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school detention?

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mumcantmakeadecision · 06/07/2015 15:59

Ds got detention today for not having his pe kit in school.
But, the school know that for the remainder of the term he is not allowed to do pe.
So he has been given detention for not taking a kit in for a subject he is not allowed to do...
Is that normal?

OP posts:

MadAsgardian · 06/07/2015 16:00



MsDragons · 06/07/2015 16:00

No, that's not normal. Speak to the school and remind them that he isn't doing pe so doesn't need his kit. I would suspect that the message hasn't made it to the pe teachers or they've forgotted and treated him like anyone who's trying to pull a fast one.


Theselittlelightsaremine · 06/07/2015 16:01

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WorraLiberty · 06/07/2015 16:04

What did they say when he told them this?

Are they trying to argue about it?


mumcantmakeadecision · 06/07/2015 16:04

The message has been given to the teacher, I put a copy in ds's diary. The teacher has written.. thank you for the information but as x had no kit with him hehas an hrs detention on Friday.

OP posts:

insanityscatching · 06/07/2015 16:04

They have the same ridiculous policy at dd's school too. She has to carta full kit into school, get changed and then cart it home even if she isn't doing PE. At least it was well publicised before she started so that dc andparents aren't caught out.


ollieplimsoles · 06/07/2015 16:06

I wouldn't take any notice of that op, just tell the school that he isn't doing the detention because of the reasons you already gave and leave it. I don't like the idea of detention anyway, it causes problems if kids have after school/ lunch time classes to go to.


PHANTOMnamechanger · 06/07/2015 16:07

no that's not normal, i hope the PE staff just forgot or it was a student or something and DS felt unable to speak up and have his say!

why the heck should kids still bring kit or get changed for PE if they are unable to take part? for some this might be physically impossible/painful....never mind that it is plain unnecessary!


Teabagbeforemilk · 06/07/2015 16:07

What??? They have to take it, even though they aren't doing it. That is so pointless


mumcantmakeadecision · 06/07/2015 16:07

He's in his 4th year and has never needed to be excused from the lesson so even if I'd been told when he started I would have probably forgotten.. I'd have thought that in this situation they would say, obviously its a 1 off for good reason but if it happens again there will be a detention

OP posts:

PHANTOMnamechanger · 06/07/2015 16:10

what possible reason can they give to justify that ridiculous rule?? what if the child has a bad back or a broken leg, so that lugging stuff about and getting changed is really hard?

I hate bossy PE teachers like this!


CrohnicallyAspie · 06/07/2015 16:12

So if the child had a broken bone meaning they can't do PE, at some of your schools they still have to go and get changed (even though depending on the bone this could be painful, they might require adult assistance etc)?

OP- Is it clearly stated in the school policy that students must have their PE kit even if not taking part. If not then that should be the basis of your complaint, your son is being punished for something that he was not aware and could not have reasonably guessed was against the rules.


PtolemysNeedle · 06/07/2015 16:13

That would be normal at my ds's school. If they aren't allowed to do PE for some medical reason then they are expected to be in PE kit being referees or linesmen commentators or something. Teachers will allow them not to get changed if they've got a plaster cast on or something that will make changing difficult, but permission not to be in PE kit is supposed to be given by teachers, not parents.


PHANTOMnamechanger · 06/07/2015 16:14

the only reason they can give for this is 'because i say so' - so a really well thought out school policy Hmm

what possible benefit is there to the teacher, the school, the class, the pupil?

I would want to take this further, actually - it is one of the most unreasonable things i have heard about school rules and I usually support schools 100%, having been a teacher myself.


mumcantmakeadecision · 06/07/2015 16:15

No idea, I can't see anything online and I've no idea what I've done with his starter pack.

OP posts:

YouTheCat · 06/07/2015 16:17

As the rule is so ridiculous, you'd think they'd bother to remind people of it at the beginning of the school year.


Bunbaker · 06/07/2015 16:19

"In my DC secondary school they still have to change into PE kit even if not participating"

Same at DD's school. I think it is a ridiculous policy. The school say that it makes the student feel "included". I think it is a load of b**cks.


EElisavetaOfBelsornia · 06/07/2015 16:21

So in several schools children medically unable to do PE have to carry their kit in, change into it for a session in which they will not participate, and change back for NO REASON?!? This is ridiculous.


PHANTOMnamechanger · 06/07/2015 16:22

if the child is too unwell to do PE, in a lot of pain, recovering from a surgical procedure etc, then i'm sure they'd like to just sit quietly and watch and that they don't give a damn about feeling included!


5madthings · 06/07/2015 16:25

Our school has this rule, ds2 can't do pe due to joint issues at moment, it's a pita as he is Mr sporty and the school tried to insist he still took his lit and git changed. I said no as carrying his bag makes him ache so he doesn't need to be carrying extra stuff, nor does he need to be getting changed. I didn't ask the school I just told them, bonkers policy.

Had the same with ds1 after he needed an operation on a rather delicate area... It was painful for him to get changed fgs.


PtolemysNeedle · 06/07/2015 16:29

It's not for no reason, it's partly to put them off faking stuff to get out of PE (which people at my school used to do on a regular basis). There's less point if you got to get changed and go out to the field anyway. Plus, PE isn't only about running around taking part in the sport, good PE teachers can think of plenty for students to do if they can't take part that still involves them getting some kind of sport related education.

They're not about to make students do something they are physically unable to do or that is going to cause them pain, so I can't see the problem. I'm sure teachers are capable of applying some common sense. If a student can't even keep score or comment on what's going on, then they probably shouldn't be at school in the first place.


TeenAndTween · 06/07/2015 16:34

DD's school they also have to get changed.
Then they have to participate as much as they can, whether that is just giving feedback on others, or whatever.

If he is in his 4th year, he presumably knows by now if people 'off PE' still need their kit ....


Bunbaker · 06/07/2015 16:36

I find getting the children to get changes for no reason is counter productive as it further puts them off PE. Getting a child to stand in PE kit in the rain while watching the others play football is just plain ludicrous.

DD has joint problems and the children's hospital has even written to the school explaining what her issues are and asking for her to be excused PE when she has a flare up. Making her stand in the cold and wet in PE kit just makes things worse.


mumcantmakeadecision · 06/07/2015 16:38

They aren't required to change into kit if they aren't joining in. They just need to have it in school. Which is why he hadn't noticed the rule that it had to be there.

OP posts:

5madthings · 06/07/2015 16:40

Actually for ds2 making him sit and watch or tale score is bloody horrible, plus even walking about causes him pain, he is only at school three days a week as he can't physically cope with more. On top of that he has asc and changes to routines and making him watch everyone else have fun doing pe which he would love to do will more than likely lead to a meltdown.

As his parents we knew this and told the school such, having been crap the school are finally listening to his paediatrician, ed psych and salt about how to handle his asc.

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