere · 24/07/2017 12:22

This thread has reminded me to get some more zoflora (stealth hygiene boast)

AreWeDoingThisNow · 24/07/2017 12:29

IDoDaChaCha are there actual cat food forks? Friend's 'cat food fork' is just a normal fork that doesn't match the rest of their cutlery.

I use bamboo bbq skewers for fiddly jars, olives are my pet hate. A special fork would be awesome.

BlueKarou · 24/07/2017 12:30

The dogs', ferrets', and cats' bowls all go in the dishwasher here. They, and all other contents of the dishwasher, come out perfectly clean thank you very much.

I think this 'reputation' pet owners apparently have must only really exist on MN. Nowhere else online or in the real world have I seen such a split anti-/pro- pet ownership attitude.

PinkSparklyPussyCat · 24/07/2017 12:43

Even in a separate sink I can't see how you could get the water hot enough to clean them properly by hand

What about those of us that don't have a dishwasher?

I would never consume anything at a house that carried out the gross practise of washing their animals utensils with the human ones.

How would you know? I don't tend to discuss my washing up arrangements when people come through the door.

IDoDaChaCha are there actual cat food forks? Friend's 'cat food fork' is just a normal fork that doesn't match the rest of their cutlery.

I've seen them in pet shops but never bought one. Harry has his own cutlery set from Waitrose!

ChardonnaysPrettySister · 24/07/2017 12:55

pet owners have a reputation for having poor hygiene for a reason

Ha! Sterile cleanliness is not the highest of all virtues.

needastrongone · 24/07/2017 12:59

It is on MN, unless you change your bedding daily, wash towels after every wash, mop the floor everyday and cook from scratch you are not normal Grin

I put the pony stirrups through the dishwasher, and his bits too...

friendlysnakehere · 24/07/2017 13:01

needastrongone that's genius, I hadn't thought of that.

MaximaDeWit · 24/07/2017 13:04

I never washed the dog stuff up on the kitchen - did it in the utility room because I was so paranoid about worms. No utility room in new house so would use a seperate washing up bowl and brush. Certainly wouldn't put it anywhere near our dishwasher, but can see there isn't any logical reason not to. Just makes me feel a bit bleurgh

Anasnake · 24/07/2017 13:41

Mine's just been through the dishwasher along with the breakfast pots - I'm not dead yet ..

Cailleach666 · 24/07/2017 13:49

The dishwasher is brilliant for cleaning lots of things.

I clean my toilet brush in the dishwasher, comes out like new.

Eleventybillionfucks · 24/07/2017 13:52

Pet owners actually have higher standards of cleanliness. I myself vacuum twice a day and disinfect everything and steam my carpets each week Hmm and my pooch gets a bath every week and clean bedding each day

PeachPearPotato · 24/07/2017 16:22

Eleventh really? Why? For your benefit or your child's? I always try to remember that farmers' children have really low allergies etc.

IDoDaChaCha · 24/07/2017 17:48

JigglyTuff mine do too; dog prefers under the duvet with me and cat prefers on a pillow next to my head Grin I have another dog who isn't allowed to sleep in my bedroom due to her snoring!

IDoDaChaCha · 24/07/2017 17:59

AreWeDoingThisNow yeah it would seem so. Got mine as a freebie (mildly obsessed freebie hunter...) from one of the silly 'gourmet' foil tray cat food brands, I forget which (excellent marketing). It would completely disappear into the tin if I tried to get our cat's grain free big tins out with it Grin

WineAndTiramisu · 24/07/2017 18:43

I've never thought that there would be anything odd about putting the dogs bowls in the dishwasher, if it can clean raw chicken off things, it can cope with doggy drool!

BBTHREE76 · 24/07/2017 19:25

Cats bowls (not got a dog) are soaked and washed in the sink then washed again in the dishwasher. It's not mingling, it's logical. The dishwasher cleans thoroughly and hygenically. Never thought anyone would have an issue with it tbh 😐

flolockwood · 10/09/2017 09:14

Always put our dog's bowl in the dishwasher every night and 5 years later we're all still fine

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