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To suggest she pays half?

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Mrbluethecatt · 24/06/2017 13:28

I broke my arm on Tuesday and have a stooky. The doctor said I cannot drive.

I am going to a friend's birthday party tonight at her house and had intended to drive as I don't drink. I had agreed to give another friend a lift. I called this friend on Wednesday to let her know and suggested we get a taxi instead and go halfs. My friend didn't disagree.

I called friend to confirm what time to pick her up she mentioned that she thinks I should pay for the taxis as I initially offered to give her a lift. She tinkly laughed after mentioning this. I laughed too and said fair enough I'll meet you there instead. Thinking she was joking. She wasn't. She has texted to say if I don't pay for the taxis there and back so won't be going.

Aibu to expect her to pay half? The cost would be about £5 each. Should I pay and never offer to give her a lift again?

OP posts:

user1486504659 · 24/06/2017 13:29

No! She is BU


GoodBadOrIndifferent · 24/06/2017 13:30

Great she's not going. You don't have to spend time with the grabby cow then!


aaaaargghhhhelpme · 24/06/2017 13:30

I'd bloody ignore the rude cow!

You break your arm and she's more concerned about paying a fiver for a taxi?!

Go without her. Have a lovely time. Hope your arm is better soon x


TondelayaDellaVentamiglia · 24/06/2017 13:30

i'd go to the party in my own taxi, and let her stew at home, or arrive in her own...see how she likes them apples.


BlackCatSmushyFace · 24/06/2017 13:31

Go alone.
The utter bloody rudeness.


PaperdollCartoon · 24/06/2017 13:31

How rude! You're not doing it to be difficult you have a broken arm! But trying to be nice and consider all options, is she very hard up and really doesn't have £5?


PinkHeart5911 · 24/06/2017 13:31

I assume you didn't break your arm to get out of giving this lift, so of course your friend is being unreasonable.

I can't imagine expecting a friend to pay for my taxi becuase she's broke her arm and can not drive


ImperialBlether · 24/06/2017 13:33

She's a money grabbing user. She won't go unless you pay? Easy - don't pay and go on your own and have a lovely time.


agentdaisy · 24/06/2017 13:34

She is BU. It's not like you broke your arm on purpose. Tbh she should have been offering you a few quid for giving her a lift there and back anyway.

If she won't pay half then go on your own and the stingy mare can miss out or pay for her own taxi.


accidentalgrownup · 24/06/2017 13:34

Shockshocking OP... I would expect the majority of people would've offered you a bit of petrol money for giving them a lift anyway! Go without her & have fun!


swingofthings · 24/06/2017 13:34

Some people! Talk about offering as a favour and it being interpreted as a due. Tell her she'll be missing out and that's not your problem.


PokerRoomRules · 24/06/2017 13:35

Wow! With friends like that...


rollonthesummer · 24/06/2017 13:36

She is not your friend! Text back-'blimey-ok, if that's the way you feel. I'll see you around then!'


GreenTulips · 24/06/2017 13:38

Ignore her and go on your own - I wouldn't message her either - just leave her to sort herself out


Waffles80 · 24/06/2017 13:38

That is OUTRAGEOUS. The brass neck of some people never ceases to amaze me.


Justmadeperfectflapjacks · 24/06/2017 13:39

Just tell her you will see her there. .


NellieFiveBellies · 24/06/2017 13:39

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NellieFiveBellies · 24/06/2017 13:40

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Urubu · 24/06/2017 13:40

Don't cave!


BigDeskBob · 24/06/2017 13:42

Shock. I would take the "if I don't pay for the taxis there and back so won't be going." at face value and not pick her up.


Willyoujustbequiet · 24/06/2017 13:42

absolutely outrageous.

delete her from your life


ASDismynormality · 24/06/2017 13:42

Of course YANBU, let her make her own way!


RebootYourEngine · 24/06/2017 13:44

I would call her out on that. Ask her when did she become so entitled.


PuppyMonkey · 24/06/2017 13:44

Only thing to text back in these circumstances is of course: "lol."


RiversrunWoodville · 24/06/2017 13:46

Good enjoy your night at home would be my response although a lot less polite

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