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OuchLegoHurts · 15/07/2017 12:29

I've only just started noticing this, and I'm not British so don't know how long it's been happening, but I keep seeing people on mn using 'brought' instead of 'bought'! It's drinking me crazy as it makes absolutely no sense at all, and I just can't understand how the hell anyone could think that it's correct. Aaaargh! If you paid fucking money for it in the shop then you fucking BOUGHT it. If you took it from one place you another with you then you BROUGHT it. Driving. Me. Crazy.

OP posts:

OuchLegoHurts · 15/07/2017 12:30

Driving me crazy, not drinking, although it may drive me to drink!

OP posts:

peppaisapig · 15/07/2017 12:30


60sname · 15/07/2017 12:31

I know. How hard can it be?!


AHedgehogCanNeverBeBuggered · 15/07/2017 12:32

YANBU! Drives me potty.


thefutureisfemale · 15/07/2017 12:32

YANBU it infuriates me too but no doubt you'll have a few people disagree..


Eolian · 15/07/2017 12:34

YANBU at all and it's worse than spelling and many grammar errors because it actually means something else entirely and is potentially confusing.


upperlimit · 15/07/2017 12:34

I can't stand this.

And I don't twitch at all at could of, should of, would of. I don't mind if people use text speak in their posts. I don't even wince when people say - pronounciation.

But this shit causes confusion.


LindyHemming · 15/07/2017 12:36

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AgentProvocateur · 15/07/2017 12:38

And while we're on the subject, it's WERE not WHERE! We WERE at the supermarket WHERE we BOUGHT some bread and BROUGHT it home.


19lottie82 · 15/07/2017 12:40

Don't even get me started on LOOSE and LOSE!

My best friend is an HR Manager with an honours degree and a Masters yet she can't seem to grasp the difference.......... arrrrrrgh Angry


WhatToDoAboutThis2017 · 15/07/2017 12:41

YANBU. I don't understand how anyone could mix up the two Confused


Winelover93 · 15/07/2017 12:44

Unfortunately I'm that person! Use to drive my ex mad. Still do it now by accident Blush


BabsGanoush · 15/07/2017 12:45

There, their, were, where, wear


Sunshinegirls · 15/07/2017 12:47

It's sandwiches, not sangwiches
It's espresso, not expresso
And the overuse of "obviously" drives me crackers!
As does starting sentences with So..


Didyoumeantobesorude1 · 15/07/2017 12:51

I agree, it's crazy. I also object to the lose/loose, was sat/was stood, should of/could of etcetera nightmares. Non-British speakers of English now speak the language far better than British people. However I have seen these threads before and soon people will be along to say that language evolves and these usages don't matter because everyone knows what the speaker means anyway.
But I agree with you OP.


amy85 · 15/07/2017 13:00

No matter how hard I try I can never remember which brought/bought means drives me insane and I usually end up googling it before typing lol

Effect/affect also confuses me


SarahJane123 · 15/07/2017 13:02

Winelover93 You USED to drive your ex mad Smile


60sname · 15/07/2017 13:05

amy you could say to yourself that brought is the past tense of 'bring' and so both start with 'br'


Starsandwishes · 15/07/2017 13:07

I hate these threads some people have dyslexia. And it's pretty unkind towards them people. Maybe it does bug people. It's probably more upsetting for the people that struggle to write them words
Then to see a thread about it. Is not very nice


ExplodedCloud · 15/07/2017 13:07

Yy amy it's bring and buy that give you the clue to brought and bought.


upperlimit · 15/07/2017 13:09

Amy would it help to remember it as 'I bought with a pound'? It might remind you to drop the r where money has been exchanged?


upperlimit · 15/07/2017 13:10

Sorry, x-post.


SumThucker · 15/07/2017 13:10

A two dot ellipsis is worse.


PicaPauAmarelo · 15/07/2017 13:11

amy85 just think buy has no r so bought. Bring has an r so brought.


Zaphodsotherhead · 15/07/2017 13:11

I have aired my theory on here before, which is that people just don't read books any more. Their reading material is now texts and blogs written by other people who don't read, and therefore are unaware that words which sound alike DON'T MEAN THE SAME FUCKING THING - discreet/discrete I am looking at you.

Because they aren't reading and therefore absorbing the correct use of words in context, people will continue to make these mistakes.

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