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To ask you to help me work out if my benefits will change?

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ClementineKelandra · 17/04/2013 16:08

I know everything is changing and I'm really worried about what will happen to my benefits? I know there are probably things on line to help but I can never get my head around it.
I'm a single Mum and live in a coucil property. Every penny counts atm and I don't work.
Please can anybody help?

OP posts:
SayMama · 17/04/2013 19:23

I reported some of these posts but apparently someone's quicker than me Smile

best of luck to you OP, can the job centre perhaps advise you, or Christians against povery (you don't have to be religious!)

And Zukie, I've seen a couple of your threads. < hug > That is all.

stephrick · 17/04/2013 19:24

I think people are too quick to judge, most of us single parents work but because we took time off to raise our children when husbands were about and then naffed off, we lost alot of employed years, ergo can't get the well paid jobs, so we need a little help. I personally have bought my 3 DC up to be well educated, eldest has just moved out at 19 to flat share and is in full time employment, DD is going to uni this year and youngest is top set for everything and doing GCSE exams next year. I understand that there are some that cannot be arsed but you generally will not find them bothering to go on MUMSNET.

ObiWankenYoni · 17/04/2013 19:24

Thank you Olivia

I can't abide bullies

bunnybing · 17/04/2013 19:24

Turn2us is another benefits calculator - is supposed to be a good one.

ChestyNut · 17/04/2013 19:24


My first ever deletion!

LineRunner · 17/04/2013 19:25

helipilot, this site has Talk Guidelines. We encourage 'literacy' and 'thinking', also.

zukiecat · 17/04/2013 19:25

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Chanatan · 17/04/2013 19:26

One accident away from a lifetime on benefits,it can happen to anybody.

heliPilot · 17/04/2013 19:27

Nobody is bullying just having an opinion, the comments ive received for my views are bullying. think about it.

Oswin · 17/04/2013 19:28

Some people's attitudes are horrifying. zukie please ignore.

LineRunner · 17/04/2013 19:28

I'm in a similar position to stephrick. I do work, but will never get my previous career level back, before the ExH buggered off. My DCs however are doing well educationally and it is actually my absent ExH who is the net sponger on the state, frankly.

ChestyNut · 17/04/2013 19:28

Thanks for zukie and OP

ObiWankenYoni · 17/04/2013 19:29

Your manner is bullying.

I hope you have more respect for people in real life Smile

LineRunner · 17/04/2013 19:29

helipilot, your comments are nonsensical.

shellbu · 17/04/2013 19:30

so you are a bully if you dont agree with the majority ? well im a bully then because i am fed up with people scrounging and not having any dignity to go out to work and earn a living , get off benefits and get a job then you wont have to worry if they take some money off you that you didnt earn in the first place . simples really :)

LineRunner · 17/04/2013 19:31

shellbu, most people on benefits are either in work or are pensioners.

heliPilot · 17/04/2013 19:31

Linerunner your absolutly right so take off the blinkers and accept not all posters think the same. But what has literacy to do with anything are you saying this site is discriminant against bad spellers.

ObiWankenYoni · 17/04/2013 19:33

My grammar and punctuation alarm is going off, so I shall bid you all farewell.

LineRunner · 17/04/2013 19:33

Grow up.

LineRunner · 17/04/2013 19:34

(Not you, Obi.)

zukiecat · 17/04/2013 19:34

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CecilyP · 17/04/2013 19:35

People didn't ask for your views, heliPilot; start your own thread if you want to express them. OP asked for advice to help her work out if her benefits will change.

OP, from what you have told us here, it doesn't seem that they will. As you only have 3 children and live in council housing it is unlikely you will be hit by the benefits cap. As others have said, you will be required to pay a percentage of your CT.

shellbu · 17/04/2013 19:37

think what you like linerunner , thats your opinion ,im not here to slate people , someone asked something i answered , do not pick me out cos you are out for an argument , jog on :)

TheSecondComing · 17/04/2013 19:37

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

wannabedomesticgoddess · 17/04/2013 19:37

I reported the first ridiculous post. Then had to go look after my kids.

DP is at work today. He lost his job in August. Hundreds and hundreds of applications resulted in three interviews. Just three. He ended up getting two job offers this week, for jobs well below his skill set and qualifications. But a job is a job.

Should we have let our kids starve since august then?

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