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In being really really REALLY pissed off at those trying to stop same-sex marriage bill going through?

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StoicButStressed · 20/05/2013 15:28


My eldest DS is gay, I genuinely have NO concept or understanding of how anyone thinks he (or the other pretty significant % of our population who also happen to have been born gay?) should in any way be denied the same right as his two brothers have to be able to get married.

AIBU? Or is there something I am simply missing?

OP posts:
PatPig · 20/05/2013 16:33

The priority being 'making gay marriage' law, I mean, specifically, I know that some individual Conservatives are opposing it.

Wishiwasanheiress · 20/05/2013 16:34

Cockadoodle, I may be wildly off base but I think marriage is religious and covers legalities. Civil just covers legalities. In very bare terms.

I think that's part of the problem, its very bare. Many people see the sickness /health and death do you part of marriage vows and feel there is emotionally more to marriage, than a civil partnership which does sort of sound akin to a corporate merger.

I definitely do not know this for sure, just my take on reading stuff. I'd also love someone who it actually affects to explain.

AnyFucker · 20/05/2013 16:34

Indeed, PP

It looks like a diversionary tactic to me.

Although CallMeDave is getting a bit of a battering, so it's not all bad. Even though this is one of the few times I have ever agreed with him.

Maryz · 20/05/2013 16:34

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Binkybix · 20/05/2013 16:34

That's what it is as defined by law now. That can change.

Also, studies look at average psychological attributes of sexes - different individuals do not necessarily fit the average. I refute 'men are from mars etc' as a reference.

CrapsWithBears · 20/05/2013 16:35

Marriage is and has always been about a man and a woman.

Marriage used to be about a man owning a woman, we changed that.
It used t be between a two people of the same race, we changed that.
It used to be between an adult and a child/young teenager, we changed that.
It used to be about never getting divorced, we changed that.

Why can't we change this?

Why not call it something else if you want to bring in a new institution or practice.

Black people were never stopped from drinking from water fountains, they just had to use their water fountains. Separate and equal is not equal.

Society for a long time have deemed that a marriage between a man and a woman is the basis for a family unit and the best environment to bring up a child. It is there to protect children and to strengthen and give them the best start to life.A mother and a Father bring different qualities and attributes to the table.

Irrelevant, sterile people and the elderly get married, parents who aren't married can raise a child just as well as two parents who aren't married. Society doesn't get to decide what is and isn't a family, neither do homophobes.

Why do gay people want to be part of an institution that is fundamentally hetrosexual and which has been for eons and which was established to protect the children of the offspring and to give a solid basis to society.

Marriage was created as way to build ties between different tribes and had diddly squat to do with children, you need to educate yourself.

Why dont they call it something else?

As I said, separate but equal is not equal.

ApocalypseThen · 20/05/2013 16:35

I'm going to get married soon and I'm deeply offended by the insinuation that my respect for my vows depends on my gay friends and relatives being unable to marry.

HorryIsUpduffed · 20/05/2013 16:35

Sariah - and if two men are allowed to get married, it will be what Teh Gayz do too. Obviously.

Marriage isn't just a framework for having sex any more. You can get married if you can't have children, or if you're not interested in having children at all, or committed to bringing up children that aren't biologically yours. Same-sex couples can fall under any of those headings, and more.

Binkybix · 20/05/2013 16:36

Sorry - last post was for sariah. Slow typing!

CrapsWithBears · 20/05/2013 16:36

*two parents who aren't married can raise a child as well as two parents who ARE married.

DreamsTurnToGoldDust · 20/05/2013 16:36

Its only just between a man and a woman because that is currently law, when it changes, and it will at some point in the future then it will be between two loving people, as it should be.

cherhorowitz · 20/05/2013 16:36

To me it's like if men were able to carry and birth children it wouldn't make my children any less special so why would a same sex couple marrying make my love and legal declaration for my husband any less special or meaningful?

I have a bisexual sister who has been in a long term relationship with her female partner for eight years but she has a daughter from a previous relationship with a man. Both her father and my sister's partner help to parent her and my sister has said while a civil partnership is great for the legalities of marriage, she'd love to be able to be seen as married in the eyes of the law just like our mum and dad and her friends are.

I don't see my sister marrying her partner as making my marriage to my opposite sex partner any less special. If I'm honest after growing up in a world where gay people had to fight for the right to be recognised as human beings and still do to some people I think it makes it more special.

Wishiwasanheiress · 20/05/2013 16:36

Ithinkofhappy that article was fascinating. Thank you

Zalen · 20/05/2013 16:37

because marriage is what hetrosexual people do - thats what it is!!!!!

So nothing should ever change, after all voting is what men do!

HorryIsUpduffed · 20/05/2013 16:37

Marriage until 1992 (?) included a man's right to have sex with his wife whenever he felt like it, regardless of her consent.

The legal definition of marriage changes. Thank fuck.

AnyFucker · 20/05/2013 16:39

yes, "because this is how it's always been done" is a very poor argument

it's akin to "because I said so"

CrapsWithBears · 20/05/2013 16:39

Sariah reminds me of Zalen, traditional people for the preservation of the traditional definition of all things traditional.

Maryz · 20/05/2013 16:40

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CrapsWithBears · 20/05/2013 16:42

If we keep going then everyone will end up EQUAL and what will we do then?

AnyFucker · 20/05/2013 16:42
Dawndonna · 20/05/2013 16:42

don't call it marriage because it's not
Hopefully it will be. Now please take your very obvious prejudice elsewhere.

Wishiwasanheiress · 20/05/2013 16:44

It had never occurred to me to think of marriage as just a contract between man/woman so that I should be now horrified to find that altered.

Makes zero sense. I get the religious arguments. I don't like them but I at least understand them. That one was illuminating but beyond my simple brain. I think I prefer the religious nuttery.....

Maryz · 20/05/2013 16:45

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CrapsWithBears · 20/05/2013 16:47

Don't forget interracial marriages, Maryz.

ephemeralfairy · 20/05/2013 16:48

Sariah are you ACTUALLY invoking Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus as serious gender research??

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